1. The hypocrisy of these phonies. It’s hate if you disagree with their sick and perverted ideology. How about someone said “no transsexuals, faggots, pedophiles”, etc? The fbi would be knocking on your door.

  2. You must be happy about Tennessee winning tonight, lol. Is Auburn a blue city or do they still vote GOP?

  3. ‘Hate has No Home Here.’

    But, let me guess : you do support the puppet government in the Ukraine, which, full of Galician Nazis, hates everybody not exactly them, and proves it by not only targeting Hungarians they shell and snipe at Russian civilians, particularly elementary schools in the Donbass, having killed thousands of unarmed folks in recent years.

  4. A nice local neighborhood is loaded with replacements and you can see those no one is illegal signs.
    At one time it was the exclusive place to live but there won’t be anything like that in the Fundamental Transformation.
    There were two Brandon/Kneepads signs that disappeared fast and the other day I made a mean mug while driving behind a vehicle with that sticker and they sped up and GTFO of there.

  5. Strong desire to put up a Russian flag and “We have nothing but hate here” sign. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  6. I live in Little Rock. On my drive to work every day, I see the stupid “ I believe” signs, Ukraine flags, and homo flags. They are all in the one lily white wealthy neighborhood in LR. They are really useless people.

      • “are all in the one lily white wealthy neighborhood”

        Is this pretentious self-righteousness just a cheap substitute for not doing any real good in the world ?

      • To Hunter
        These are just what most Americans are like now. This is what the general population is like now. You just haven’t been seeing it.

        • The general population isn’t like this.

          I always see these signs in college towns and affluent neighborhoods in big metros. Nowhere else.

          • As someone who’s lived all over the US, I say they are. Most Americans are very liberal now. They are for blacks living in their neighborhoods and schools, they are for a lot of really dumb things now. You won’t convince ME that most Americans are truly conservative.

          • I disagree.

            I travel all over this state and the only places where I see this garbage are 1.) college towns like Auburn and 2.) affluent neighborhoods in big cities and their suburbs. It is a peculiar kind of White liberal who has these yard signs. It is not the general population. I can drive from here to Missouri without seeing a single Ukraine flag.

    • @Jay & Mr. Griffin…

      We don’t have that where I live, I guess because we do not have a lily white wealthy neighbourhood…

    • Living off the sweat and tears of better people who came before them, too stupid to realize it, and doing everything they can to destroy it all.

  7. Hate has no home here………well, except hate for whites, Christianity, straight couples, men, free speech, social cohesion, law and order, internal combustion engines, isolationism…….

  8. I’ve seen 2 fag rags in the nearby berg, and an In This House at one of them. Plus an “Eracism” bumper sticker nearby.

    But even so, I display remarkable self-control..

    • @NBF…

      Yes, it does require self-control, though, in my case, so few people in my area have ‘self-control’, when it comes to these symbols, I can only think of once when I saw one.

      Big cities in North Carolina, however, are another case.

      In those places, despite our monument protection laws, Confederate symbols down, those to vivisecting our children, after perverting them, up…


    Well then move out quickly since you are obviously a carpetbaggin’/scalawaggin’ decadent liberal who HATES southern Whites and wants to “genocide” their history, heritage and the entire race. Back in the day vigilante groups would do the “moving” for you. Sorry we no longer provide that “service”. Maybe in the future though.

  10. I always note the T-shirts. I live n St. Louis. You go 65 miles south to my hometown, and at a Fourth of July picnic I saw a girl with a T-shirt: “F….k Biden. Trump is my president.”
    Then here in St. Louis, at the supermarket, I saw two Biden for president T-shirts…still. They were worn by older, white suburban professional types. Yes, they were also wearing masks. Then, yesterday, I saw another T-shirt: “GOP=sedition.” Another older white pro.

    I still see Black Lives Matter in my St. Louis suburb, usually older whites. St. Louis is a BIG union town, and those people are so lockstep.

  11. In related news :

    My Vanderbilt Commodores lost a close football game against the # 1 Georgia Bulldogs .

    We only lost 55-0

    Oh well

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