Tucker Carlson: The Threat of Nuclear War

Tucker seems to have settled on his midterms messaging.

Every single Democrat in Congress has voted on multiple occasions to spend tens of billions of dollars on this war in Ukraine. If these people remain in power in Congress, they will have two years to keep writing blank checks to Zelensky that will eventually escalate us into a nuclear war with Russia.

Alternatively, the Democrats lose power in Congress, House and Senate Republicans are bitterly divided over funding Ukraine, there are enough House and Senate Republicans who are Ukraine skeptics to block funding to Zelensky, Ukraine will be forced to negotiate an end to the war and the world can begin to climb down from World War III. The Republican Congress will spend the next two years trying to investigate and impeach Joe Biden who will be forced to focus on domestic turmoil and politics.

The midterms will decide whether we escalate or deescalate this war with Russia and whether there will be gridlock in Congress or endless blank checks to Zelensky for the next two years.


  1. There are several components here :

    #1. The Jew England Yankee World Order is growing desperate, as it’s grip slips.

    #2. The Leftist Totalitarians who support, and are supported by the that World Order, are seemingly unable to come to grips with the fact that they cannot foist their world view on the world.

    They are all having a temper tantrum that seems to show no signs of coming to an end.

    As Alexander Mercouris, of The Duran, has repeatedly said : ‘The Globalists have no reverse gear, and that is very problematic.’

    Given that Russia will not budge on the matter of NATO being in far Eastern Europe, it will, in the end, all come down to whether those in control of The West can choose to live on, without being masters of the world, or that they must blow it up and let no one live.

    The choice is that stark.

    I am not all the optimistic, given that my generation, riddled with godless spoiled brats and pampered hedonistic narcissists out of touch with basic reality is in control.

    Vladmir Putin is the adult in the room, but, currently, he has few or even no corollaries in The West.

    It takes more than one adult to make the world go round.

    • If the decandent, judaized West attacks Russia then Iran, India, Brazil, South Africa and China will side with Putin. That would mean the end of Western domination of the world for
      at least the next several hundred years! Very well, so be it. A world without the USA, Great Britain, NATO, the EU and Israel will be a much nicer place.

      • @Spahn…

        Western Domination is over with.

        You only have to watch news from China, India, Russia, Turkey, or other such places to hear that they have had it – absolutely had it.

        How long it takes the geniuses, up on Capital Hill, to see this, however, is another story.

    • “Jew England Yankee World Order is growing desperate,”

      Our WHITE wealthy elite really let us down, by not keeping the (( backstabbers )) out. The moneyed elite could have bought all the media and given us a pro-anglo constitutional media narrative.
      Shame on the wealthy, they have a societal obligation to advance and preserve the constitutional system that gave them their wealth.
      Too busy yachting off the Hamptons.

      (They could have kept them out of banking, as that is the nexus of all levers of power.)

      • They sold out their birthright like Esau. Remember “Jacob” means “supplanter”. (Genesis 27:36)

      • @ARRIAN…

        “Our WHITE wealthy elite really let us down, by not keeping the (( backstabbers )) out.”

        I agree that the treachery at the highest levels is, and, indeed, has been staggering for decades.

        To say it’s sad is undoubtedly an understatement

  2. The jews are hellbent on turning the Ukraine into another Zionist state, a new Khazaria. If they don’t get their way then it’ll be WWIII. But no country will attack “Israel” in a third world war because they have several million Muslims and Christians living there who will be used as human shields by the Self-Chosen.

  3. Putin speech was one for the ages!!

    A lot of “Chistian Nationalists” the world over heard him, infact he called for a holy war against degeneracy!
    But he also stirred global jewry into total war against Russia and i think that was a part of Putins plan all along

    FTN had a great break down of the entire thing

    • @Confederate Holdout…

      “But he also stirred global jewry into total war against Russia and i think that was a part of Putins plan all along”

      I agree that he has stirred them up.

      I do not think it was his plan, however, for I have seen him try to avoid this for 20 years.

      They wanted a bogeyman, however, and in him they finally made one they cannot whisk away.

  4. I was wrong in my previous assessments of the Ukro/US/NATO vs. Russia war.

    Russia is currently losing the war. They are retreating from the majority of ground they have gained/held in the Eastern/Southern Oblasts.

    Ukraine, fresh with funding/training/arms/equipment from NATO is blitzing through the weaker/retreating Russian forces.

    Ukraine is still losing significant manpower and equipment on a daily basis but they smell blood in the water from retreating Russian forces and continue to pour in more manpower and equipment regardless of how many die/are destroyed.

    All honest Z supporters/observers concur and most are confused as to what Russian Defense Ministry leaders are doing. Russia easily has the air superiority and they’re not even close to exercising their potential. The most agreed upon conclusion is the retreats are to conserve manpower while the replenishments from the mobilization are trained and moved into battle. The other conclusion is that there are serious issues with ground command tactics and Defense Ministry leadership. Many think things will possibly change soon with the mobilization replenishments and winter weather. The final conclusion is ambivalence whether Russia can actually win this war or not given the current reality.

    Russia has the potential to annihilate Ukraine and end the war rapidly but won’t for some reason. Many are sensing a consistent ambivalence which previously was noted as a tactical strength but now is being seen as a possible endemic handicap.

    Given all this, Ukraine is still bleeding badly and Russia is still hammering Ukraine with Geran-2’s, Iskanders, Kalibers, and heavy artillery 24/7.

    Most just expected the Russian Bear to perform a lot better given all their potential. The Russian Bear has allowed the Great Satan to blow up Nordstream without any consequences and kill numerous Russian soldiers with US weaponry and intelligence battlefield assistance. Russia is obviously not just fighting Ukraine but the entire West and the tsunami of sanctions must be having some detrimental effect.

    Finally, the Dugins need to stop talking and get to training and fighting instead of outsourcing the manly work to the Islamic Chechens.

    Stay tuned…….

    • My take is that they are drawing the Ukrainians out in the open and into over penetrating the Russian LOC!, simply they are bleeding the Ukrainians dry burning up the last reserve they have
      It is possible that they are coralling the Ukrainians into the famous “Kessels” of WW2 fame to later destroy them

      500 Cossacks of the Don and Kuban confederations stood against a 6000 strong armour spearhead at Lyman and still they held the line until slowly moving back

      A huge army is marshaling in Belarus it´s likely to move in from the North!, behind the Oskol the 20th Guards Army is slowly moving in

      Russia can wait the Ukrop can not, and the Russians know this

      Yes stay tuned for Russian counterattack because it´s going to one for the books

    • @Pureblood…

      “Russia is currently losing the war. They are retreating from the majority of ground they have gained/held in the Eastern/Southern Oblasts …. Ukraine, fresh with funding/training/arms/equipment from NATO is blitzing through the weaker/retreating Russian forces.”

      MI6 & the CIA will be ecstatic to hear you say this – for it is the opposite of the truth.

      For whatever it is worht, the Ukaine is expended, on the battlefield and off.

      As soon as the early frosts harden the ground, Russia will launch an offensive that, though smaller in scope, will be reminscent of the 1940s.

      Everything of NATO and the Galician Banderites will be smashed, and what little is not will be swept before them in endless pincers creating encirclements.

      As we speak, the men and material is in place for that.

      The only way that Lviv is not back in Poland next year, or Uzhgorod in Hungary, is if NATO steps up with hundreds of thousands of troops or starts firing nukes.

      Otherwise, the Ukraine, as it has been known since 1991 is a cooked goose, just as was Germany by early 1944.

  5. If the war between the US and Russia escalates and it turns nuclear, Ukraine will be no more and all the equipment and money will have been in vane but that doesn’t seem to cross the minds of the geniuses in the US govt and NATO.

    • “money will have been in vane but that doesn’t seem to cross the minds of the geniuses in the US govt and NATO.”

      Means nothing to them, it’s taxpayer money, they will still get their bribes from the MIC.

  6. “Alternatively, the Democrats lose power in Congress”

    Oops, I forgot! You don’t think the election was stolen, because of da “Drumpf” or something.

    Lolz. whatever. It’s you’re playground.

    The Left never loses power, even when it “loses” Congressional seats. Ever. That’s why you are where you are – little more than the polyester suit-wearing H. Scott – and they are where they are.

    • Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.

      >The Left never loses power … That’s why you are where you are …

      Fact check: True (thinking of institutional power and the Uniparty).

      Republicans have always been cheerleaders for the military (Trump’s rhetoric about this was particularly juvenile), and hardliners on foreign policy; their boomertard base eats that shit up — I doubt they will now abandon that to ‘own the libs’ on Ukraine, albeit Ukraine is an extreme and extremely reckless case, and recognition of this seems to be spreading — it’s more likely that if push comes to shove the Republican establishment will do what it always does: marginalize mavericks like MTG and Gaetz while marshaling support to continue serving the military industrial complex — backtracking on Russia/Ukraine now would involve some loss of face, as well as a willingness to at least tacitly admit it was all a mistake from the start — this rarely happens in officialdom.

  7. The crazoids have been doing this for some time now, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Iraq, endless funding for occupations that go on and on in third rate countries that really aren’t that big a deal, Ukraine is no different.

    The propeller heads seem to have no concept of the idea that the major powers have areas of influence, Russia in one form or another has been in and out of The Ukraine for hundreds of years, do you really start a major war over this? The people running things here are irresponsible to the point of insanity. We probably wouldn’t be here in the first place if the west hadn’t insisted on putting NATO all over eastern Europe.

    A nuclear attack or cyber attack could take decades to recover from, if it could be done at all. It’s nothing to mess around with.

  8. I think Israel is behind exploding the Nordstream pipeline, Thar area is too heavily monitored for any of the key players to do it without being recognized but Mossad’s Sayanim are everywhere.

    The goal was to keep Europe from backing down from any NATO action due to the threat of losing their heating by making it happen anyway. What these geniuses don’t get is that this is not going to harden the West’s resolve against Russia, but crush the economies of the West.

    I do not believe that the Russians did not anticipate such an event (in view of Joe Biden’s letting the cat out of the bag months ago) and revert to moving their oil the way they used to before the pipeline was constructed. Except they’re going to sell their oil to China who will mark it up and sell it to whomever will buy it and there will be a lot of takers now that the USA and the West have taken their own industries off line because of the Green New Deal stupidity.

    The Russians have a history of retreating after burning down their own villages so that any would be occupiers have nothing but hostile terrain to maintain. They defeated both Hitler and Napoleon doing this and there is a good chance they repelled Alexander the Great using this tactic as well.

    All Putin has to do is play the long game; His goal is to keep NATO from invading Russia. So he will let the Western powers in NATO bankrupt themselves by pouring money into Ukraine. The anti-Russian forces in Ukraine will be wiped out ultimately.

    The only regime change that is going to happen will be in the West after a brutally cold winter forces the end of funding Ukraine and installs more Putin-friendly politicians who are going to investigate those pushing war with Russia and figure out that they have been tricked into losing more money in another military misadventure by the Military Industrial Complex.

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