Oregon Appears To Be Going Red

Red wave?

Red ripple?

Democrats winning on abortion?

If the polls are correct, Democrats are winning in Pennsylvania, but losing in Oregon. Tiffany Smiley is also running a strong campaign in Washington. What’s going on in the Pacific Northwest?

Oregon Live:

“The vast majority of Oregon voters have a negative impression of Portland, a poll commissioned by The Oregonian/OregonLive shows.

Half the respondents said they have a very negative view of Oregon’s largest city, while another 22% said they have a somewhat negative impression of Portland, according to the poll conducted by Portland firm DHM Research. …”

Joe Biden is campaigning … in Oregon in October.


“Joe Biden’s appearance this week on the campaign trail in Oregon says as much about Democrats’ struggles in the reliable blue state as it does about his own careful approach to the midterms.

Biden advisers and close political allies are worried about a confluence of factors that threaten to flip the open contest for governor in the state. A third-party challenger is pulling more support from Democrats than the GOP; four contested congressional races, including one over the border in Washington state, have resulted in a barrage of Republican TV ad attacks; and the uneven economic recovery and spiraling quality of life concerns around homelessness and crime are weighing on voters.

“It’s just a tough year for us,” a Biden ally conceded. …”

A tough year in Oregon and Washington?

There are polls which have Tim Ryan winning in Ohio.

Oregon Live:

“Nearly three-fourths of Portland voters believe their city is on the wrong track, according to a new poll commissioned by The Oregonian/OregonLive.

Only 13% of Portland voters said the city is headed in the right direction, according to the poll of 600 people conducted by DHM Research from Oct. 5 through Monday.

Residents in the three-county metro area who live outside of Portland were even more sour. Fully 84% said things in the Portland area are on the wrong track, while only 9% said they are headed in the right direction. …”

I lost track of developments in Portland and Seattle.

Last time I was paying attention, the police were collapsing in both cities. Apparently, the crime and homelessness has gotten bad enough to make the GOP competitive in both states for the first time in decades. Perhaps this is a localized backlash or attack ads are resonating more in the Northwest?

FOX News:

“The increase in violent crime in Portland, Oregon between 2020 and 2021 outpaced the rest of the United States, according to the latest FBI data. 

The FBI data, while not accounting for every jurisdiction in every state, indicated that 
violent crime shot up more than 38% in Portland, Oregon, from 3,148 violent crime incidents in 2020 to 4,374 in 2021. …”

The Republican candidate for governor in Oregon is pulling away.

The Daily Caller:

“Republican candidate Christine Drazan now leads in the Oregon gubernatorial race by a margin of 6%, per a new opinion poll by Clout Research released on Thursday.

The poll showed Drazan gaining 44% of the vote to the Democratic candidate Tina Kotek’s 38%. Meanwhile, independent candidate Betsy Johnson is garnering 11% support among respondents.

Drazan’s lead in Oregon, a heavily Democratic state that hasn’t voted for a GOP presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984, comes as a significant surprise. Drazan, a former State Representative, has run a largely conservative campaign, focusing on the cost of living and ending homelessness in the state’s largest city, Portland. …”

Please come back!

82% of Portland voters now want more police.

Oregon Live:

“82% of Portland area voters want more police, The Oregonian/OregonLive’s poll finds

Increase the police.

That’s the message from a hefty majority of Portland-area voters, who said they want more police on the beat across the metro region, according to a poll commissioned by The Oregonian/OregonLive. …”

Portland and Charlottesville are why I am voting for Kay Ivey.

COVID and the George Floyd riots could have been a lot worse with a Democratic governor. I’m grateful we didn’t have any of that in Alabama. Montgomery is also looking more like Portland.

Note: Gov. Tony Evers who allowed Kenosha to burn and Kyle Rittenhouse to get in trouble is running for reelection in Wisconsin. It is important for people like Tony Evers and Terry McAuliffe to be defeated.


  1. Per Wikipedia, more than half the population of Oregon (4.25m) lives in the Portland metropolitan area (2.5m) — Eugene is the second largest city in Oregon, with a metro area population of 385k — so together, these two cities, both solidly blue, have approx 65% of Oregon’s population — the next largest city is Salem, the state capital; it is also blue — that is a big hurdle for voters elsewhere in OR to overcome.

  2. I remember in 2018/19 that Oregon, especially Portland, were the area in which the fight between antifa vs patriot was high. Joey Gibson with Patriot prayer and proud Boys vs antifa. In that state a Trump supporter was killed by an antifa.

  3. Most successful candidates in Ohio have a bus, and make it to every crossroads, village and town. Many of the busses in the past have been more like luxury RV’s. Really laid out! LOL.

    Washington pro’s scoff at retail politics, but, remember WalMart, and Target are retailers.

    Anyway, in Ohio at large, Ryan is an Irish O’Asshole with his nose up Biden’s butt.

  4. A tough year for the CPUSA is a good thing.
    Having Brandon get a fresh diaper and sippy cup to go out there says it all.
    They did save his latest Super Mario Kart game hopefully.
    Fun trivia-Southern Oregon is one of the best places to be regarding WWIII with no viable MIL targets within miles.

  5. Portland is the shitlib paradise that appointed Charles Moose as its cheeph of poh-leece back in the 1990s, long before St. George of Fentanyl or even the DC sniper case he bumblefucked his way through back in the era of Jorge W. Busheron (Chimpy McFlightsuit), Murika’s fist Messican teleprompter reader. It’s been clownworld for longer than we realize.

      • Still, enough suburban white voters appear to be rational enough to finally understand where this ship is heading. Places like Pennsylvania on the other hand has a huge black population that will be loyal to the democrats to the end. Plus the ghettos are where the vote fraud occurs on a massive scale. After all isn’t “community organizer” just a euphemism for ballot harvester?

  6. Good example of performing strategic retreat. Stable Genius retreated, enemy overstretched and now collapsing everiwhere, from Ukraibe to it’s most reliable bastions.

  7. What difference does it make? Any defeated pol that wants to will land on his feet in some fuck-think tank or a as a lobbyist at a fat salary.

  8. The Leftists here in the Pacific Northwest went way to far into Clown World.

    For example the least popular Governor in the nation, Oregon’s Kate Brown, released an official leaflet detailing what places were re-opening after the lock downs and she did not mention Churches at all!

    The crime has gotten so bad that one of my buddies up in Washington State, who was always pretty liberal, now owns TWO AR-15s and buys ammo by the 1000s.of bullets.

    My hunch is Clown World is going to take a significant hit from RED WORLD at election time.

  9. It’s only the cities like Portland that are liberal, the outskirts are still “conservative” according to a friend that lives in the state.

  10. Is this a story about Portland turning red? Or about third party candidates siphoning off enough votes to get their opposition elected? If it wasn’t for Ross Perot nobody would remember Bill or Hillary Clinton. In this case the third party candidate is taking votes from the Dem. Unlike Perot.

    • I think Ralph Nader, running third party, siphoned of enough enough liberal votes to get little Bush elected or re-elected.

  11. Well in Seattle they’re paying a black guy who nearly killed three white people $250 a day. And are trying to get him off on insanity.


    Alexander Jay (please single boost this story) attacked 3 white people in an antiwhite hate spree.

    He killed one and almost killed two others in different parts of the city in a single day.

    One of his victims was a white woman in her late 60’s and he pushed her down a flight of cement steps.

    She was getting off the light rail and was pushed from behind at the top of the steps. No altercation, no words exchanged. previous altercation. Not saying it would EVER be ok but highlighting she never saw it coming, and he simply targeted her because she was white.

    The footage is very hard to watch, she was immediately knocked unconscious and rolled down several hundred cement steps like a rag doll. She broke basically every bone in her body, from her jaw, to a fractured skull, her collar bone, her ribs, femur etc

    At her age she’ll probably just have a slow painful elongated death. She’ll never recovery and will probably die early from complications from her injuries.

    It’s one of the most disgusting stories I’ve seen.

    The state wants him to be found criminally insane so it won’t enter into the public consciousness as the antiwhite hate spree.

    The state doesn’t have a mental health facility with an open room that has adequate security- so the state is paying him $250 a day…

    He’s collected 10’s of thousands of dollars already.

    They’re literally paying blacks to attack whites.

    • I hate every nigger in this world bcuz of stories like this
      They are satans foot soldiers from the fiery inferno of hell
      They are not human and I refuse to even speak or look at them in the face ( although my head is always on a swivel near them)
      They are the most damning plight the kikes ever forced upon white people ..

  12. “The vast majority of Oregon voters have a negative impression of Portland…”

    “…Residents in the three-county metro area who live outside of Portland were even more sour. Fully 84% said things in the Portland area are on the wrong track, while only 9% said they are headed in the right direction. …”

    I hate to repeat myself, but because we keep hurtling towards the abyss even though there are methods and actions we can take short of civil war to bring the whole thing to a screeching halt, I will.

    This shows the importance of overturning the illegal Supreme court ruling that banned “regional” based Senates in the States, just like we have “regional” based Senates in the Federal government. Why it’s illegal in the States but not in the Federal government they didn’t elaborate in their ruling because, the ruling is illegal. Imagine if every single law, any executive or any funding had to be approved by all these peoples “regional” Senators all over the State of Oregon who look on with disgust at Portland. Large amounts of this pozz would be stopped. It would not be tolerated. Just like in Alabama, antifa came to Alabama and right off they were told they couldn’t go around masked and would be arrested if they did. When they attacked people, they were arrested instead of being allowed to randomly attack people. They soon left. There’s nothing there for them, and much of the country would be like this if we overturned the illegal ruling. It only takes a majority vote in the House and Senate to overturn this. I go on and on about this in detail here,

    I cover in absurd detail how we could take over the whole country with just a majority vote in the House and Senate here and further in the thread,


    The major part of the Jew play book is to take wedge issues, like this illegal court decision, and then put in place executives to push everything in their direction. They seed people all throughout the executive, concentrate power and then either refuse to defend the law or stretch it to absurd lengths. We can do exactly the same with the advantage that it’s not borderline illegal or illegal like they are doing.

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