Washington Post: In Kyiv, U.S. Midterms, and Need For Aid, Cast Shadow on Battlefield Gains

Speaking for myself here, this is one of the top three things that I want to see out of a MAGA Republican-controlled Congress. I want to see either an end or massive cuts to U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine. I want as little American involvement in the war as possible. I want them to follow the lead of Trump himself on this issue who is calling for a negotiated settlement to end the war in Ukraine.

Washington Post:

“KYIV, Ukraine — As American officials pore over maps tracking developments in Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia, their Ukrainian counterparts are monitoring a different kind of contest back in the United States: the upcoming midterm congressional elections.

In Kyiv, Ukrainians voice hope, and some apprehension, that next month’s legislative polls won’t undercut the staggering flow of U.S. weapons and security aid that Washington has authorized since the start of President Vladimir Putin’s Feb 24. invasion. And they warn that a softening of Republican sentiment has the potential to sap a recent surge in battlefield momentum. …

“So it means that we are getting into this danger waters of making Ukraine a partisan issue, and support for Ukraine a partisan issue,” Kaleniuk said.

Fears, however tentative, that American support could falter, are creating a sense of added pressure in Kyiv. …”

As I have explained, the only thing that I consider a higher priority than defunding the war in Ukraine is Joe Biden’s abuse of civil liberties through his weaponization of the FBI and the DOJ.

There isn’t much that a MAGA Republican Congress can accomplish with Joe Biden in office as president. It can 1.) unleash hell on the FBI and DOJ by impeaching Merrick Garland and defunding and investigating the FBI as the 1/6 Committee has done for the last two years and 2.) it can defund Zelensky. It can also bring judicial confirmations to a screeching halt and block Joe Biden’s legislative agenda thereby transforming him into a lame duck president under siege from Congress for the next two years.


  1. Hosts on American Family Radio are expressing doubts about the aid, wondering where it goes.

    Of course, Israel is not mentioned- just ‘black hole’.

  2. SUROVIKIN is more realistic than Putin’s crowd. Surovikin’s speech to the conscripts as written up in the Guardian, he says “an unholy alliance of niggers, jews and faggots is coming to destroy Holy Russia. If we lose your sons will be castrated, your country will become Congo and Russia will cease to exist.”

    This new general gets it. Putin never did

    • Kiev and about ten other Ukie cities also got it Monday (Ukie time). Let’s hope the Czar has gotten his mind right and follows up.

    • @Rangewolf…

      “This new general gets it. Putin never did”

      With all due respect, this is far from correct.

      Putin is defending Russia against an all-out assault from every quadrant.

      Sewing up international alliances (to shore up Russia economy) , whilst allowing opposing coalitions to shift and collapse, was vital to win. Thus, making this war an all-out affair, right from the start, would have been to the contrary of that.

      The appearance of Surovkin, now, is because Putin is a wily card player who knows when to play his cards – not to spend his aces and kings immediately and unnecessarily.

      The damage Putin has inflicted on Russia’s opponents, by dragging out this affair, is many times what it would have been, if Russia had won this war in a month.

      In this process they who would ‘regime-change’ the Russian Government are the ones who, themselves, are being steadily regime-changed.

    • This Russian bulldog General Sergei Surovikin is funny. With the huge massive attacks on Ukraine this morning, he quipped, “For the enemies of Russia, the morning does not start with coffee.”

      Western media is underplaying the great Russian success today. A lot of Ukraine is without power or internet, a lot of power plants etc destroyed.

      Now that gloves are off, the up-till-recently pro-war EU, with Germans etc shivering and worried, is starting to fold.

      Europoors are asking for peace talks, even dropping the claims about Crimea:

      >The European Union has prepared a draft resolution of the UN General Assembly, in which it called on all member countries and international organisations to de-escalate the situation through political dialogue and negotiations
      >The final text of the draft resolution of the UN General Assembly on the situation in Ukraine includes a call for negotiations, whilst all references to Crimea have been removed from it
      >Crimea and Sevastopol were mentioned in the preamble, where it was stated that they were allegedly “temporarily occupied by Russia”. This provision has disappeared from the final version of the text.

  3. As German forces plunged through the torn American lines in mid-December 1944, it seemed as if the course of the war was not so inevitable as it has seemed in previous months.

    What was hidden from view was the fact that Hitler had stripped his Eastern Front reserves to make that attack.

    And so it was, when the Soviet Army began it’s drive to Budapest & Berlin in January 1945, Field Marshals Model and Schorner, the greatest at defensive warfare, did not have the forces necessary to make amends.

    In the middle of the Winter of 1945, The German positions fell like a house of cards.

    And so it will be with the Jew England Yankee United States’ puppet government in Autumn of 2022 – it’s rear and flanking positions having been stripped to make this recent offensive in Kherson, and it’s relations with the EU now increasingly strained, it will collapse, when, in the coming weeks the mud dries and the Russians launch offensives from North and South, effectively cutting it’s opponents in 4.

    Nothing will change these coming events, no matter how hard Western Press Outlets spin…

  4. Occidental dissent was the only site to cover trump’s comments on Ukraine. I saw no reference to them anywhere else.

    • Zelensky has supposedly banked $450 milliobn in Belize.
      If the war is so critical, why doesn’t he use his personal half billion to provide supplies for his troops.

      Just another jwz scheme, make a pretense of one action while lining their pockets .

  5. Russia finally abandoning the Gentleman’s War and starting to hit Ukraine harder.

    One more mobilization and Russia can compel terms.

    Remember for the future: the magic spell of The Enemy runs on electricity.

  6. “One more mobilization and Russia can compel terms.”

    IMO, russia is foolish not to take all of Ukraine, otherwise it will remain a festering wound in Russia’s side ( always a potential NATO base, ie American provocations).

  7. Democracies are fickle. One minute they’re your greatest ally, giving you endless money and weapons to fight their enemy. The next election they could lose interest, and you will be up shit creek.

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