1. Who could believe that there will be time when our side start destoy our enemies with the magic word razizz.

    Jews deserve to be called with their own invented weasel word.

    Look how wise was Stable Genius who let few liberal cities burn down and let bunch of future Kadyrov out of prison. Now good relationships with blacks start paying off.

  2. It is extremely unhealthy for anyone, or any group, to be above criticism.

    Therefore, anyone participating in this now long ongoing conspiracy to exempt both Jews and Jewry from criticism is not only unhealthy for the nation, it is extremely UNhealthy for Jews & Jewry.

    This is a big reason why matrimony between a man and a woman is so important, and, indeed, is a sacrament of the Catholic Church – both East & West, because each partner has someone who, through a committed process of love, has someone who will know all their ins and outs and will be able to expertly criticise them.

    A nation can be no different, no matter how many or few peoples are within it.

    The anti-Semitism racket of the 2nd half of the 20th century must come to an end, and I feel that Kanye is going to be the one to tumble Jericho’s wall.

    • Therefore, anyone participating in this now long ongoing conspiracy to exempt both Jews and Jewry from criticism is not only unhealthy for the nation, it is extremely UNhealthy for Jews & Jewry.

      Dunno dude. That sounds a bit like “it’s unhealthy for a boxer to win all his fights.” Look at the power the church had when criticizing it was proscribed. You really doubt the church would swap that ‘unhealthy’ position for their supposedly ‘healthy’ position today?

      Jews pour untold millions every year into reinforcing the taboo on criticizing them. They don’t exactly have a reputation as spendthrifts, so why would they devote so much of their resources to it if they weren’t convinced it is advantageous?

  3. So the jews “cancel” Mr. Ye from the internet right after he exposes them as the ones responsible for internet cancel culture. Doesn’t that sort of confirm just how much power they have, LOL?

  4. The JQ will now reach millions of Conservatives as a result of Kayne’s tweets and his subsequent banning. Obviously, not all of them will take this red pill at first, but the Left can’t close Pandora’s Box now. The GOP base is becoming J-Woke.

  5. Don t think this is going anywhere but down “ Blacks are Jew”

    Sounds like Bobby Fisher when he went down


    Js will just use their media and finance power to promote some new Black hate White cause like Breonna Taylor , George Floyd.

    Nobody has heard from Obama s racist minister Jeremiah Wright since he named the J.

  6. Yeah… this dude is going full Cville right before our eyes. This is going to blow back on Tucker.

    This obsession with Jews when you take the red pill is a fucking neurosis. Some people destroy themselves before they climb out the other side.

    At least its a black nationalist rapper taking the flak. For now. I suggest anybody with any sense avoid the topic.

  7. Paul Nehlen sends his regards Kanye. Welcome to irrelevance.

    So much of what we consider to be manifestations of artistic talent, are more likely mental disorders. Consider the “great” artists of the last century. Recall how many of them were just complete basket cases, drug addicts or obviously nuts.

    Rewatch Kanye’s interview with Tucker. Note the nonlinear thought process, strange mannerisms, the shifty hunted look in his eye. Dude is sick.

    I feel bad for all the encouragement Kanye is probably getting from people like Louis Farrakhan to go this direction. For all the pain he must feel over his kids being stolen from him. His years in their life stolen. Robbed of a fathers joy. But, he married that slut. He knew the game he was in.

    If it weren’t for Jewish promotion of his degenerate genre of music, he would just be another coon with a dream to be a rapper. Don’t believe me? Watch, cause he is gonna be just another coon once they are done with him now.

    The value he could have brought black men with his influence and platform were enormous. Any reasonable person would understand that and not set it all on fire in one unhinged autistic week of JQ posting.

    All the shit lords amplifying this self immolation with these memes on social media are pieces of shit.

    • The value he could have brought black men with his influence and platform were enormous.

      I agree with the rest of your post, but this seems dubious. Doesn’t it contradict what you said about him earlier, that he is “sick” and that without his music (degenerate trash, all of it) he’d be just another no-name nig? So what (positive) influence could you really expect him to have had? If you’re going to impart wisdom to other people, you actually need to have some yourself.

      All the shit lords amplifying this self immolation with these memes on social media are pieces of shit.

      Hardcore ‘anti-semites’ (note: I too an ‘anti-semite’) are forever getting excited about some incident that aha, now the dam is going to burst and there will be a flood of jew awareness. (Eg Mel Gibson.) My prediction is that Kanye’s bs will do sweet fuck all for raising jew awareness among white normies, and that any awareness it raises may well be in the opposite of the hoped for direction – they keep hearing about all these ‘anti-semites’ that the country’s supposedly swarming with and wow, look here, a real live example, and they’ll become more likely, not less likely, to agree that ‘anti-semitism’ exists and that it is an ugly sight to behold.

      • “So what (positive) influence could you really expect him to have had? If you’re going to impart wisdom to other people, you actually need to have some yourself.”

        At the time of his interview with Tucker he’d taken a solid stance for black mens interests and had he left it there it could have been the start of something good for them, a public figure that, for better or worse, many of them consider iconic standing up against their exploitation. To them, thats a hugely powerful message.

        Remember, they don’t see him or his music as degenerate. They see it as black art.

        Wisdom isn’t something that I associate with blacks generally and really, neither do they. They want champions. Defiant strength and aggressiveness are what they value as virtues. Not wisdom.

  8. Today, he then subsequently tweeted:

    “Iranian youth are leading a revolution against 44 years of dictatorship. The world needs to support them and honor their courage.”


    Of course, he wasn’t the one to tweet this. Someone in Twitter management did this who took over his account.

    What type of decades long dictatorship do we live under where you aren’t allowed to publicly name the demographic which controls our society?

    We need to support Kanye and all others who publicly name them and honor them in their courage.

    • >What type of decades long dictatorship do we live under

      It’s called ‘white supremacy’ — haven’t you heard?

      linkA thread about my evening.

      Twitter thread at the link — in the UK, a pastor’s wife and mother of 5 was arrested and hauled ‘downtown’ because someone reported her for ‘causing offense’ online (happens all the time in the UK by the way) — people who look at the current trajectory in the US and still believe this kind of thing will never happen here are deluded — recall several people (all white and middle-aged) were arrested recently by the FBI in SWAT style raids for allegedly interfering with access to abortion clinics.

  9. No group is off limits for criticism, especially a certain tribe. Outright censorship of criticism of this tribe just increases antagonism towards them as a group. That said, in my opinion, the defcon 3 reference was not a good idea (could easily be interpreted as calling for violence) and does more harm than good, in that it now distracts from the important ideas that are being embraced by “normies” such as white lives matter.

    Speaking of “normies”, Mr. Wallace, I thought one of your goals for this website was to appeal to them. If so, why are you allowing the N word to be posted in the comments?Shit like that is why the dissident right loses.

    • “the defcon 3 reference was not a good idea”

      Agreed. Kanye really took the wind out from the sails of White Lives Matter with that comment since it made it easy for our enemies to tie it to antisemitism. I’m seeing leftists point out how fast he went from White Lives Matter to Jew Naming and it’s hard to argue against that point. Now mainstream conservatives everywhere are backing away. So Kanye kinda killed the momentum there.

      I realize the importance of talking about Jews and their inordinate power in the West but these are steps that need to be taken one at a time. Now was the moment to mainstream White Lives Matter, not Jew Naming. Oh well. We’ll see what happens I guess.

      • Like this dopey nigger was going to effect some sort of change. LOL! Ooh I slipped! I said nigger. Now White normies aren’t going to come here anymore.

  10. Death Con 3 sounds more bad-ass than Defcon 3. At the same time its funnier. When the Republicans get in they should change it.

  11. I didn’t realize he has a history of mental illness. That’s fueling the “only mentally ill people are antisemites” narrative. Also, does he seriously not know the difference between defcon and death con?

  12. So that explains is love for Trump, he probably got sick of his own and the Kardashian’s Hollywood Jewish handlers and then went out of his way to court the man they hated more than all others as revenge.

  13. This is why I’m not anti-Black anymore. There are good ones working for us. I’m for anybody who is genuinely Christian, and on our side. A white ethnostate is not a smart or realistic goal.

  14. These comments are more of a shitshow than Kanye Wests antics.

    The goal always should be

    1. A homeland for Whites in North America that we can call OUR OWN. If we can’t have that then there is no point in seceding.

    2. Calling out the people who have tried to ethnically cleanse us. You folks that are hand-wringing over calling out the Jews or using racial slurs…wow! This is a life or death struggle, if people can’t handle the TRUTH or some mean words how are we going to survive an attempted ethnic cleansing?

    Race matters and the JQ matters. Everytime we lose sight of that we backtrack.

    • If you notice, most of these people are on here 24/7. Most of them probably don’t need to work, and have it pretty nice. They probably live in mostly white areas. Most of what they experience is through TV or online. They probably don’t work with blacks, or have to deal with them on a daily basis. Probably most of these people have had their bloodlines tainted with nonwhite genes. Maybe mixed grandkids/ Maybe some of them have black or latino wives.
      That’s why they don’t really care about race.

  15. “A white ethnostate is not a smart or realistic goal.”

    No, it’s not, but winning the culture wars for the benefit of modern civilization is. How ironic his surname happens to be West.

    • “A white ethnostate is not a smart or realistic goal.”

      No, a WHITE hemisphere is, as Jefferson proposed.

  16. Kanye didn’t just take the red pill. He crushed and snorted it then went on national TV to share all his wisdom with the world.

    About what I expect from high time preference artistic types.

    This is one of many reasons I didn’t want his affirmation of White value.

  17. If Kanye were not a rapper, he’d be a mentally unstable negroe on a city corner incoherently yelling at cars and passerbys.

  18. I I don’t know what to make of this. Exposing the JQ is always good, and pointing out the anti-white hysteria in the West is good, but are Kanye West and Candace Owens really sincere? Will they discredit both issues? West is now claiming that blacks are Jews. At least it’s interesting.

  19. You guys have your heads up your asses

    This whole thing is nothing but a distraction from other nonwhites (mainly blacks). Blacks have always been hand-in-hand with the jews for the most part. Now they are blaming them because they are both getting called out especially after the George Floyd massacre

    I guess you forgot Kanye’s racist past including an age-restricted video of him sleeping with 2 dead white women?. But blame everything and that on the jews now?

    And you would be surprised if you knew the amount of black producers that are now running whats left of the porn industry. Coincidence???

  20. Anti-semitism means anti-christ which is what fake jews claim to be. So, fake jews are more anti-semetic than Kanye West because they are more anit-christ. The CEO of Pfizer, Moderna, others are the fake jews committing murder in Gods name and their Apes will pay just as hard as they do is all Kanye is saying. Ronald Reagan exposed all the fake jews own the Pharmacia sorcery companies when he threatened to disband FDA. We are down with Kanye West because we can all agree on the Truth Kanye is talking about right?

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