1. I looked at the front page of Reddit several hours ago, and the AI/jews were hating on Musk more than usual. Some of them said Starlink is used by the Ukrainian military, Musk was overcharging them for it (oy vey!), and without it they would be fighting blind. They were also saying the government should nationalize SpaceX.

  2. The Pentagon? Get some pants with deep pockets taxpayers or as grammaw used to say…nail down anything you want to keep because the democrats are back in power.
    The Kraine is the key to Clown World and burning it all down is global not just the FUSA.

  3. If Musk does happen to gain control of Twitter, I hope his 1st order of business is suspend the account of the ADL. I know it won’t happen but one can dream.

    • Brother Elon learning that The Enemy not misguided, but evil, and not redeemable.

      May have to defect to Eurasia if he wants to put Whitey back on the moon.

  4. Today the 15 oct. Alex Christoforou showed a screenshot of Musk being on Ukraine’s death list on the internet. It was taken down 15 minutes later when Musk found out and tweeted for the link. It’s an actual death list with over 300 children on it. The ones they killed like Dugans daughter have a banner across it saying ‘liquidated’. One of the addresses on the website was Langly Virginia. These clowns running the west are out of their freaking minds! What can we do about it, absolutely nothing.

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