Alt-MSNBC On Drag Queens

I’m looking forward to seeing how Rachel Maddow’s new podcast “Ultra” is incorporated into Alt-MSNBC’s ideology like the SPLC’s position on censorship, David Frum’s foreign policy and transgenderism.

Note: In retrospect, I have realized what a mistake it was to associate myself with these clowns after the 2016 election. We never really had much in common.


  1. Mark is not only a global “Aryanist,” but an *interstellar* Aryanist!

    I am embarrassed to have ever taken anything Spencer ever said seriously. What a fiasco. For what it’s worth Pat Buchanan and paleocons are far more astute critics compared to these perverted weirdos.

    • When the Pope told Coughlin to shut up in 1939, he didn’t speak publically for the next 40 years, until his death in 1979!

  2. The fatal flaw in the eugenics argument that Spencer is making, is that all the castration and sterilization through transgenderism is being aimed at UMC whites. While children of shitlibs clearly have their flaws and mental neurosis, they are a far better genetic stock than the hordes of low IQ browns (especially outside the US) who aren’t cutting off their genitals.

  3. I will add that the low IQ trailer trash whites are also likely less succeptible to transgenderism than the neuro-atypical high IQ whites who might accomplish great things given good mentorship.

    With bad guidance they fall prey to the trannys and cut their dicks off as a teenagers and then commit suicide at the age of 30

    • The eugenics argument is totally incoherent. The modern day society doesn’t select for healthy individuals. It selects for hyper individualism.

      Many on our side call “woke’ism” or “antiwhitism” a religion. And call adherence to it “the ultimate conformists” this is true in some ways but is only a half-truth and greatly misses the mark.

      If it was true the systems ideology selected for conformity it would stay relatively stable.

      Its coming off the tracks some what from pushback but from people opposed to it- but it’s mostly coming of the tracks because it’s true believers are taking it to wild places the architects of it never wanted it to go.

      It’s a bunch of hyper individualistic individuals trying to be more individualistic than the next. Which is why it’s so cannibalistic.

      Spencer recently said something to the effect of “sometimes it’s good follow the heard.” Speaking of covid restrictions and vaccines.

      But the pro-maskers ended up cannibalizing themselves. In SF where there’s virtual zero conservatives (I used to live there. The range is from far left to center left) everyone in the beginning was totally onboard with masking but as time went on they started attacking each other bcus they aren’t actually conformist and they needed to individuate themselves. Some had reasonable masking ideas, some were hyper insane masking ideas and others went full anti-mask- but none of them were maga… or even post left.

      I asked the organizers of anti-masking protests in SF if they were fans of Jimmy Dore or Max Blumenthal. They either had no idea who they were or saw them as right wing.

      Spencer is a terminally online guy, accusing others of being terminally online. But in SF the chaos that surrounded masking wasn’t driven by “misinformation” or “disinformation” but was driven by left liberals need to feel like they’re not confirming to the group.

      If spencer thinks getting whites on the same page now is hard- and he’s correct about the inheritance of personality types. Liberal over achievers will breed a group of whites that’ll make bearding cats look easy.

      Everyone in the Bay Area ostensibly has similar politics but local politics is always in gridlock, because no one wants to get along. Even when a local politician comes along to give them what they said they wanted last week, they’ll flip come up with some overly complicated BS reason for why it can’t be done.

      SF politics is nothing but gridlocks followed by bloodbaths, followed by more gridlock.

      Simply because tinder dates are selecting for beauty and wealth… besides the beauty aspect the wealth isn’t representative of what spencer think it is. And we’re going to end up with a race of prima donnas unable to come together on anything.

      *Please don’t call whites trailer trash. When you burn effigy’s of your own group you’re burning an effigy of yourself. When rich blacks see non-blacks mocking crackheads they know they are not a crackhead but if they let an effigy of themselves be burned- it won’t be long until people are attacking them.

      Burning an effigy of yourself in public forums is never smart. But I understand.

  4. Being Pat Buchanan is a “bad thing” for these degenerates? He was/is just right about everything. Like LePen father he’s a man of great vision who saw everything 100% accurately decades ago. What the hell happened to Spencer? I was never a fan but this is really something else. Sad.

    • They are embracing drag queens to “own the contards.” They seem to be against something if conservatives are for it.

  5. For the Davos Crowd, socialism, environmentalism, feminism, LGBT, miscegenation, gun control, defund the police and so on have always been about eugenics, not concern for the working poor, environment, women and minorities, because they’re hypocrites/pharisees, well above the laws, taxes, regulations and pop culture the masses are subjected to.
    In my view, Richard Spencer and his ilk differ little, if at all from the Davos Crowd, Richard’s just saying the quiet part out loud.
    Where does our ruling class live?
    In the richest, whitest and safest neighborhoods.
    They don’t pay taxes and their ‘carbon footprint’ is thousands of times larger than ours.
    They’re finding ways to maintain and even expand their standard of living even while ours plummets.
    Just look at the covid response for example, it was the largest transfer of wealth from the lower classes to the upper in world history, that’s exactly what it, the green new deal and so forth are designed to do.

  6. I used to keep an interest in these people. But it soon seemed to me that the ant-right was a real zoo of screwups, stay true to your self Hunter

    • Is it just me or does it seem like they have changed their tune over the last two years? I don’t remember them pushing drag queens and globalism and gun control and NATO before

      • This is because they rebrand themselves. They’re not genuinely interested in an ideology, they want only people who look at them. Instead, people who are genuinely interested and loyal to an ideology or to a worldview do not have to continuously rebranding themselves, they stay simply loyal to their vision of the world.

      • I noticed the change in the Spencer crowd at the start of the pandemic. That was the significant breaking point.

        They doubled and tripled down on masks, lockdowns, and vaccines. Then they got viciously mocked by the rest of the right and that only further fueled their resentment and desire to endlessly counter signal to own the con tards.

      • I might be misremembering, but I could have sworn that a year before the invasion of Ukraine, some of Spencer’s most ardent orbiters would tweet how Ukraine is a fake country, how it’s rightfully Russian clay, and that talking about it as a sovereign nation worthy of recognition is silly. I could be wrong, but that is what I recall.

    • I haven’t changed my views on any of that stuff – populism, nationalism, trade, immigration, foreign policy, etc. They are the ones who are supporting drag queens and neocons now

  7. Spencer’s wrong about drag queens, right about the contrived nature of conservative Christianity. If God wanted us to have muh constitution and muh freedom and muh rights, why did he give his chosen people an absolute monarchy?

  8. I remember when people were criticizing Spencer in the early days for sounding like a fag. I defended him by saying he’s an intellectual and they all talk like that. They were right, I was wrong. Trust your gut instincts.

    Spencer thinks it gives him higher status by reacting to anything labeled conservative.

  9. MSNBC is such boring and predictable Regime propaganda that I find it literally unwatchable. And the cringeyness of those alt-right figures, those effete snobs/autists/aesthetes/homos, beggars the imagination.

  10. The pastor in the purple frock is named Andy Oliver. Andy received his religious training at the Pacific school of Religion. White Nationalist Greg Johnson taught philosophy at the very same Pacific School of Religion. The Pacific School of Religion is connected to Berkeley University and it is the place that is training all these homosexual child molesters to be pastors. Thank you Greg Johnson, thank you Greg Johnson, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • >The Pacific School of Religion

      I know the place — I’m not sure how ‘connected’ it is to UCB.

      Anyway, in looking at the Wikipedia page about it, specifically the ‘Notable alumni’ section, I see it mentions ‘Victoria Kolakowski … the first transgender trial judge in the nation’ — the Wikipedia page about Kolakowski is positively Orwellian: female pronouns (she, her) are used throughout, even in the ‘Early life and education’ section — i.e. while it does mention this person is ‘transgender’, there is zero specific acknowledgment that Victoria Kolakowski was actually born male (has XY chromosomes) — to make it even weirder, it says Kolakowski is ‘married’ to someone named Cynthia Laird — so we have a man pretending to be/living as a woman, who’s apparently married to a woman (don’t know and don’t care to learn anything about Laird) — the only response of any reasonable person to shit like this has to be WHAT THE FUCK.

      And via a quick search I was unable to find out Kolakowski’s real first name.

      And here’s something to absolutely make you fucking puke:

      California makes history with first openly transgender judge, 58, to be appointed to bench in the Golden State: The former disability rights lawyer transitioned less than four years ago

      She said that her experiences as a transgender woman, a person with a significant disability, the parent of an adult black man, and the descendant of Jewish Holocaust survivors has spurred a legal career spent that has seen her advocate for the civil rights of all people.

      LOL — so a Jewish man pretending to be/living as a woman who apparently in the past adopted a niglet, and is of course yet another descendant of yet more ‘Holocaust survivors’ (for all their acclaimed technical competence and efficiency, the Germans really screwed up the ‘Holocaust’ in a big way).

      All that’s missing is Spencer’s opinion about all of this.


      Pacific School of Religion startled by anti-Semitic incidentsSomeone entered the campus chapel and drew a swastika inside a bible on display. A piece of paper with the words ‘Adolph Hitler’ scribbled on it was tacked onto a nearby bulletin board

  11. Woke ideology when you get past the posturing, is basically a death cult. They are promoting perversion and sexual confusion, trying to convince mentally ill people to have their bodies mutilated by quacks in a sicko attempt at sexual change. They support abortion, as many as possible, abortion during any point in pregnancy.

    They wanted the quarantines to last as long as possible, to make everyone hide in their basements, and destroy all social contact.

    They attack democracy and Christianity constantly, the whole history of the U.S. is illegitimate according to them, because of the views of Africans. According the liberal wack wokesters, nobody’s opinion matters except the black underclass. This ‘people’ are as screwed up as it is possible to get.

  12. Megan Basham, whom Spencer retweeted above, approvingly retweeted this:

    linkChristian and Muslim parents have joined forces to protest a Dearborn Public Schools meeting in Michigan to protest the inclusion of “woke” LGBTQ+ books in schools that contain sexually explicit material.

    Watch the brief video — does that look like a nation you recognize? — or one that you really want to be a part of?

    Yet in a world with billions of incompetent non-whites who want to live in white countries, it’s exactly the kind of nation that color blind, ‘one race, the human race’ Christian Nationalism will get you.

    Fuck that — NO.

    • The woman who he was quote tweeting was denouncing LGBTQ degeneracy being pushed into a church. It was Spencer and his fellow Nietzschean atheists who have ended up supporting Drag Queen Story Hour.

      • Yeah I know — but I didn’t say anything about DQSH — my point was more that civic nationalist DQSH opponents like Basham (or any Republican you may be considering voting for) will absolutely destroy the country just as surely as ‘Alt-MSNBC’ fags like Richard Spencer who shill for DQSH to ‘own the contards’.

        Come on man, it’s a pretty simple message.

        And although my questions were framed rhetorically, you could have answered them, and still ought to answer them inside your own head.

  13. Mark Brahmin saying he’s for “interstellar aryanism” is either pathetic drunken copes from a beaten down man, or a cyclical attempt at manipulation meant to instill apathy and complacency.

    Either way it leads to apathy regardless of the motives.

    What whites elites fail to understand is that by letting the lowest members of your group be mistreated by an out group you are allowing them to burn an effigy of the elites whites.

    There’s rampant hate crime’s committed against homeless white people. That’s emboldens attacks against the billionaire whites like Elizabeth Fletcher (the woman in Memphis who was kidnapped raped, killed and dumped in a ditch).

    When elite whites affirm middle to upper middle class whites don’t deserve their position in society eg “white privilege” they’re affirming *they* don’t deserve their position.

    White elites, specifically colonial white elites see this as a clever “bloodletting” to expand their subjects base by showing out groups they can engage in ethnic sadism and still be in good graces of the aristocracy.

    This is like pouring blood into a pool full of sharks and thinking you can now jumping in and swim with them.

    They want the meat- the crown. Not just the blood. And by engaging in this bloodletting only makes the situation worse for themselves.

    They also have created more sharks that want to eat them. Instead just the out group wanting to attack they have no turned their members of their formal in-group into non-compliant opportunists. That will have no loyalty and will bite whatever they can- whenever they have a chance or as spencer dismisses as populism.

    Bloodletting of the in-group I’d argue was always a bad strategy for elites but in the modern era is totally outdated and simply reactionary nostalgia.

    Spencer along with MSNBC liberals long for the days of gatekeeping.

    Those days are over.

    Gatekeeping requires a coherent identity of the governed. It also requires a pragmatic rationale.

    Even when america was the most unified- post war. The ideological rationale wasn’t enough to convince the entire populace the gatekeeping was legitimate. And for those who weren’t convinced by the ideological reasons for gatekeeping the pragmatic reason of “well television stations cost a lot of money.”

    If gatekeeping was imposed now eg internet censorship there’s no pragmatic argument you can use on those who aren’t convinced by the ideological rationale. You can say to reduce harm, but that simple begs the question “who is being harmed?” And what do we consider harm? To answer those you need ideological coherency that comes with having a coherent identity.

    Longing for gatekeeping is pure nostalgia that can’t connect with modern reality.

    Rich women might be able to gatekeep in their personal life by gnashing their teeth, stomping their feet and generally getting all huffy puffy. But when an outsider who doesn’t care about that woman’s feelings sees that. It’s simply a demonstration of weakness.

    While I dislike the “Karen” meme. The reason why it’s potent and resonates so much with non-whites (conservative tried to claim it but they’re Karen’s to non-whites as well. And remains larger within liberal non-white online spaces than in conservative spaces) is because when a woman of an out group tries to hen-peck (a form of gatekeeping social norms) no one cares.

    She as individual or as stand in for her group isn’t going mate with and she as an individual or as a stand in isn’t representative of your mom- or any woman in your life you respect who could hen peck you into line.

    It comes across like a petulant child, and deserving of mockery and ridicule. Because there’s no social pressure not to mock whites. White women who try to gatekeep social norms in multicultural setting are targets for mockery and ridicule.

    Feminine persuasion is only persuasive if you see that women as apart of your team. Otherwise it’s seen as empty moralistic dogmatism.

    The system can move to hard power, suppression and oppression- but that’s not gatekeeping. And will engender a backlash.

    While elites *can* program people to certain degree. Humans aren’t dry erase boards that can have their programming written on and wiped off easy peezy.

    Someone with a liberal arts PHD can’t just persuaded to become a nazi. If cultural programming was that easy there’s enough no point in repetition. The elites would simply give someone the script as soon as they could read and that would be that. But cultural programming doesn’t work that way- it takes constant narrative repetition to get someone to believe a specific ideological framework.

    Spencer’s a lazy thinker and thinks if he had control of the megaphone (mass media) he could just flip people onto his side.

    It’d be easy to flip people back to tribalism because tribalism is hardwired- but a more expensive ideological frame work and/or what shape that tribalism would take wouldn’t be a easy light switch to turn on or off.

    Proles feel constrained by the elites and elites feel constrained by the masses. It takes a lot of work to get both on the same page.

    Even durn the days of the sovereign. If the sovereign tried to push the masses too far they’d get their heads cut off. Whether they were right or wrong.

    Proper gatekeeping triggers people to fall in line partial out of pressure but also because apart of them sees the status quo as legitimate, and those who don’t are overwhelmed by the pragmatic obstacles, eg they don’t have 100’s of millions of dollars to start their own television/film studio.

    We don’t have ideological coherency and there isn’t a convincing pragmatic/materialistic reason for modern day gatekeeping.

    Hard violence isn’t gatekeeping and while power can be gained through the barrel of a gun- legitimacy can not.

    To quote one of Spencer’s favorite saying’s; “there’s no way out but through.”

  14. Maddow is actually still going on about Trump and Russiagate six years later, after all of it has been debunked. She just ignores all of that and carried on as if the piss tapes and everything were all real. Her show is such outrageous lying propaganda that it makes CNN look like credible journalism.

  15. The nation(s) that finally does the world a favor and nukes the wicked Yankee Empire off the face of the earth should paint on several of their nukes:

    “No more drag queen story hours”

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