Alex Jones Ordered To Pay Nearly $1 Billion In Sandy Hook Verdict

I’m noticing a pattern here.

Civil lawsuits are being used as a tool to crush dissent on the internet.

Note: We’ve seen all of this before with the Sines v. Kessler trial and the various lawsuits against Anglin.


  1. “Civil courts are being used to suppress rightwing populist speech”

    This tactic will not work, because it will be overturned in the high courts.

    The system our Founding Fathers put in place was for generations of sorry-ass people like us – those who, as a group, are almost entirely too lazy and gutless to defend ourselves.

    The Federalist System, however, is still standing guard for us,. which is why The Jew England Yankee United States, and their Leftist coalition, would like it gone.

  2. Fat Boy Jones could have used his InfoWars bullhorn to expose the nose, eg, the USS Liberty attack, who runs Hollywood, the Federal Reserve, etc. But he decided to be an obnoxious, self-promoting loudmouth and huckster of worthless pills and water filters instead. If anything I’m even more skeptical about the Sandy Hoax incident now. “Grieving and suffering families” my tuchas, this was nothing but lawfare being used to silence voices of dissent.

  3. The same “mainstream” media outlets gloating about this on their front pages and home fronts right now are at the same time having their lawyers write the legal briefs for appealing this verdict on the side of Alex Jones.

    As the late Rush would have said, don’t doubt me.

  4. Jones is being destroyed for telling the truth. The truth is an anathema to the left. Liberalism is a mental defect and in fact, these leftist Whites are, in fact, genetically defective. They are a plague on their own race and a plague on humanity.They spread their craziness and no one is allowed to question it. Genetic White liberals are communists who are a cancer and we can not co-exist with them. We need separate societies, or the leftists will destroy everything. They have run their liberal cities, overrun by black and brown leeches, broke with leftism, and now they are doing away with any grading system for university admissions, because blacks and other minorities can’t pass the tests. They call it a leveling to make everyone equal. No, it’s just communism.

    We here, racially aware White Nationalists believe truth is a paramount and fundamental value. Liberals are at war with the truth. They cannot see truth. They are anti-truth. The only truth they see are the lies they constantly make up to justify their insane programs and points of view. These people are truly insane and need to be removed from our societies if we are to survive.

    • It’s telling that we would gladly separate from them and leave them be in their own utopia, but they would never tolerate leaving us alone. They insist that we submit to their psycopathy, or be eliminated.

  5. Unfortunately, Alex Jones is just not a really likable person. At least to me. One of the problems that that so many dissenters have is that , while they have free speech rights, which I certainly support, they constantly show poor judgment on where to do their thing. Meddling in a tragedy where many children were murdered was dumb, being a flame thrower is fine, just be wise where you’re going to throw, first. Grieving parents are not going to be very tolerant of such things. The whole alt-right had this problem. Talking about “Lighting the Ovens” throwing the n word around everywhere. Etc These things could have been brought up with far more wisdom and smarts applied. When I was a kid there was a saying, sometimes you don’t have a right to say what you have a right to say. People like Pat Buchanan are good to learn from. The judgment against Alex Jones is nuts, but he has not helped himself with his “ I’m a loudmouth jerk” attitude. Just my opinion, but it’s from somebody almost 60 years old who has seen at least a bit of the world in his time. Dissidents need to be at least wise in how to do this, likable is even better at times. Don’t be a jerk, you are already treading in risky waters…

  6. No biggie. Jonesenstein can cut his diet 20% and save enough shekels to cover the 965 mil. If not he can join Wanko Wanklin in Transnistria.

    I didn’t see where anyone died at Sandy Hook. I know there was a drill and some actors were involved. Jonesenstein cucked totally, after being an idiot by saying no one died at Sandy Hook.

    I saw no convincing evidence that anyone died at Sandy Hook. But I would never say, “no one died at Sandy Hook.” How would I know that? It is impossible to know that.

    Possibly at some point Jonesenstein lost his Mossad protection. It happens. Perhaps he lost that when he lost his FIRST Jewish wife/handler. At any rate, the world would be better off without his goofy web site.

  7. Alex ‘Bull Dog’ Jones Wednesday broadcast started with a very wacky Biblical End Times interpretation. Not sure how many Christian Nationalists could go along with it.

    It will be interesting to see if AJ rebrands himself as a free speech martyr.

    I can buy into one corrupt judge being behind him having to pay 30 million. But the fact is today multiple juries have had verdicts against him and I just can not believe the judicial system is that far gone (I am old enough to remember the old Forth Smith sedition trial that went against the Feds)

    • >I can buy into one corrupt judge being behind him having to pay 30 million.

      Just so it is clear, to you and anyone else reading this comment: in the lawsuits targeting Jones decided so far (one more is pending), all monetary damages have been decided by juries; no ‘corrupt judge’ has awarded him a dime.

      What ‘corrupt judges’ have done is rule against Jones via summary judgment, i.e. that he was guilty of defamation/libel/slander against the plaintiffs, who are Sandy Hook parents — the facts about SH, whether anyone died there/it was a hoax or not, or whether Jones’ statements amounted to defamation, have never been the subject of any court proceeding before a jury.

      James Fetzer has suffered similar legal problems — SCOTUS recently declined to take up his case contending summary judgement in Wisconsin is unfair when compared to other states, and incompatible with the Constitution, with its stated right to a jury trial.

      >I just can not believe the judicial system is that far gone

      It is — personally, I never took ‘jury of my peers’ seriously, but today you see even more, and very clearly, how bad it can be when a sort of public consciousness is formed by the mass media, whose propaganda is intended to enforce consensus and foment popular outrage against certain people and ideas.

      • Maybe SCOTUS can get away quietly with declining to hear James Fetzer’s case, because very few outside of the White racialist community know who James Fetzer is, but a billion dollar judgement for expressing an opinion by a world famous showman, like Jones or not, is something else. Of course, I have no more faith in the SCOTUS than I do in the antiwhite US gov, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens in Clown world.

  8. This kind of lawfare could go both ways if Der Movement had a fully funded legal team. But the grifters at Counter-Currents, Amren, and Vdare are too busy soaking up donations so they can live upper-middle class lifestyles. And the hapless movement rubes will keep falling for it, again and again.

      • I’m talking offensive lawfare. For example, the city of Charlottesville and the ringleaders of Antifa there should have been sued for violating the civil rights of the White protesters.

  9. They can’t legally put that penalty on him for this horseshit, this is all show, even though he handled this terribly. I truly believe Sandy Hook was a false flag and a hoax and I’ll say it in court of law with no fear so am I liable for a billion? This is ridiculous.

  10. Meddling in a tragedy where many children were murdered was dumb,

    Grieving my ass. There’s tons of common sense evidence it never happened and this judgement proves they’re hiding it, just as the US gov wants to hide all their other lies. It was just a part of the US gov’s plan to take our guns away. Why should anyone be sued successfully for expressing their opinion? Liking AJ or not has nothing to do with it.

    • The Sandy Hoax incident just doesn’t ring true. It reminds me of that elementary school “massacre” in Australia around 24 years ago that served as the justification for Aussies being forced to give up their guns.

  11. Axshually, shutting up Fat Boy Jones might be a good thing in the long run, because without that obnoxious, coke-snorting, womanizing loudmouth around to divert attention away from the jews and their Zionist state some curious gentiles might start “noticing” things.

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