1. Tulsi Gabbard, CFR, yes CFR. LOL. And young WEF leader? Yes, Tulsi WEF. Oh Tulsi, what is this new assignment they gave you? And what will be the reward?

  2. Tulsi Gabbard is the most intelligent, practical, articulate American on the subject of National Defense, the Military Industrial complex since president Eisenhower and George Kennan.

    People that want her to be perfect, never endorse Joe Biden or somehow magically be made President of the United States are not being practical, same as those who hope and pray for either Ron Paul or his son Ayn Rand Paul to somehow be made President of the United States and end all this *#&$#.

    Tulsi Gabbard speaks the truth and she comes just short of naming the “J” – she does name “anti White”, “anti Christian”, Neo Conservative war mongers.

    It’s a tactical decision same as Jared Taylor over at Amren not openly Naming the Jew or…

    Leni Rafenstahl and AH himself deciding not to include any negative references to Js in Triumph of the Will.

    TOTW even included a short speech from Der Sturmer’s Julius Streicher where he talked about keeping the Germanic White blood pure, but he doesn’t openly “name the J”.

    Why was that so? Was it because Hitler, the NS were “Soft on the Js”, “Secretly controlled by the Js”?

    No, it was a tactical decision, they did focus group market research and discover that naming the J too much or in certain places was strongly rejected by the German public.

    So that’s what Tulsi Gabbard is doing here.

    She’s great, I support her – she’s very intelligent, honest, has walked the walk, been an Iraqi war veteran and now she’s speaking the truth as she sees it and defending our right to exist and not have our children homo sexually groomed or have the J Neo Conservatives and the military industrial complex spend $ trillions and start a major war with two nuclear powers.

    • I absolutely get what you mean about tactical antisemitism. But, you won’t find many others here that do. I posite the following for your consideration.
      If Jews hate White Christians and oppose their interests, because they believe its in their interests to do so (we take this as a given)….

      And White Christians advocate their own interests (summarized in the 14 words)…

      Then White Christians are antisemites by definition (this is why White Advocacy isn’t allowed).

      Nobody has ever acknowledged the syllogism above that I’m aware of, but its true nonetheless.

      This discussion of the JQ always devolves into why we have to name the Joo publicly and why people have to acknowledge the JQ and purity spiral to constantly affirm their virtuous antisemitism to eachother like a bunch of insecure fags.

      If even Kanye can figure out the JQ, then rest assured, you can use some god damn subtlety about it so you don’t destroy yourself for no gain. Everybody gets it, they just aren’t so autistic that they can’t help screaming about it in public, marching around college towns with tikitorches scaring locals.

      Yes, they are chicken shit and risk averse and cowards for not pushing their own interests harder. Masses of people in authoritarian systems are always cowardly because of the consequences of wrongthink. All of this is changing. Slowly.

      Keep your powder dry and your powerlevel hidden and have some White kids ffs and get a job that makes more jobs for other White people so they can have kids too. Do something with your life besides bitch about the Jews. In the current year, its not news anymore…. people need permission to speak the truth, and the dissident right will never be able to give that to people because we burned all our bridges years ago. Now its gotta come from 90 IQ niggers with mental illnesses because they have more credibility than us in current year cause our “intellectuals” spent more time purity spiraling and influence fagging in this echochamber than in actually thinking about what was actually in Whitey’s interests.

      Truth hurts. The Alt Right was anti White. For further evidence please see HW’s other piece on Alt MSNBC and remember this was half the braintrust of What was the “hard right” four years ago.

  3. The woke are living in fantasy land, reality to them is endless progress, ‘if we can just do away with Maga and Putin, Utopia is right around the corner’, they are batshit crazy, and unfortunately our institutions have been poisoned by them.
    Neocons like lady G are nearly as bad.
    They are in for a rude awakening, we all are.

    It’s a cult they’re in, these people, it’s the only thing that can explain why they don’t the prospect of nuclear war infinitely more seriously.
    Nuclear war is worst thing that could ever happen to humanity, the potential annihilation of civilization (as we know it), the potential annihilation of life itself (as we know it), and by our own doing.
    They have made idols out of technological and social ‘progress’.

  4. Nuclear war is a feature and not a bug to the global soviet long marchers.
    The rest of the world can see what an open air mental asylum the indispensable manifest destiny sewer pipe of evil abomination has become.

  5. >Greta Thunberg

    Actually to the surprise of many, she recently said Germany was wrong to shut down its remaining nuclear reactors (AKW = Atomkraftwerk, used for generating electricity), scheduled for the end of this year — link

  6. We need to stop using the jew’s preferred word “anti-semite”. The proper word is “anti-judaic”. These people are not semites nor are they the descendants of the ancient Israelites. That’s their myth, not ours. We are “anti-judaic” and/or “anti-Zionist”.

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