1. It should have happened years ago but better late than never I guess. The jews must be kvetching really hard about the can of worms they opened by pushing their anti-White narrative in the media, govt, workplace, online etc. They always overplay their hand.

    • “It should have happened years ago”

      This is areally a sad commentary on the character of WHITE ppl. Why didn’t WHITE actors come out wearing WLM shirts or fashion? Any famous WHITES?
      There should have been a WLM movement in the 1950s to counter school integration and housing integration.

      Collectively, the average WHITE’s behavior is disgraceful.

    • @BlackknightYrre,
      Good video. Jewish privilege and the Bolshevik revolution needs to be discussed far more openly in mainstream circles. How many movies have been made about the Bolshevik revolution compared with those about the hollowhoax? The latter has been in my face all my life. There was a documentary on tv the other night about it, which I promptly switched off.
      Finally, Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims present a more obvious, street level view into non white criminal behaviour, whereas Jews are more behind the scenes, causing harm. They’re too smart to behave like your average black villain.
      As they wear their suits and enjoy their I’ll gotten gains, they’re causing us a lot of damage.

  2. Logic and commonsense should always be in the mainstream, never on the fringes. We should always strive to keep it there, regardless of the childish labels we may attract as a result.
    I think the non Whitey’s are beginning to realise that if you don’t have whites, then you don’t have white society or achievements that are present in everyday life. Africans can’t maintain it, nor can Pakistanis or even the Chinese.
    If you want a better world, then you must have whites. If whites all flew to Mars tomorrow, the world would collapse with the remaining populations. The Asians copy everything we do, the Africans are unable to copy or achieve anything, the Jews are too small in number to gain much, and Asians and Africans would be of no use to them anyway, the south Asians are mostly useless without outside assistance, and would revert to a peasant and tribal culture.
    Even if your views are unpopular, you should keep expressing them if you know they’re right.
    Too much is at stake not to.

    • “non Whitey’s are beginning to realise that if you don’t have whites, then you don’t have white society or achievements that are present in everyday life.”

      That reminds me of one of those “how did I wake up” narratives on American Renaissance. In this case, it was a White teacher in an all black high school. He asked his class something like, “What would happen if all Whites disappeared overnight?” One black boy burst out, “We screwed!”

    • The Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese would maintain their civilizations and technology.

    TUCK THE CUCK: So all lives matter?

    TUCK THE CUCK: Exactly, all lives matter. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • @DICARLO,
        I kind of understand Tucker’s position. In mainstream media, they’re restricted in what they can say. They use coded, moderated vocabulary. Anyone in the Right watching him who are smart will get it, and know his true beliefs. He says as much as he can without being fired. If that happens, that’s another voice we’ve lost entirely.

  4. Watching Handsome Truth troll those White kids on Omegle is pretty funny. About half of them are already racially conscious and jew-wise.

  5. As far back as I can remember the jew-controlled news & entertainment media has been doing everything it can to keep Hitler’s memory alive. So it should hardly come as a shock to the jews if a lot of gentiles start to become curious about Hitler’s beliefs and whether they are valid or not.

    • @Spahn,
      It’s amazing how much free publicity Hitler gets. They inadvertently expose how he stood up for his people and culture………gosh, how terrible….. 😉

    • ^^^That is an excellent point! The forbidden fruit, and all that. I remember hearing David Duke on a program once say that every time the mainstream media covered him (negatively, of course), he would hear from scores of young people saying, basically, “Wow! I didn’t know there was anyone like you out there — this is great!”
      You gotta’ love it.

    • The bottom line is that there are two completely opposite positions on Adolf Hitler. Absolutely authentic documents, such as the videos of his speeches and the thorough documentation of government activities, prove one side is the side of truth. And the other side is the side of lies, the jew lies, which masses of indoctrinated, thus pathetically ignorant people, parrot without ever looking into the facts themselves.

      Since 1945 there have never been more lies spread about any man than Adolf Hitler. He is depicted as the personification of evil, when in reality he represented all that is good, wholesome, and worthwhile in this world. He was not an evil man at all; quite the opposite.

      Adolf Hitler devoted his entire life to his people. He led his nation out of the crumbling jewish-controlled mess of the Weimar Republic, provided food, work, and prosperity, for the German people, dealt with the negative effects of the jewish problem – both spiritually and politically – in a way that no other leader has ever been able to. His achievements were simply incredible and it took the entire world’s collective military might to destroy the great nation he built.

      A lifetime of jew lies have totally mischaracterized what National Socialism actually was. They use the terms nazism, neo-nazis, and nationalism as though they are some sort of disease and those agreeing with that message, don’t know the first thing about what National Socialism stood for, which in turn, plays right in to the confusion jews have created. Will any of these indoctrinated morons even look into National Socialism to see exactly what it is? It’s not the evil jews portray it as. It is overwhelmingly good. It’s not that complicated but they choose not to know much. They only know what manipulative lying jews have told them about NS and Adolf Hitler which is nothing but smear and disinformation and that’s as far as their education goes. Bring on the bread and circus!

    • “hardly come as a shock to the jews if a lot of gentiles start to become curious about Hitler’s beliefs ”

      Jwz believe WHITES too stupid to make independent inquiries abt AH, most are.

    • I remember as a kid in school I could never get an answer as to why Hitler hated the jews so much? I remember some brother got in trouble a few decades back for saying “the question is not what Hitler did to the jews, but what did the jews do to Hitler.”

      This whole “white lives matter” farce though is not really good to hang your hat on. You think a MAGA hat will get you beat up try going around in public with that on? What Kanye’s father meant by “of course it’s obviously true” when talking about “white lives matter” is not the moral message, but the assumption by blacks that whites live in that world of privilege Eddy Murphy spoofed in Saturday Night Live in that skit where he put on whiteface and found out that when white people were alone together they give everything to each other for free. He doesn’t really see the reality of the live of the average white on the street in flyover country whose had his job stolen from him by the globalists, his family stolen from him by the feminists, his sense of worth stolen from him by demoralizing propaganda from the education racket, and for too many their dignity stolen from them by allowing cartel poisons to flow freely to addict and destroy them. Many Blacks only see “Winthorpe” from Trading Places the way whites can easily think the nasty underclass envelops all blacks. They don’t seem to get that that tribe of “whites” that runs things likes them a lot more than white gentiles from flyover country.

      • “This whole “white lives matter” farce though is not really good to hang your hat on. ”

        But it may work as a bridging step to the next and more potent phase.

  6. How about “White Segregation Matters” next?

    I recently did some research on a lady (she died in the 1990s) who rented rooms out to us poor college students and found she had an interesting past. She was born in a cotton mill village created by a company to provide basic things such as work, housing (they still had to pay the rent), small plots of land, stores, schools, etc for its employees. They had a close-knit community that worked relatively (compared to today) long hours (when I worked on a farm in the summers growing up we worked 11-12 hour days) — worked 69 hours a week (12×5+9 on Sat.) and had some “problems” like “breaking”/getting around child-labor laws but they weren’t being hammered by the anti-White environment that has sprung up around all of us now. To protect the White race, this would be a shelter for Whites to have their own all-White “mill” (industries based on today’s technology) communities to fight off the Yankee/Jew/etc attacks to destroy us. But we know that the dastardly anti-White you-know-who would try to get control of these White communities to destroy us.


    Change the laws that prohibit Whites from living/working in segregated areas. We need our own space to grow in the manner we want and have control over and have power to fight off those who want to destroy us.

  7. No they do not hate you for being white. They hate Christ and want to use race to destroy him. Ain’t going to happen though, not in a million years. I have never been so sure about anything in my life.

  8. Nothing says “Join our cause. We’re the good guys.” like skull masks. Why is Der Movement so retarded?

    • It has become a lot less taboo to talk about White people and White interests since the George Floyd riots. It just seems to me that COVID-George Floyd-Trump losing changed our politics and this is one manifestation of that

      • @ Brad if you believe that this whole “White lives matter” “going mainstream” is not a part of a controlled government psy op then you are completely ignorant and naive.

      • >Is it a major historical shift, or just another herd-animal trend?

        The only ‘historical shift’ that would matter in the long run is preventing Whites from becoming a minority in America.

        Friendly reminder: Whites are declining as a population fraction — once they are a minority, it won’t matter that Kanye West once wore a sweatshirt with White Lives Matter on it, or ‘named the Jew’ — Whites will simply not have the numbers to effect policy (even with the numbers they haven’t been very good at asserting their self-interest), and will be, politically, more or less at the mercy of non-whites — as I have asked many times now: Where is the evidence of good will toward Whites as a racial group? — good will toward Whites might affect policymaking by non-whites, but I don’t see any good will expressed toward Whites, or any prospect of it.

        >changed our politics

        What meaningful changes in ‘politics’ have there been?

        Back in the real world, not much has changed; in particular, and speaking of the lack of good will toward Whites, the physical elimination phase of diversity continues:

        U.S. Army base Fort Hood, named for a Confederate major general who led troops into battle against the United States during the Civil War, will be renamed for a Latino postwar four-star Army general.

        For anyone interested, here are the members of the commission recommending these name changes — link

  9. One of the placards above says, “they hate you for being White”. This is what the normies need to come to grips with. Though many, many, Whites have foolishly bent over backwards to lift blacks up, and many White fools are still engaged in the same destructive behavior, random blacks are filled with envy, hatred, and contempt for Whites because neither they nor their people have produced greatness for the world. All their complaints about being discriminated against are lies and diversion that fools gullible Whites. Their real driving force is their extreme hatred for those who aren’t black, and mainly Whites who know what they are and want nothing to do with them. They want altruistic Whites to feel sorry for them so ultimately, they can get next to them and do them harm. Whites must come to understand what generations of Whites understood 75 years ago — that the tender emotions of these primitive black tormentors are tenuous during the best of times, and are bound to fray at even the slightest provocation. One cannot even hint at the blatant mental retardation and foolish incompetency of our eternally-confused “equals” without breaking the proverbial dam holding back oceans of African tears, and risking a chimpout of possibly epic proportions.

  10. @Brad AOC’s fairy godmother Congressperson Marcy Kaptur of Toledo may get beat by a fellow Polish Person named Majewski from the Sandusky area. That’s what polls are indicating. (no pun intended).

    That would be a real upset!

  11. This White lives matter gear may actually be a good case of “turning revolt into style.”
    But I would like to know who is profiting from selling the t-shirts and hoodies.

  12. So is that still the new Southern Nationalist flag (ie the one that looks like the NATO military symbol for infantry) or has it been reborn as the White Lives Matter flag? Fill me in, Hunter. (That you in the background of the second pic? I think so.)

    Oh, and the skull masks, the quasi-Prussian eagle flag, and the fashy ‘phoenix rising’ banner – great stuff. Calculated by the WN brains trust as having max appeal to white normies, I take it. (At least they’re not “optics cucks”, right?)

    • What do you expect from young men with no resources or historical guidance?

      The other side has all of Madison Ave, K street, legions of PR firms and billions of dollars to draw from.
      Not to mention, all of jewywood media.

  13. Whatever happened to that big fat guy with the loud mouth (I honestly can’t remember his name) who was at Cville? It’s like he dropped off the planet, I haven’t heard anything about him for years.

  14. I for one am getting tired of the White privilege non-srnse and view the mantra ‘White Lives Matter’ as a reaction to getting run down by the dang liberals.

    P.S. Generally I think it is a good idea to leave Uncle Adolf in the last century ,& in dusty history books. But if White Lives Mattervthtn his did as well so here is one of my favorite quotes from Pat Buchanan:

    [Hitler was] “”also an individual of great courage, a soldier’s soldier in the Great War, a political organizer of the first rank, a leader steeped in the history of Europe. … Hitler’s success was not based on his extraordinary gifts alone. His genius was an intuitive sense of the mushiness, the character flaws, the weakness masquerading as morality that was in the hearts of the statesmen who stood in his path.”

    • “getting tired of the White privilege non-srnse and”

      You can be certain that script was written on kosher paper.

    • ” a good idea to leave Uncle Adolf in the last century ,& in dusty history books. ”

      All the history books on that subject are corruptions and exclusion of facts.

      If you had factual history, it would be worthy of deep study, because the real facts would give the plans for a much better society. A society geared to advanced development in all directions.

  15. P.S. Generally I think it is a good idea to leave Uncle Adolf in the last century

    Well, see, here’s the thing. It’s very easy to understand the fact the Hitler and Germany had the very same parasites destroying their people that are and have been working to destroy America. Hitler threw out the jew bankers and a devastated and bankrupt Germany prospered in just a couple years. Hitler is a legendary White hero, the opposite of the lies jews perpetuate. The idea is to get people to look into it for themselves so they can see the outrageous lies and identify the jew as the culprit that was behind all of Germany’s problems and now is and has been behind all of our problems. It’s not really that White nationalists have brought up Hitler so much. It’s the jews that use their narrative of WW2 to demonize Whites. The problem is, everything they say is a lie, and those lies must be refuted and exposed.

  16. Sounds like the next fall back position has been triggered. Kosher white nationalism is their next plan.

    • “I don’t see any young White women in those pictures.”

      Yet they are the ones who suffer most in crime and danger. You can’t expect young women to have basic sense.
      Again, my analogy of the Nordic girls in Morocco, they don’t know what’s up until the knife is on their throat.

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