The Atlantic: The United States of Confederate America

I can confirm this.

In the 21st century, support for Confederate monuments and symbols breaks down along the fault lines of Civil War 2. The country is no longer divided between North and South.

Are you a traditionalist or a modernist? Are you a conservative or a progressive? Are you a Christian or an atheist or agnostic? Do you live in the interior of the country or along a coast? Do you live in a rural area, a small town, a suburb, a college town or a large urban metro? Do you have a college degree? Are you working class, middle class or upper middle class? Do you have a PMC job?

The answers to these questions are far more revealing about your politics and values including whether you support Confederate monuments than where you live in the country. Charlottesville is technically still in the South but it is full of insane anti-Southern shitlibs. You will see far more Confederate flags in rural Missouri than you will in Southern metros where Ukraine flags are more common.

The Atlantic:

“Several years ago, I was driving on a rural road when I came up behind a pickup truck with a Confederate-flag sticker on the back window. This isn’t such an unusual sight in some parts of the United States, but this instance surprised me: The truck had Pennsylvania plates, and the road was in Gettysburg, where an invading force of tens of thousands of Confederates, formed to defend Black slavery, arrived in summer 1863 on a pillaging expedition.

But though the Civil War was a battle between two regions of the country, sympathy for the Confederacy is no longer confined to states that seceded and border states. Support for Confederate symbols and monuments now exists across the country, following lines of race, religion, and education rather than geography. This is one of many ways in which the South is no longer simply a region: A certain version of it has become an identity shared among white, rural, conservative Americans from coast to coast. That’s one takeaway from a new survey about Confederate symbols from the Public Religion Research Institute and E Pluribus Unum. …

Southernization coincides with a geographic sorting in the United States. Not long ago, there were Democrats in both rural and urban areas and in every region of the country; the same was true of Republicans. But now Democrats are largely extinct as a political force in rural areas throughout the country, and few and far between in statewide offices across the South. Republicans, meanwhile, are wholly marginalized in almost every large city and have vanished from the Northeast. The GOP is a mostly white party; overwhelming portions of Black voters cast ballots for Democrats. The result is that the backbone of the Republican Party is a group of Americans who are white, rural, and conservative; many have lower educational attainment that Democrats (though not necessarily lower income), and they typically identify as evangelical Christian. …”

If the country does break apart or secession happens again in our lifetimes, the fault line where the fracture will occur will be along the coasts and will divide the atheists in the Acela Corridor and the West Coast from the Christians in the Heartland. Missouri, for example, was the first state to ban abortion.


  1. “Missouri, for example, was the first state to ban abortion.”

    And neighboring Kansas refused. I bet if Missouri had a referendum it would result in the same outcome.

  2. The South fought to defend slavery? Actually, the South fought against political enslavement of its sovereign states.

  3. They’re getting better. Only two lies in the first paragraph.

    “The result is that the backbone of the Republican Party is a group of Americans who are white, rural, and conservative; many have lower educational attainment that Democrats…”

    Yep, and we can see that by taking a look at the urban areas at all those “educated” people.

  4. “”…in our lifetimes….””

    Much faster. US and entire West is much more unstable than Soviet Union at the moment of collapse. When keeping economy running with money printing becomes impossible, then whole hell breaks loose.

  5. David A Graham does not get it, there are two groups of people, those that like to mind their own goddamned business and want to live their lives in peace and those who like to and want to tell everybody what to do. The goys do not name their kids David, right or wrong Dave?

    • “David Graham” smells of gefilte fish, RB. And notice that he capitalized the b in Black when referring to the Negroes but not the w in White when referring to normal people. Classic example of not so subtle jew nastiness.

  6. Southern Indiana also actually have a lot of CSA sympathizers and always had! including during the war, In the borderlands between Ohio and WVA Confederate flags are a pretty common sight still today

  7. We can t surrender our cities or write off White Liberals

    Also lots if better working class Hispanics will oppose BLM and Disney homosexual grooming their our children .

    • >We can’t surrender our cities or write off White Liberals

      Why the hell not? I want nothing to do with such people. They’re literally willing to kill other whites at Jewish command. Few things more loathsome than a traitor to his own people. When concentrated in cities, they’re also more vulnerable to things like cutting off power, water and food, which has strategic advantages when the time for separation arrives.

      They’ll find out very abruptly how much their magic negroes and other assorted POX love them when the food runs low. This is a massive blind spot for both Christianity and WNs. Wokeism is a toxic, insane, murderous and ultimately suicidal cult. At least 1/4 to 40% of your fellow whites or Christians (as the case may be) want you dead.

      • That is exactly true. Leftists are an existential threat to the existance of the White race. People on the right better realize that these leftists want us all dead. They didn’t hold back in 1917 and if they were to again to achieve the power they had then, they will murder all of us. They refuse to co-exist with anyone who disagrees with them. There is no intelligent discussion to be had with them because their brains are in a constant state of cognitive dissonance.

        Liberals are at war with reality. They live in a world that’s not real, a fantasy world that empowers those who would destroy order. Look at this country. It has gone from reasonable and law abiding to absolutely insane — worshiping niggers run wild — with these jews, women, and liberal assholes running things. They spread their craziness and no one is allowed to question it.

        Genetic White liberals are communists who are a cancer and we can no more co-exist with them than we can with jews or niggers. They’ve locked up honest, patriotic, people who believe in the US Constitution for years for merely demonstrating, or life sentences for self defense, while they applaud and enrich, and let loose, do-nothing niggers for robbing, murdering, raping, and looting.

  8. Very interesting results, looks like American politics will end up like the prison system, lol. It’s shaping up to be White Conservatives and Hispanics versus everyone else in the years to come.

  9. Are you a traditionalist or a modernist? Are you a Christian or an atheist or agnostic?

    I’m a traditionalist, far right wing, working class, and actually conservative, not a conservative liberal and of course I favor leaving America’s Confederate monuments alone. I am also a non-believer as are many, many, people on the right and being a Christian or a non-believer has NOTHING to do with saving pur monuments. I’d stand with any Christian, White Nationalist, or traditional American, or even any Irishman! — who speaks out to save these monuments and against the jews, and liberalism.

  10. I will never understand the people who are nominally “on our side” who support Castizo Futurism.

    Call it “monomania” to focus on Race if you wish…but this is exactly what happens when you relax Racial standards.

    “Le based TradCath Hispanics, our greatest allies! Maya Flores will save us!”

    • By monomania, I mean a willful blindness to reality. In this case, it is the fact White leftists are overwhelmingly the ones who tear down all of pour monuments. Hispanics don’t care about Confederate monuments. Mobs of Hispanics didn’t desecrate Monument Avenue in Richmond

      • We agree on that point atleast, the biggest threats to our people at this point are, in this order:

        1. White Traitors
        2. Jews
        3. Blacks, Hispanics, and others.

        The part I’m missing is how allying with the Hispanics, who are the bigger demographic threat, is winning? You import Mexico you get Mexico 2.0…

  11. >The Atlantic: …

    You should have commented on this part:

    >… tens of thousands of Confederates, formed to defend Black slavery,

    So he writes about how this, that, and the other thing are all relevant when talking about ‘support for Confederate symbols and monuments’, then says secession was about ‘defending Black slavery’.

    And note he always capitalizes black, but never capitalizes white (except at the beginning of a sentence).

    So as I’ve told you many times: it’s all about race — it always comes down to race, and slavery is a proxy for race — yet you continue to be willfully blind to this — why?

    Without a (fairly rapidly) diminishing white population fraction, and thus declining white political influence and control, all of this would not be nearly such a problem, and maybe not a problem at all — faggots like the author of this article will always side with power, which also explains why the ‘insane anti-Southern shitlibs’ in Charlottesville are so vocal and active (I’m less convinced about how numerous they are) — they all see how power is shifting, and being anti-white (or anti-Southern) is part of fitting in with the new racial power structure developing in America.

    As I’ve said before: removal of ‘Confederate symbols and monuments’ is just one part of the physical elimination phase of diversity, which began some time ago — it won’t stop there — I ask again: where is there evidence of good will toward Whites?

    This is why everyone concerned about this should be a White Nationalist — the further racial mongrelization of the country must be explicitly opposed.

    • Some think it’s more about religion than race though. As people get more mixed, this will be more true.

  12. Whatever, them compact that allowed the pretence that the United States was a united nation has been revoked by the statue wrecking Democrats.

  13. Till we address the spiritual dimension too this war, we struggle in vain, our victory’s will only be temporary respite’s from battle, I desire victory, liberty and peace for our people, we must seriously consider ourselves………..His will be done…….

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