1. Latest here in Ye Olde Bundesrepublik is that the most recent YoY inflation figure is now over 10%, which is the first time that it has been in double digits in Germany/West Germany since the first years after WWII.

  2. I dunno, but USZOG may want to continue high inflation.
    Inflation running at 18% and only paying 8% colas to ppl is one way to inflate their way out of 30 trillion in debt.

    Printing money is not a pathway to long term prosperity.

  3. Yep, after wasting more money on foolish crap in their misnamed “inflation reduction act” the financial markets still haven’t stabilized? Wow, couldn’t see that happening. And of all the crap they did with their power we still don’t have health care for the working poor. One good case for refusing all these vacant service jobs is they don’t pay healthcare, which is now more than housing. Had we actually had medicare for all this would no longer be a concern and waiting tables wouldn’t be as bad an option as it is now. That of course would have made inflation even worse, but you’d have to cut something, and that something is the bloated military which the globalists of course will never cut. They’ll let old people freeze and starve rather than stop paying for their wasteful air craft carriers, etc. No different that Kim Jong Il starving the DPRK so his army can have nukes. These people were wrong on covid, wrong on spending, and then to make things worse started a war when that was the last thing the teetering global economy needed. I hope the public isn’t so stupid they forget that when they vote. Anyone who supported lockdowns, endless spending, the war should be voted out as punishment for making the wrong choice.

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