1. Because the US Intelligence Community is, as, indeed, is the entire 5 Eyes, so parsimonious with the truth, I never know what to make of what they say.

    That’s why I discount what they say, as a matter of course.

    • You could say the same about Russia’s land grab. What about the 390+ Ukrainian children that have been killed?

      • >What about the 390+ Ukrainian children that have been killed?

        Accepting your claim as fact, presumably you mean killed by Russians, or they died somehow as a result of the SMO (which I’ll concede is more or less the same, since they would still be alive if Russia had not started the SMO) — also presumably those deaths were accidental, meaning no one meant for those children to die — so there is that difference: assuming Ukraine was behind it, the killing of Darya Dugin was deliberate: she was murdered — it was planned, premeditated.

        You can be a troll if you want, but at least try to do it intelligently.

        • Those children killed by Russia were acceptable collateral damage. That is still deliberate. And here I thought you were one of the ones on this site that still cared about the European race.

  2. Eventually the truth comes out. It hard to hide it today with all the online media outlets and independent ones also.

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