Joe Biden Is Planning Major Push For Immigration Reform After Midterms

I’ve already made my decision.

For a variety of reasons, Joe Biden becoming a lame duck president and congressional gridlock with a Republican Congress over the next two years is preferable to the Democrats holding Congress and nuking the filibuster as they have promised to do to pass amnesty and their other priorities.


  1. Both my wife and I do not hold the Grand Ole Party of Lincoln in much regard, yet, the reality is that it is the current instrument of choice that our people, White Southerners, have chosen.

    And so it is that we will go to the polling booths, in a little over a month, and vote straight-ticket Republican.

    Being a dyed in the wool Dixiecrat, I hate this with every fibre in my being, yet, there is no rational justification to not do so.

    Until either the Democrats revert to being what they were in 1950, or another party shows up and does exactly that, I will be voting Republican – just as we have been doing for a very long while.

    • And voting Republican never results in anything. The Democrat Globohomo agenda marches on, with fake viral pandemics, fake vaccine depopulation serums, wars in Ukraine started to actually bring down Western Europe and the USA.

  2. “Joe Biden Is Planning Major Push For Immigration Reform After Midterms”

    I didn’t watch the video, but I’ll take a guess – he’ll repeat the Repukes story. Everyone already here gets amnesty with a fast track to citizenship and then we’ll figure out how to seal the border.

  3. Sigh

    We vê beaten at least 10 mass illegal aliens amnesties .

    Let s get to work and do so again.

    Regular Americans of all races , ethnic groups except Js and the top of LaRasa, Black Congressional Caucus detest mass illegal immigration of diseased 3rd worlders, Muslims the Camp of the Saints .

    The Lib Dems and idiot Religious Christian Right want to make the election about abortion .


    Make it about stopping the great replacement mass immigration , critical race theory , fentynal drug addiction , sexual grooming programs and it s the economy stupid /inflation .

    Tell pro life religious right in your/our areas to just shut up and they ll get most of what they want . What s the alternative ?

    David Cole has the best practical political advice . So did G L Rockwell .

    But , White American Conservatives religious right have never missed an opportunity in my lifetime to ….

    Miss an opportunity


  4. They all get in.
    “Immigration Reform” means millions more to house, feed, and give them unlimited free medical care.
    There’s no one in government who is stopping them from coming in, and no one is deporting them.
    They always get in. They always get money. Once they get in, they can get a driver’s license.
    This went on under Trump, too. The Honduran caravan all got in.
    They will continue to get in, until there’s no one left in Mexico and Central America, because that is the plan.

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