Candace Owens: White Lives Matter

Wear this shirt to “own the libs.”

FOX News:

Kanye West continued to defend his “White Lives Matter” apparel this week after unveiling it during his Yeezy fashion show in Paris on Monday. 

On Wednesday, he posted a photo of a black sweatshirt from his line with “WHITE LIVES MATTER” written in white on the back. The sweatshirt has a picture of Pope John Paul II on the front. 

“Here’s my latest response when people ask me why I made a tee that says white lives matter … THEY DO,” he captioned the post.  …”

As the True Cons fade into history, we are going to see more of this. Without those people in charge of defining conservatism, the “guardrails” are being undermined.

Tucker has normalized opposing the Great Replacement and the term “anti-White.” Mark Dice is making videos about “anti-Whiteism.” It is becoming less taboo to talk about White people.

Note: In Year Seven of the Trump era, we can see that the conservative base has continued to drift further in our direction. There was a shift between 2014 and 2017. This was followed by a pause between 2017 and 2019. This was followed by a bigger shift between 2019 and 2022.


  1. The Left would not accept the attempt by Whites to say, ‘All Lives Matter’, so now they get ‘White Lives Matter’.

    If this causes chagrin, as it no doubt will do, then it could not happen to a nicer people.

    The Left has made their anti-White bed, so, now, as the bedbugs begin to bite, let them lay in it.

    • Nice to see you’re still around, Ivan. Hope you are doing well.

      By the way: Will you ever prepare a recording of cultural/artistic content?

      • @Carl…

        Thank you, Dear Carl.

        I have a site a YouTube, on which, starting in early 2024, I will post videos of my arrangements of Xmas carols.

        Later this year I will post that site address here, if it is not offensive to Mr. Griffin.

        Did I know you on VK?

        In any case, all the best to you and yours!

        • Dear Ivan,

          that sounds really wonderful.

          I have long appreciated your insightful writing and interesting points of view, on many topics. But in particular, I have been fascinated by your comments on artistic or cultural aspects!

          So please know, that I would really appreciate and be thankful if you put work and dedication in to practice… leading to a recording of some works.
          I would be most interested to listen to it!

          Regarding youtube… I do in fact know a site of yours there… the one with “the lovely lady in shades of yellow”, so if you post it there, I would see it.
          Alternatively, if you post it on a different or new youtube channel, but afterwards create a playlist to it from the “yellow lady’s page”, I would also see it.

          All the very best to you and yours! I glad you’re around.

          • Dearest Carl,
            Thank you for your many kind words. Yes, the YouTube site at which I will be posting is as you describe : ‘the lovely lady in shades of yellow’.

            Thank you for your request to record. Yes, I am going to be doing that!

            In order to do that, I am in the middle of a several months long hotrodding of an Epiphone 12 string, one of the guitars I will be using for that. I’ll be posting live music performances there starting in mid-Winter early 2024.

            What is interesting to you culturally and artistically during these days?

            Some landscape painters I have been studying with my wife ( a landscape painter) are Louis Douzette and Gustaf Rydberg. There are excellent work-compilation of these two artists at YouTube, if you wish to have a gander.

            Both were painters of Winterscapes par excellence!

            In the meantime, if you want to be in touch, just ask Mr Griffin for my e-mail address and, hopefully, he will give it to you.

            Thank you again, and god bless you and yours!

  2. I suggest we simply thanks Kanye West, Candice Owens for being fair and honest and just good people, like most Black Americans, Negro Americans were before 1965.

    Look to positive, self help Black Americans like Booker T Washington, Malcolm X after he got over being a petty criminal and just hate White people guy, Sometimes the Nation of Islam but I wouldn’t put too much hope with them voting better. I’ve spent 2/3 of my life in Chicago, Near South Side, Obamas, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Louis Farakhan. Sometimes these Blacks will say some sensible things that don’t just blame White people, but it never translates in to voting for sane, anti riots, anti Crime.

    All Blacks pretty much voted for Harold Washington the first Black mayor of Chicago. He was a convicted felon, didn’t pay his taxes, he was a homosexual – not exactly strict family values, good government.

    Back Obama was/is a good father and husband and occasionally says sensible things about Blacks being better fathers because he didn’t have one.

    But in the end, these Blacks go with the flow – they like being rich and having affirmative action, $100,000 a year teaching jobs of “DIVERSITY”, yeah critical race theory.

    The Obamas have dined and dashed from their/my old South Side U Chicago community – they now live in luxury in a diplomat areas of DC, the Magnum PI Estate on Martha’s Vineyard MA – yes that Martha’s Vineyard MA. Their only real connection to their/our old integrated university SS Chicago community which is slap dab right next to the largest all Black ‘Hood in North America is the Obama Foundation has stolen a big chunk of the Lakefront SS (Andrew not Jessie) Jackson Park to force the tax payers to build a God awful Black Liberation theology, Obama personality cult Temple in Jackson Park.

    Park purest here are furious, but the Obama Foundation played the race card as they always do.

    Sure there are decent Blacks in the USA, Metro Chicago but in politics it always comes down to block voting with Blacks as they want all the key positions and gubermint to give them things like judges that let Black criminals go for crimes like car jackings, sexual assaults and organized mass looting.

    In Metro Chicago Black African Americans are ~ 18% and declining but they hold all the important positions in Chicago, some in Cook County Chicago.

    Mayor Black LGBT Lorrie Lightfoot
    County Board Chairwoman Tonni Pinwinkle (more mixed race but governs like Obama as Black Black)
    Police Chief
    Head CEO Public Schools that’s $8 billion a year Black women. The teachers union head is a typical swarthy Communist hate White people J*w.

    So again, please thank Kanye West (does he have any good music? R Kelly was/is a teen rapist, sexual slave trafficker, but at least R Kelly had some very good R&B music.

    Those White Conservatives getting all excited about Miss Owens and this Black Kanye West rap singer – it’s just classic cowardly cuckservative looking for some magic Negro to speak for us/lead us like General Colin Powell or that Black talk show host in California who the CA Cuckservatives tried to run for GOP Governor I think his name was Elder.

    We’re much much better working with anti Black Whiter Hispanics and tough Italians, maybe some Maronite Christian Arabs, Armenians always do well in California – sure be fair to Blacks that aren’t BlackLivesMatter, Black Liberation Theology, Sharpton and Jessie Jackson race hustlers or the Black Communist mayor of NYC that’s try to dump all the Venezuelan migrants on Statton Island NYC – the last refuge of middle class White New Yorkers.

    The boat is sinking, we’re grasping at straws.

    If you or anyone you love is really thinking suicide… don’t go out of this fallen world alone.

    • Normalizing the concept that White Lives Matter is a good thing. It shouldn’t be taboo to talk about our basic interests

    • The boat is sinking, we’re grasping at straws.

      Certainly any Whites encouraged by a couple blacks proclaiming White Lives Matter are definitely grasping at straws. 100% agree with your comment. Blacks had 100,000 years in which to do something, and they didn’t. They’ve had $trillions thrown at them by Whites, and it didn’t help to civilize them. Now look at us.

      For over five decades, altruistic and gullible American Whites have empowered them, enfranchised them, pampered them, placed them on pedestals as creatures of worship or perpetual victims. And for all that spending, pampering, and pandering, all Whites have to show for it is vast urban slums and ghettos filled with some of the most violent, blood thirsty, savage, feral creatures ever to walk on planet earth. We’ve had 60+ years of forced integration. 60+ years of insanely generous social entitlement programs — 60+years of excuses from insane leftists. And, the fears expressed by White leaders in the late 1950s and early sixties have come to pass…Ruined cities filled with savage, arrogant niggers with an attitude.

    • The black CA talk show host is Larry Elder. He is a good man. Based. He would have been a big improvement over Newsom as governor.

    • @Jaye….

      Yours is a very good comment.

      We ought be thankful for good Negroes, and, indeed, all good people in this land and in the world.

      It’s not easy to choose to be good.

      As to counting on Negroes to vote better, I do not know what the future holds.

      What I do know is that this is a White Nation, and, as such, if it is to be put back together, White Peoples will have to take the leading role.

      It is not reasonable to expect other tribes to fix what they did not break, or allow to be broken.

      Currently Whites seem to be contemplating a reparation, but, the committment is far from sufficient.

  3. The Jews always overreach. As they are under the sway of the Devil himself, they can’t help but overreach. I was considering this yesterday and thought to myself that they are in fact the first satanists. Like Satan, their father, they declare: “non serviam!” Judaism is just another name for satanism. Their hatred for White people stems from their satanism.

    • Satan does not exist. Jews are the way they are because of evolutionary biology. They originated from a tribe of very nasty people.

      • @Tikkun Olam…

        ‘Satan does not exist’

        When you see how all people and peoples are beleaguered by evil; how every tribe, at one time or another, commits unspeakable atrocities, and how often even very good people get sucked up these activities and events, you cannot consider that Satan does not exist.

        BUT … as Roman/Catholic exorcists are apt to say : most people are not possessed by an extraordinary manifestation of evil (a specific demon) but by the unextraordinary manifestation of evil – the general spirit of evil that lurks in this realm.

      • Oh, Satan most definitely exists. You just haven’t taken a big enough “hit” from him yet to realize that he does exist. He is the actual god of this present evil world. And though Christ has already defeated him in the most titanic battle ever fought where the fate of the entire universe hung in the balance and is coming to replace him and become the ruler of this earth, God has allowed Satan to remain on his throne ruling over the earth in order to try/test all He has called to rule with Christ at His coming. All true Saints must overcome Satan.

        • Thank you for your reply, Dear Banned.

          Yes, Satan is the overlord of this world, and his power is a scary thing, especially when you detect it trying to usurp you and your loved ones.

          By the way, thank you for all your great comments with many pertinent historical quotes.

          I not only read them, I study and learn!

          All the best to you and yours!

  4. Candace Owens is married to a white man. Kanye West was married to a white woman.

    Without those people in charge of defining conservatism, the “guardrails” are being undermined.

    While the ‘True Cons’ never seemed to try very hard to push back, it wasn’t ‘True Cons’ who put ‘guardrails’ about recognizing white self-interest in place, nor kept them from being ‘undermined’.

    So this is where you are now? — getting excited about the latest attention-seeking gimmick by a couple of celebrity Blacks? — yeah, saying White Lives Matter, that’s pretty edgy.

    The Left: ‘OK, you can say White Lives Matter now, but 1 million non-whites will still enter the country this year — deal?’

    The Right: ‘Deal!’

    Or to use a football analogy: the Left connects on a bomb to put the ball on the Right’s 10 yard line — on the next play, the Right makes a tackle for a 5 yard loss, then celebrates.

    White men used to stand astride the world.

    Now here we are.

    • Pretty much.

      I think it is a good thing that the Great Replacement has gone mainstream along with the term anti-White and the phrase White Lives Matter. I want to normalize and destigmatize these issues. I see it as a win when we can talk about White people as easily as opposing mass immigration.

      It is far better for these issues to be normalized than to remain marginalized and to be associated with lunatics who engage in mass shootings or online cranks who will complain and never do anything about the problem.

      Also, the fact that the next generation won’t have to go through what I went through for 20 years is a good thing. Instead, these issues will just be conventional rightwing politics. Younger people can express these views and not have it end their career

    • @eah…

      Sir, I very respectfully disagree with you that Kanye West was married to a White woman.

      No, Sir, I agree with Tikkun Olam – Miss Kardashian is not White, but, Eurasion, her blood from the Armenian/Azerbaizhan area.

      Eurasian blood is a separate ball of wax from White.

  5. Miss Candace tells us white devils things we like to hear. And in return she gets to fly first class to Paris and eat expensive omelettes at the George V Hotel with her rich white/jew husband. Yessuh, dat sho’ beats livin’ wiff dem po’ colored folks back in Mississippi!

  6. Nothing more than civic nationalist appeals made by grifter blacks who realize that White Nationalism may be in Whites’ best interests, but it is not in theirs. From a genetic interests standpoint, the only thing worse than a multiracial society that doesn’t work is one that does. Thus, White civic nationalists are antiwhite race traitors.

    • Ivan is correct.

      Candace Owens might be a grifter, but grifting which erodes taboos and destigmatizes talking about White identity and White interests is useful. The same is true with Charlie Kirk saying the Great Replacement is happening. It normalizes the issue and makes it a legitimate grievance for politicians to pick up and oppose.

      • That’s a fair point. Kind of a useful idiot for our side. Now if she should turn her grifting talents upon some POX with money in their pockets, that would be useful as well.

      • The last thing Whites need is more “Based Blacks.” You may want us all to get along and sing Kumbaya, but I don’t.

        • I want to normalize and destigmatize White identity.

          If Kanye West or Candace Owens is the reason that “White Lives Matter” is being talked about in a positive way for the first time ever on FOX News, so be it. The important thing is eroding stupid taboos.

          • “White Lives Matter” is not meant to be a pro-White slogan. It’s meant to be anti-woke in the sense that it calls out BLM for insinuating that Black lives are a higher priority. The motivations behind it are civic nationalist in nature, and civic nationalism itself is an antiwhite ideology.

          • We held a “White Live Matter” rally in Shelbyville.

            NJP has been using the phrase in their activism to publicize black-on-white murders.

            It is activists in our sphere who came up with the phrase and who have promoted it like the term anti-White or the concept of the Great Replacement. The fact that all of this is being absorbed into conservatism and normalized and destigmatized and becoming just another thing that people on the populist Right believe means that it is 1.) reaching a far larger audience and 2.) most importantly that it isn’t toxic or taboo to use the term or engage in that sort of activism.

            What’s the alternative? Is it better for all of these terms and concepts to remain marginalized and stigmatized and limited in their reach to a marginalized internet subculture? Are we better off when it is taboo to use the phrase “anti-White” or to talk about the Great Replacement? Are we better off when people associate the Great Replacement with mass shooters? Is it better to have using the phrase “White Lives Matter” on an internet forum or social media to be something that could end your career?

      • Agreed, Hunter. And White success lifts Blacks as well – and other races. Mexicans know who hires them!

        • Yeah, we’ll lift them up! They need more entitlements and free stuff. Surely they’ll see we mean them no harm and we’re really not racists! After all, POCs just want to fit in.

  7. I agree with Hunter Wallace. We should not rely on decent blacks to save us, speak for us or vote to preserve civilization, but if some of them work to normalize “White Lives Matter” we should rejoice in the spreading of our message, by whomever. Kanye and Candace will give some fence sitting whites a measure of moral clarity and possibly even some courage to speak their minds after decades of biting their tongues and holding their breath.

    • It is really simple.

      If it is normal and mainstream for conservatives to go around and post White Lives Matter on Facebook or for Republican politicians to campaign on the issue, then it creates a permission structure for normal people to express these views and not fear getting ruined or dogpiled for sharing their real racial beliefs.

      Countless people have been purged, ruined and had their lives derailed because of these stupid taboos. Politicians have feared addressing these issues because of the taboos. So anything that erodes and gets rid of these taboos is helpful even if it is a nutcase like Kanye West or a grifter like Candace Owens.

      Normalizing White Advocacy is a good thing. Same with Charlie Kirk talking about the Great Replacement. Pushing all this into the mainstream is necessary for us to get anywhere

    • OK, OK. I admit, no harm is done, but this is a game changer. First, there was Bill Cosby scolding the black communiTAY and their not-so-positive response to his advice, and now, just 25 years later, you have two well known blacks claiming White lives matter. This is progress. No doubt about it. Now, if we can just get 50cent to say, “itz OK to be White”. Hell yeah, my friends!

      Tomorrow it’s the WORLD!

  8. Candace Owens is a social conservative, but too neoliberal on economics.
    I believe Sweden Democrats found the right balance.
    They are centrist and populist on economics, taking ideas from the both the right and left that work, yet socially conservative.

    But yea it’s great anti-anti-whiteism is going mainstream.
    Blacks need to take some responsibility and realize we’re all getting screwed by neolibs and neocons on the right and woke progressives on the left.
    If only we could get conservatives to fully ditch Reaganism/Thatcherism.

  9. If we as Whites would only start standing up ourselves and stop relying on “based” blacks to save us from ourselves. I know the brainwashing is strong amongst many Whites, especially liberals and conservatives but it has to be broken or nothing will ever change for our race. Yes, there is some progress but it shouldn’t have taken this long for many to see war has been declared on our race by jews.

  10. It is political, I am willing to say what no one else will, both blacks and whites are being cheated and mistreated by those and power. And to say one or the other and not say both, are being treated unfairly is obviously political.

  11. With White Hat Musk back behind the steering wheel at Twitter now is a great time to open up a new account there and retweet Mrs Owens and the based Black Kanye!

    P.S. It is rumored Kanye is going to be in Tucker tonight! I am as giddy as a school girl to see that segment if it happens!

    • @Orange,
      You may be speaking for yourself, but are you doing it in the public arena? How many people are hearing you? Your comment sounds a little ungrateful and quite frankly, immature.

  12. Perhaps he is smart enough to realize that he wouldn’t be able to become filthy rich in an Africanized society?

  13. We shouldn’t discourage or disturb the non whites if they’re doing and saying things that help our cause. Let them speak. They’re normalising our ideas, and can get away with doing so.

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