New York Times: The Constitution Is a Trump Enabler

Sadly, the Constitution is the real long term threat which is destroying American Democracy.

New York Times:

“In August, President Biden met with several historians at the White House to discuss the threats facing American democracy. …

But the long-term threat is less an imposition from bad actors and more a constitutive part of our political system. It is, in fact, the Constitution. Specifically, it is a set of fundamental problems with the structure of our government that flow directly from the Constitution as it currently exists. …

The framers meant to force national majorities through an overlapping system of fractured authority; they meant to mediate, and even stymie, the popular will as much as possible and force the government to act with as much consensus as possible. …

 The question, today, is whether there’s any room left to build a truly democratic political system within the present limits of our constitutional order. …

In his new book “Two Cheers for Politics: Why Democracy is Flawed, Frightening — and Our Best Hope,” the legal scholar Jedediah Purdy says the answer is, essentially, no“Our mainstream political language still lacks ways of saying, with unapologetic conviction and even patriotically, that the Constitution may be the enemy of the democracy it supposedly sustains,” Purdy writes. …

Even if you keep MAGA Republicans out of office (including Trump himself), you’re still left with a system the basic structure of which fuels dysfunction and undermines American democracy, from how it enables minority rule to how it helps inculcate a certain kind of political chauvinism — best captured in the hard-right mantra that the United States is a “Republic, not a democracy” — among some of the voters who benefit from lopsided representation in the Senate and the Electoral College. …”

I have a nuanced view on the Constitution.

Aside from creating the Union in the first place, which was an error that was corrected by the Confederate constitution, the original document wasn’t that bad. The problem with the Constitution is all the amendments that were added by later generations like the 14th, 15th and 19th amendments. There is a lot to like about the original design of our government and especially the Bill of Rights.

In an ideal world, we would take the South and the other Real America states which are culturally aligned with us, the original version of the Constitution, strip out the bad amendments with all the equality language, add a few things that the Confederates got right and incorporate lessons learned like explicitly defining our government as White and Christian and presto we would have our government.

This wouldn’t be “fascism.” It would be what Robert Barnwell Rhett called a Free Government. We would be throwing out the warped liberal post-Reconstruction version of the Constitution.


  1. “The Constitution Is a Trump Enabler”

    This has always been the attitude of New England, and, in general, that of the Northeast.

    Of all things, it was this attitude which caused The War Between The States.

    Of all things, it is this attitude that will split up the United States, for a large majority of Southerners do NOT wish to live in a world without limits.

    It has always been so, it will always be so.

    • The New Nation: everything you thought America was supposed to be, only much much better.

      We’re waiting why exactly?

  2. Liberia in Africa was given a near-copy of the US Constitution and it didn’t do much good there

    Soviet Union had a lot of nice words in its Constitution, but the institutional reality was ‘deficient’

    And then ultimately there is the problem that an over-cult of laws, constitutions, and legalism in general, ties in to what Israel Shamir admitted was a very Jewish game – oligarch control via ‘kritarchy’ or rule by judges, the most oligarch-friendly of all gov officials.

    Some of the US founding fathers warned about this, even though the 1789 Constitution made Congress ‘supreme’ over all federal judges including Supreme Court justices, with unlimited (hardly ever used) power to impeach and remove those justices and judges at will for mere ‘lack of good behaviour’ –

    Yet a number of USA founders wrote that they feared the USA would terminate in judicial tyranny, as the Constitution project seemed much too ‘legalistic’, and thus prone to control by lawyers for the rich and judges who come from that clique.

    Across the US and Europe today, judges meet together in shadowy ‘conferences’ where they apparently get their marching orders. That’s why you see these sudden ‘trends’ in the judiciary pop up. For decades church paedophiles weren’t sued successfully, then overnight it became a thing … divorce financial rape suddenly huge, etc. These trends are scripted.

    It’s the general Soros playbook that it’s ‘judges’ in many countries who jam unwanted agendas (lgbt, migration etc) down the throats of the public.

    • “…number of USA founders wrote that they feared the USA would terminate in judicial tyranny…”

      A large part of the problem we have in this country is consolidation of power in the big city centers in each State. This was brought about by illegal court rulings. The good thing is we can change this with a majority vote in the House and the Senate.

      The Constitution says,

      “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

      “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…” The important part.

      This means Congress can explicitly tell the courts that they can not rule on…say…regional representation. Congress can declare that the courts can not rule on things like, no one on welfare to vote or that all voters must have a high school diploma or a whole bunch of things that would IMMEDIATELY crater and destroy Democrat voters and drive them into insignificance. Overnight. To counter this would take some serious, major illegal bullshitting by the courts. Real bad stuff. Not that they wouldn’t do it but the worse they get, the more it’s evident that they are nothing but criminals. People say they don’t care about doing illegal stuff but they know that there’s some serious possibility of them hanging from their necks on the lamppost. The more illegal stuff they do the greater the possibility that they could suddenly trigger some mass uprising.

      We need politicians that will publically state that they are going to use these powers to limit court control and vote them into office. If we can’t get a majority vote, I think we can, then we are doomed.

      Important to note it says, “…under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”, and doesn’t say a thing about the President so Biden is not an issue(by law anyways).

  3. They don’t call it the great reset for nothing.
    The mainstream left, along with pseudo-right, are controlled by Davos, who don’t want to just push things further to the left, they want a complete overhaul, a year zero, where Christianity, conservatism and republicanism are completely done away with.
    They’re building a new civilization out of the ashes of the old.
    A civilization not based on Christianity, traditional values, democracy or inalienable rights and freedoms, but on oligarchs and technocrats redesigning society (and humanity itself) at whim, for power and profit, where the masses are hyper-expendable because there’s ‘too many’, you can’t kill enough of them fast enough, especially ones who won’t forget the old world.

  4. I am confused. I thought politicians swear an oath when they are elected to support the constitution. You are also supposed to have a Republic not a democracy.

    Oh well. I am watching closely. the possible fragmentation of the Union. As always my thoughts are how does this benefit or hurt my family and then i wonder how this affects Mexico.

    I have never pretended otherwise.

    • No normal American should be upset at what I wrote. I currently support the USA staying intact as a country. From my viewpoint that is best. A rebellion would be horrible. Death and destruction should be avoided if at all possible.

      I cannot see a peaceful split happening in the near future but then things are moving fast in the world at this time.

      • “…A rebellion would be horrible….”

        We should avoid this at all cost as it will play right into the Jews hands to murder as many Whites as they can.

        Think Ukraine x 100

        • Sam J.,

          Yes. I believe the American Federal government can and does act quite fast, efficiently, and brutally when something occurs that they strongly support or condemn.

          The American government has vast resources, technology, and brain power.For any group or individual to directly go against such power is foolish. The January 6th disaster is one such example.

      • Look at what happened to the USSR, foreign powers from the other side of the globe came in and took surreptitious control over the breakaway regions. You’d have chunks of the US under foreign influence courting foreign military to come in and wage war against other former parts of the US. For one everyone knows China would own an Independent California. An independent Alaska would have little choice but to join OPEC and kowtow to the Gulf Arab influence. Organized crime would flourish even more than now in weak regions, let alone large standing armies necessary as various regions wanted to maintain independence against other parts. Had the south won the war how much money would both sides have spent over the last 150 years maintaining defense against each other that instead was spend on national development in the late 19th and 20th centuries? Wasn’t that the reason for the EU? So the continent could have the peace and development that North America had since 1865. Instead of the catastrophes of 1914 and 1939 or the tension and decay of the Cold War? The EU didn’t have to be overtaken by the social goals of post modern leftists as it has now degenerated to a gender perversion-green new deal club obsessed in nonsense as Mohammedanism overtakes the continent.

        • “…You’d have chunks of the US under foreign influence courting foreign military to come in and wage war against other former parts of the US. ..”

          This I believe is 100% correct. It’s what I fear. In a straight-up battle the Central States (Red States) would defeat the Coastal States(Blue States). But that’s not what would happen. The Blue States would cut off the oceans to us and then bring in reinforcements. There’s plenty of people who will join a marauding army for loot and plunder and if the Chinese get involved in a “kill them all swap for land” then we would be doomed. They could bring in all the support they wanted, while our industry is collapsed. The US has pissed enough people off that the number of people who came in to tear off a chuck of it would be enormous. The end result would be the US would look like cattle that died in the desert, leaving only a stripped carcass of bones.

        • Nightowl has really nailed it. Covering the big picture. He laid it all out.

          Having a big country as we do is a great advantage. All we need to do is corral in the pozz and we can do this with the laws and the Constitution we have now. I’m not saying this is easy but all we need is a majority vote and refuse to elect anyone who will not get a handle on this. At best, they can riot but they already do that and if they do it in red States we will just jail them and be done with them. In Blood States they will soon tire of this disorder and elect people more inclined to our positions. All it takes is balls.

        • Nightowl,

          I agree. It would be a feeding frenzy over the stricken USA. Mexico would probably offer military aid to the US Federal Government. We do not want a disrupted country or a secession in the United States.

          Too many loans are received from the United States as well that latins are the single largest ethnic group in the southwest to the best of my knowledge

          Mexico would not want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs/,

          There is also the moral issue. What would replace the current system? Whose vision of the future United States would prevail? If the victors essentially keep most of the current values of the United States then all the death and destruction would be morally and temporally negative.

          I currently do not see the values of traditionalists or of this website being the main driving force in any forceful or even a peaceful secession. Most of the same moral/social/racial/ and sexual issues would still be there just in smaller countries instead of one large one.

          Perhaps that will change.

    • Very simple. All the politicians in the West are owned by the jews. They compete for their favor even before they’re elected to office. They’re all psychopaths.

  5. The constitution as a founding document was not supposed to be amended or changed to promote agenda’s of political parties. It’s like changing the rules in the middle of the game because you’re losing.

  6. Where was this liberal concern for “democracy” when one federal judge overturned the wish of most Californians to ban benefits to illegal aliens? Or when one Supreme Court judge overruled state after state that voted down homo “marriage?” At the time, liberals claimed that these majority votes were “unconstitutional.” Now they say the Constitution must yield to majorities! Is there any depth of hypocrisy to which these vile creatures won’t sink?

  7. “add a few things that the Confederates got right and incorporate lessons learned like explicitly defining our government as White and Christian and presto we would have our government.”

    What about Southerners (real Southerners not transplants or shitlibs) who aren’t Christians? Shouldn’t the government represent us too? I’m fine living and fighting alongside Christians but I don’t want the religion forced on me.

    • Just ignore their pretentiousness unless they do try to force it on you. I’m also fine living and fighting alongside them, but I don’t want to hear any preaching nor do I want to be criticized for my lack of religion or non-belief. That’s a non-starter with me. 😀

      • Same here. I’m all-in for reestablishing a free nation – this time explicitly, irrevocably White – but I’ve had my fill of Bible claptrap and those who insist to forcing it onto everyone.

  8. The problem with the Constitution is all the amendments that were added by later generations like the 14th, 15th and 19th amendments.

    LOL — paving the way for states to strip the vote from women (quasi pun intended)?! — based.

    >like explicitly defining our government as White and Christian

    I thought you weren’t a White Nationalist?

  9. (((Our Democracy™))) means the iron-heel-in-the-throat rule of coastal kikes, credentialed shitlib race traitors and their mud & fag pets over the Flyova White Trash they hate with every fiber of their being until at last they eradicate us altogether. The constitution is the last obstacle standing in the way of that, so of course they’re planning to get rid of it.

    They must be gotten rid of instead.

    • You have no imagination. We can with the present rules change the whole entire voting apparatus and rule them all as we damn well please. The Jews rely on mobocracy voters and we can write them out of voting all together,

  10. Ooooh Shiiit
    Yall see where this is going?, the enemy do exactly everything in it´s power to make sweet secession happen!

    Welp with idiots like this in the wheel house with a smattering of African logics what could you expect would happen huh?

  11. They only have to endure four more years of Trump, and then, they never have to worry about a Trump presidency ever again.The 22 sd amendment will see to that.

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