New York Times: New Generation of Combat Vets, Eyeing House, Strike From the Right

We’re going to need them.

They are our best shot at stopping the war in Ukraine from spiraling beyond the point of no return.

New York Times:

“In early 2019, as the Defense Department’s bureaucracy seemed to be slow-walking then-President Donald J. Trump’s order to withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria, Joe Kent, a C.I.A. paramilitary officer, called his wife, Shannon, a Navy cryptologic technician who was still in Syria working against the Islamic State.

“Make sure you’re not the last person to die in a war that everyone’s already forgotten about,’” Mr. Kent said he told his wife. “And that’s exactly what happened,” he added bitterly. …”

Beyond their right-wing leanings, all share in common a deep skepticism about U.S. interventionism, borne of years of fighting in the post-9/11 war on terrorism and the belief that their sacrifices only gave rise to more instability and repression wherever the United States put boots on the ground.

Where earlier generations of combat veterans in Congress became die-hard defenders of a global military footprint, the new cohort is unafraid to launch ad hominem attacks on the men who still lead U.S. forces.

“I worked for Milley. I worked for Austin. I worked for Mattis,” said Don Bolduc, 60, the retired brigadier general challenging Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, of Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the current and former defense secretaries Lloyd Austin and Jim Mattis. “Their concerns centered around the military-industrial complex and maintaining the military-industrial complex, so as three- and four-star generals, they can roll right into very lucrative jobs.

”Mr. Austin and Mr. Mattis declined to comment. A defense official close to Gen. Milley said, “there isn’t a shred of evidence indicating Gen. Milley has been concerned with maintaining the military industrial complex and has no plans to seek employment in the defense industry after retirement.” …”

These clowns have nothing to offer —>


  1. Any White man that joins the military today should have his head examined. You;re nothing but canon fodder for jewish wars.

    • Also properly trained to fight future freedom war. Enemy training is also training.

      Refusing collaborationism is noble and glorious but when freedom fighting begins, there are nobody who has basic understanding about Art of War and insider information about enemy current strenght and weakness.

  2. I’m not a ‘thank you for your service’ type.

    The pathology is too entrenched for an election to cure.

    I think the only way to permanently put a stop to all of this is to end US hegemony by destroying the USD as reserve currency — this will result in instability worldwide as the world adjusts to a new payment equilibrium — the economic and social upheaval within the US is certain to be enormous.

    linkUkraine war shows: US controls EU, US controls UN, US controls NATO, US controls media, US wants to rule the world … It has to rule the world because without reserve currency status US Empire is bankrupt. … Russia and China say “no way” … They want a multipolar order … WW3 is guaranteed

    I don’t agree that the US would be ‘bankrupt’ — as a sovereign nation with its own currency, it can create as much of that currency as needed to cover internal obligations — the question is then the value of this currency vs other currencies, manufactured goods, and commodities (including Ag and Au), as well as how the USD is accepted as payment by external trading partners — the standard of living in the US is likely to plummet as soaring, unabsorbable supplies of USD cause the currency to lose favor worldwide — the cost of external commodities and manufactured goods would rise sharply.

    If Russia and Saudi Arabia, the two largest oil producers outside the US, were to agree to stop pricing and selling their oil in USD, and create an accessible non-USD payment mechanism, this would pull the rug out from under the USD.

    • I think the only way to permanently put a stop to all of this is to end US hegemony by destroying the USD as reserve currency …

      This is true because ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’, and nothing confers power like money — via fiat money/the Federal Reserve and the reserve status of the USD, the ruling elite has practically unlimited access to the money which finances and underpins US hegemony (a kind of dictatorial corruption).

  3. It should be against the law for any government employee to leave and take a job in any government contractor or regulated industry associated wi their government duties. No officers going to work for weapon makers.

  4. Hunger, did you see Elon Musk just reverses course on stopping funding for Starlink in Ukraine? He says he’ll keep paying permanently.

          • There will be far less censorship on Twitter if/once Musk assumes control — both the largely arbitrary ToS and content moderation policies will change; I think that is certain — likely many ‘suspended’ accounts will be restored, including their timelines, assuming Twitter has the data archived (probably true).

        • >Why I’m I not surprised?

          I don’t think it’s b/c you understand the situation:

          >All talk, no action.

          One could likely say the same about you, right?

          As I said before (link), Starlink is a project of SpaceX, and as a company SpaceX is essentially dependent on the federal government for its existence, so ‘all it would take is a phone call from the federal
          government to restore service’ — restore, continue, whatever, this is no doubt what happened.

          I never gave politics a lot of attention; in fact, when I decided that I had to vote for Trump in 2016 (despite having a low opinion of the man), I honestly could not remember the last time I voted.

          After suffering Bush, then that phony stuffed shirt Obama, seeing the bias of the media, anti-whiteism, etc, by 2015/16 I was concerned about the direction of things (faggot marriage really pissed me off), so since then I’ve paid more attention — in doing so, one observable characteristic of the political Right in the US today is obvious: obliviousness — too many people on the Right are realitätsfremd — the Left is much better at understanding the way things work getting its way — they know how to use power and are unscrupulous about doing so.

  5. The MIC is the heart of ZOG. These servants of Israhell are the worst we have. They are trash. They will fit right in in Washington, as they stomp the boot down on your throat.. And you will still be saying, we need these guys!

  6. No Great Reset without WWIII.
    Saw a page earlier claiming that there was a Freudian slip or possible hack and a page encouraging youngsters to sign up for selective service said…to fight Israel’s enemies.

  7. Amazing but true…

    I was just re-reading a section of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972 — and right where I was reading was when the Florida delegates ran into the Vietnam Veterans Against the War with Ron Kovic, “Born on the Fourth of July” in the lead greeting position. The more things change, I know. But we are dealing with a half-century of no change to speak of, honestly.

    Thank God for honest vets, then and now.

  8. You do realize most of the European populists and nationalists you keep cheerleading support Ukraine, right?

    • I’m not a Ukrainian or European.

      I care about our foreign policy. I don’t care about their foreign policy. Russia is their neighbor, not ours.

  9. Richard, who is gay, has a valid point in those texts. Though I suspect its risk aversion brought on by the fallout of Cville, and born of his own stupidity, its hard to say.

    At any rate, I agree with him in that there is nothing to be gained by openly advocating for Russia in the Ukraine war, and its just asking for trouble to do so. It should go without saying, but I keep needing to reiterate that at this crucial moment when White Interests are ascendant in the national conversation that it would be a really fucking stupid time for dissident Whites to start openly advocating for our enemies, of which Russia and China have willingly made themselves, because of memes like the white girls in wheat fields. The only scenario in which I would expect to see that at this specific point in time is if their propagandists have their hands up the asses of dissident commentators or feds are still running the dissident right as agents provocateur to lead White advocacy into the ditch again.

    I’ve made it a point to distance myself from the dissident right for exactly those kinds of reasons. I’ve seen too many unforced errors to believe its all just autism, and I’ve got no interest being put up as a patsy in some gayop.

    It never seemed to fail from the moment Trump took office the AltRight immediately started going in and taking the absolute worst positions it possibly could and wrecked as many dissidents as it could with as extreme and retarded takes on current events. Advocating China and Russia over our domestic government was only one such caved in head autistic stance that I’ve talked plenty about here. There were so many of these issues the dissident right was dangerously wrong headed on its approach to, I think in hindsight it was probably an OP designed to discredit the White Advocacy we were all supposed to be doing but that our “intellectuals” never got around too because they were too busy fed posting and influence fagging/infighting to bother with.

    Where I don’t agree with Richard is that the conclusion of that risk aversion is to become a shill for the neocon establishment and yet again fail to advocate White interests, which is our only business worth the effort.

    The Ukraine thing isn’t our problem. It was a self inflicted wound by Russia, as was hitching their national interests to China and burning the bridges back to Europe by doing the one thing that would drive them back into our arms.


    I don’t share kinship with slavs. They’ve always done their own thing. They don’t care about me or mine, so I will not go out of my way for them. I don’t think anybody here should either but thats just my opinion. Needless to say I pretty much hate the Chinese and wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. If they invade Taiwan, I won’t support them either out of some kneejerk contrarian impulse to stick my thumb in Zogs eye. I don’t care how ethnically cohesive they are or how much people admire and envy that wishing we had the same for Whitey. Their ethnic cohesion is built on mutual hatred of Anglo Christians, i.e. people like us, so fuck them. They are willfully murdering White people here with their opium war revenge plot (fentanyl) so they can all go to hell and take the whole Han race with them root branch and twig.

    My position on Russia and China is no different than my position on Jews. Advocate our interests, and you are anti anybody against your interests by definition. That’s their problem not mine.

    This goes for Iran, Palestinians, or Blacks. Anybody. If they hate Whitey I’m against them because I’m pro Whitey. Its not complicated.

    That it isn’t complicated is why I assume the “intellectuals” in the dissident right don’t take the same position, because it gives them no room for self serving faggotry, which is the real motivation for most of them.

    • No, this is all about his ex-wife and *owning* the Dissident Right with his shitlib hot takes.

      I didn’t see anyone advocating for Russia. There is one side which is willing to risk nuclear war with Russia over Donbas and spend over $60 billion dollars supporting this stupid war in Ukraine and having the Pentagon and the CIA literally running the war. The other side simply wants nothing to do with it. Ukraine is free to continue fighting Russia over those territories. The EU is free to continue backing Ukraine. It is just not our problem. That’s what I believe.

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        ” It is just not our problem. That’s what I believe.”

        In the theoretical sense I totally agree. Moreover, Russia has legitimate security concerns in the Ukraine.

        That said, the people in Washington do not agree with any of this, however, and, as they are the ones with the weapons and cash, on it will go – until the last Ukrainian man has been rounded up and forced to get shot this Winter.

    • Interesting that you are linking China and Russia like that, after talking about Slavs. Way to change the subject.

      There are real problems in the way that Western Slavs are hooked up with our own post racial Transnational Elite. I saw a conference of Ukraine Contact group on TV with Lloyd Austin presiding over a gaggle of goose-like European defence ministers. Such a spectacle of feeble solidarity MCed in such a way is calculated to humiliate Europeans. It was one thing for Condie Rice or Colin Powell to do that during WoT against Arabs, but now? During an actual war between two European states? have that be the face of American power?

    • “It was a self inflicted wound by Russia, as was hitching their national interests to China and burning the bridges back to Europe by doing the one thing that would drive them back into our arms.”

      The West had foolishly already burned those bridges long ago after the USSR fell, by promoting the myth that Russia was some kind of existential, eternal enemy. China could have been isolated, but my guess is that the fools running the West were too stupid and arrogant to see China’s future potential, so this was dismissed and Russia was maintained as the required boogeyman.

  10. “They are our best shot at stopping the war in Ukraine from spiraling beyond the point of no return.”

    Maybe, though, because I think the coming Russian offensive in November will bring this sad chapter to an end by the end of Winter, I do not think it likely they will have an affect.

    They could, however, play a role in stopping another war, oh, let’s say, in Moldova.

  11. ‘This is going to be a decades long conflict.’


    It started at the end of WWI, and, and discounting that there was a hiatus between 1991 and 2007, going on to this day…

  12. “EU is free to continue backing Ukraine. ”

    EU is just a vassal of USZOG, mostly.
    Now, with most EU nations reliant on USZOG LNG , the vassalage is greater.

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