Alt-MSNBC Swirls Down The Drain

You can add this to the list of reasons why I regret getting involved with the Alt-Right.


      • Who knows? Dick is an attn whore who likes to think he’s an original thinker so he has to constantly take a contrarian tact and MEH has a severe alcohol abuse problem and is a mendacious POS.
        A pox on both.

    • Seems like there may really be some backroom dealings going on with Spencer. At this point, we have enough screencaps of his treachery to bury him forever, but an exposé of these shady connections would be cool.

      • Spencer was always a malignant narcissist who never believed in anything other than Spencer, not even muh Neeeetsheee. He was willing to sell out for a long time. The problem? His personality is so disgusting and his brand so unattractive that he would do more harm than good to any cause he attached himself to. Including shitlibbery. In fact, he was one of the many reasons why I changed my own mind on Ukraine. All he cares about now is vindictive, petty, resentment driven vengeance. Really ironic for Mr. “Nietzschean Übermensch”.

        The bigger problem is that e-politics attracts these types. One of the reasons why, despite everything, Christian nationalism is superior. Because it affects people who actually have families and children to protect and motherly and fatherly instincts which such narcissists with psychopathic tendencies totally lack. In the end, even American conservatism achieved more than the entire Alt-Right in all these years. And I never understood why this metrosexual, elitist dandy ever got the attention he had.

        • As a person, sure, Richard Spencer can be ignored and dismissed. But it would be foolish to do that, because we’d be missing the elephant in the room:

          Richard Spencer represents a very real phenomenon within Pro-White circles, and that is a tendency to attract unironic Racist Democrats. The kind of people that are pretty much an exacting description of the Dinesh D’Souza meme (DR3: “Democrats Are The Real Racists”).

          Spencer is an archetype, and the reason we talk about him so much is because of the incalculable damage his archetype does to White Nationalism and to the Pro-White brand. Juri called this one: Shitlibs are cancer tumors, and there are so many of them that they now have a claim to what it means to be White and what it means to be Western.

          To be brutally honest, Spencerien White Nationalists are more toxic and repulsive to normies than Nick Fuentes or Andrew Anglin style incels ever could be. At the end of the day, normies just ignore the women hate. But they remember Richard Spencer and all the awful political positions he ever took. Inceldom gets boring after awhile. Spenceriens have a unique ability to stay relevant after a decade of trash takes.

          My point is, we need to drive these people insane. We need to fight fire with fire. I myself became bitter and resentful over my failure to convert normies to White Nationalism, and over *their* failure to evolve from lemmings into independent free thinkers, which is the only way any of the information and messaging from White Nationalism can possibly change minds.

          I spend my free time doubling down on normie interests and trolling the shit out of Alt-MSNBC, because they must be destroyed in order for the White Race to be saved in a form that is actually worthy of being saved (we don’t deserve to be saved if we have indeed degenerated into a race of gay anal transexxual faggots)

          Intellectuals and ideologues will be exterminated. Chuds will inherit the earth – and everything in it.

          • Well, that was sort of my point. Dicky also had some influence on the German right, fortunately not much, but enough to give some people brain worms. But I don’t think you need to drive Spencer and his metrosexual boy band insane. He really is very much irrelevant now. Anyone should just stay a million miles away from him which also goes for Fuentes. If he wasn’t always an unironic FED, he might end up soon enough. And it was obvious from the beginning for both that they were predatory narcissists looking for their own personality cult. Bad judgement from a lot of people who followed them.

            Tbh, when it comes to explicit white nationalism, you will find it hard to overcome Anglosphere individualism. But I think a strong implicit, instead of loud explicit white ethno-centrism has some realistic chances. Somewhere between Christian nationalism and “Pat Buchananism”. That could reach the WASPs and white Republican voters of Trump between some college and HS or less. Murica had some good victories on abortion and starts to fight back against the tranny-insanity, too. Good signs. Although I think the US (and EU) ruling class is dead-set to boost the population numbers to fight China in the upcoming cold or hot war which will likely end in a new world war.

            And at the end you are fighting against Blackrock et al. and the transhumanist agenda of the Davos man to which the whole gender-stuff is only the beginning. And if you will ever find anyone truly breaking their power, I don’t know. Either way, this whole struggle will take decades, not just years. And it will be global, because their agenda is global. Until then keep faith in God, family and fatherland.

            On “the normies” tho I am also pretty black pilled and think a pan-Western great divorce from the globalist elite and his minion the eternal libtard is the only solution. These people are in an insane cult. Save what can be saved, which is a lot. Pretty much only US coastal and West-European bugmen cities seem gone, even Engerland still has some liveable countrysides.

          • I just don’t see how Spencer & Alt-MSNBC are influential. Who are they influencing outside their tiny Twitter presence? No one on our side seems to take them seriously. I haven’t seen a presence of Spencerism anywhere outside of Twitter. At this point, Spencer seems to be living off the fumes of the controversies he’s inciting with his treachery. He has little impact beyond that shock factor. If the DR would just move on from Spencer he’d be as irrelevant as Evan.

            The most pervasive problem I see with the DR is with the wignat ghettoization of every bit of the white nationalist demographic outside the Christian portion. It’s a sort of amoral jackasssery that has no direction or aim, and they just consign themselves to being ankle biters mindlessly attacking anyone who seems fun to attack (a tendency which can be easily directed by subversives towards sabotaging good people). It’s a race to the bottom competition to see who can be the most edgy & based retard on the internet.

            Spencerism – i.e. garden variety neoliberalism with a facade of Euro identitarianism – is nowhere to be seen among their ranks. You can’t sound like Spencer anywhere without getting laughed out of the room. Spencerism, just like progressivism, literally cannot thrive anywhere without censorship of its detractors, and Twitter certainly delivers on that part.

  1. Move on dude — ignore these Jews and fags — forget about the ‘Alt-Right’ and any losers you may have met or associated with, or any bad experiences you had, in the past.

    You must have encountered and gotten to know some good people too.

    I’ve probably written several thousand words here over the last few months on why White Nationalism (which has nothing to do with the ‘Alt-Right’, whatever that was or however you remember it) is the only ideology that really makes sense for Whites concerned about the future.

    Twitter/Shane BurleyOne of the easiest, fastest, most immediate things you can do right now is donate to an abortion fund. We never ended up donating anywhere for Purim, so we will put everything we saved for tzedakah to an abortion fund.

    • “White Nationalism ……. is the only ideology that really makes sense for Whites”

      Without acknowledging the essential importance of race, all systems are doomed.

    • I agree. Spencer’s betrayals have long since lost its shock factor and pointing them out at this point really feels much like beating a dead horse. I feel like we’re validating that narcissist just by talking about him.

      However, that Hayden comment was really revealing and worth pointing out. The only Spencer-related news I’d be interested in is an exposé of his shady connections, otherwise I don’t want to hear about him.

  2. Hayden got the message from Spencer’s gayops over the past two years and is now going to try elevating Spencer to further balkanize and marginalize what’s left of the online right. They may even be directly coordinating with each other. Spencer may even become a full fledged snitch. His resentment only seems to be growing.

    • Looks like Spencer is being funded by the same people that fund David French.

      Both have no real following on the right, but they are propped up by the left to demoralize and confuse.

  3. Who is the moron called Evropa Destiny?? A person on the right?? Please don’t tell me that he was a member of the alt-right because i could throw up….. A person who says that trans are better than normal marriage….. What a moron!

    • A member of the McSpencer metrosex-group and a fellow “sun worshipper” (lol!), aligned with the other subversion stream of “based EU = 4th Reich, bro” and “Macron = Napoleon, man!!” people. When Dicky isn’t busy reclaiming the Persian Empire for Zarathustra with his *contacts*, or drunk-beating his Russian wife into a binge-watching marathon of James Bond movies, he leads the very serious attempt to claim the USA for his own sun-cult religion where he shall rise as the new Godman! American Akhenaten! Such a busy life.

      • Wooow….. and the new “religion”, “White religion” based on the sun consider the faggotry and transgender better than the family??? Already the idea of this religion is ridiculous, plus this element makes it even more stupid and pathetic.

  4. The guy named his podcast McSpencer even thought his name is Spencer, why? We know treachery runs in Irish blood.

  5. There’s another thing that is a mistery to me, that i’m not able to understand. We always say that Spencer is angry and resentful toward the right-wing because they did not follow and idolize him as he wanted…….. but the left did worst than this against him…… the left punched him in face (we all have seen that video); the left wished him death; the left censored him; when he said he publicly supported Biden many on the left insulted him by saying they did not want him on their side. So yes he has a resentment against the right but why he doesn’t have the same resentment against the left who literally persecuted him?? why now he seems to join (even if with controversy) the left? the same left who hate him and that if can probably would kill him?

  6. Of course the genuine adherents to whatever ideology Spencer (et al.) is now feigning won’t trust him. They’ll use him for every drop of water they can ring out of him, but never trust him. Not necessarily for the fact that he used to be (or claimed to have been) one of us, but for the mere fact that he changed horses way too quickly. Leaders in search of a cause are easy to make.

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