House Passes Ukraine Appropriations Act

The vote in the House was 230 to 201.

Every single Democrat voted for another $12.3 billion in spending on the war in Ukraine. Only 10 House Republicans voted for it. 200 voted against the Ukraine aid package.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — Congress gave final approval on Friday to a short-term spending package to keep the government open through mid-December and President Biden signed it soon afterward, staving off a midnight shutdown and sending about $12.3 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine.

The House passed the measure less than 12 hours before funding was set to lapse. It will keep the government open through Dec. 16, giving lawmakers time to iron out their considerable differences over the dozen annual spending bills.

The package included a third tranche of aid to Ukraine for its battle with Russia, on top of a total of about $54 billion approved earlier this year. With the vote on Friday, Congress has now committed more military aid to Ukraine than it has to any country in a single year since the Vietnam War, reflecting a remarkable bipartisan consensus in favor of pouring huge amounts of American resources into the fight as the nation seeks to reclaim more of its territory from Russia.

Still, most House Republicans opposed the measure, which passed on a largely party-line vote of 230 to 201. Ten Republicans joined every present Democrat in voting for the legislation. …”

If Democrats hold Congress in the midterms, Joe Biden will continue to write blank checks to Zelensky to fund and escalate this war against Russia for the next two years. The issue is rapidly becoming polarized now that over $60 billion has been spent on this stupid war.


  1. They print bills like monopoly money and they spend it that way.

    Whoever is buying this debt is very very seriously mistaken, because we will not pay it.

    No, we will not live up to all the other lunatical adventures of the United States Government – from teaching children to hack themselves apart, both mentally and physically, to the many poisonous medicines and medical procedures, and White Replacement.

    Nor will we keep gay marriage, gay adoption, the loss of free association, or the wars against the other peoples of the world for pillage sake.

    Mark my words : we will not maintain these routes.

  2. This war is an existential crisis for both the Global American Empire and Russia. Whomever loses this war will be irrevocably changed forever. This is why Congress will continue to pour billions and billions more into Ukraine. Russia would do well to keep its goals limited to securing the four new regions who have joined their federation since it can barely keep up with this task.

    Forget electing Republicans on a federal level in November because all their B.S. is being exposed in fully funding this war. This is what is going on in D.C. and this will usurp all else.

    OPEC has just struck a blow to the Biden Regime. With the SPR drained and a refusal of the Regime to allow drilling for domestic oil we are entering into a possible very very uncomfortable phase.

    Stay tuned…….

  3. Moskau bestätigt: Eine Leitung von Nord Stream 2 ist intakt und einsatzbereit

    Ende September kam es zu Explosionen unter Wasser an den beiden Ostseepipelines. Dabei entstanden an beiden Strängen der Pipeline Nord Stream 1 und an einem Strang von Nord Stream 2 teilweise erhebliche Lecks.

    Apparently Nord Stream 1 consists of two separate gas transport pipelines, as does Nord Stream 2 — both pipelines of NS1 were damaged, but only one of NS2 — the intact pipeline of NS2 could be used to deliver natural gas to Germany (its physical endpoint; the gas could be routed elsewhere in Europe from there).

  4. >New York Times: …

    In ‘separate but equal’ news:

    Lawmakers agreed to address some domestic needs, including $20 million to support recovery from the water crisis in Jackson, Miss., …

    Whites will always be forced to bail out incompetent Blacks, while being blamed for the consequences of black incompetence (‘institutional racism’).

    “This short-term funding bill will keep the government open and meet a range of critical needs — from helping communities recover from extreme weather events, to supporting Ukraine, to helping fulfill our promises and commitments to Afghan allies and partners, and more,” said Shalanda Young, the director of the Office of Management and Budget.

    Another black woman elevated to a position of authority.

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