• What are you talking about? These guys are part of the new normal. Racists and transphobes are the new lunatics.

  1. Just a few of the very small fragments of the reason I’m blackpilled… Btw, I saw today that the Black Faculty and Staff Association at UA want the word “Dixie” removed from the “Yea Alabama” fight song. Brad, Bammer is actually a liberal school now. Most students are now from out of state. My money says they will get their wish. And when is Lee County going to change its name for its obvious connection to a certain Confederate general?

  2. This, and beyond, is the destiny of the Yankee Nation.

    More power to them.

    No need to exchange insults, other than to say that we, Dixie, will not be coming along for the ride.

  3. I identify as handsome, and since handsome is a social construct, like just about everything apart from physics and math (although some argue they’re also just products of white supremacy), you must affirm my identity, or I have the right to flail my arms in the air and throw things at you.

    Anyway, you can see where they’re going with this, drag queen story hour and so on, they want to completely do away with conservative ethics and traditional morality, especially when it comes to race, sex and gender, even pedophilia must be legalized.
    And from there they will go on, cannibalism, soylent green, to further reduce our carbon footprint, incest, which overlaps with pedophilia, necrophilia, because there’s no soul, nothing sacred…

    …just clusters of quasi-conscious matter floating in the void, to be manipulated by technocrats, governments and corporations for power and profit, and they’ve decided there’s far too many of us anyway, and so they will encourage the masses to kill and maim themselves and each other.

  4. Hey TW – is there an ice hockey club sport at ‘Bama.?

    When I went to Mertyl Beach SC, and drove over to Savanah GA I went to an Ice Hockey tournament of big Southern Schools like University of GA. These were club sports, not official $ billion University sports like all Black A American “Footahl”.

    TW, I think it was rather naive to believe that ‘Bama”, Georgia, Auburn could have 80% Black A American football players and still keep with Southern names, traditions.

    We have to go with the times. It’s not 1963 when Archie Manning was leading the all White Southern Confederate “Rebels” and loving Southern crowds waiving the Confederate Flags in the stands and local negroes being nice and saying “Yes mayhem , no sir”.

    Those days are long gone….

    Gone with the Wind.

    Instead promote White sports like Ice hockey, women’s volleyball – great looking, athletic White chicks, stands 90% White and yes there will be Duke style, NAACP, Sharpton BLM race hustlers trying to cause trouble at the White volleyball games.

    C’mon Southern Man – SEC Football is gone for us, might as well vote straight local, state and national Democrat because we know:

    “My Daddy was a Southern Democrat, My Grandaddy was a Southern Democrat, My Great Granddaddy was a Southern Democrat so by golly I’m a Democrat”!

    Nope, Nope, Nope and nope.

  5. Our society is upside down and backwards. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Evil is good and good is bad. This sickness can’t sustain itself much longer.

  6. I see why some so called “feminist intellectuals” don’t like drag shows and call them the equivalent to minstrel shows, men impersonating females tend to parody them. Look at those ridiculous breasts that dude has. This is either autogynephilac fetish or the equivalent to putting on blackface and exaggerating the most ridiculous black behavior tropes one is familiar with.

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