Tucker Carlson: Virginia Democrat Proposes Criminal Charges For Parents Who Do Not Affirm Their Child’s “Trans” Identity

This is insane.

This is being proposed … in Virginia.

Washington Examiner:

“A parent activist group blasted a Virginia state legislator who is seeking legislation to bring child abuse criminal charges against parents who oppose their children’s gender transitions.

Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzman (D) told WJLA Thursday that she would introduce a bill in the next legislative session that would expand the state’s definition of child abuse and neglect to include parents who do not “affirm” their child’s preferred gender identity or sexual orientation. Parents charged under the proposed statute could face felony charges and would lose custody of their children.

Guzman said that she plans to introduce the bill in direct response to new state policies proposed by Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) last month that would require schools to accommodate all students based on their biological sex. Any student who wishes to be addressed by a different name or pronouns or use bathroom facilities that do not correspond to their biological sex must have written permission from their parent. …”

BTW, Christian nationalism is the problem!


    • Demography is destiny.

      These Third World wogs hate us, they are full of spite and envy because they aren’t White and can’t accomplish White things. If they cannot accomplish anything worthwhile they will wreck everything, that is how it ends. Allowing these no good bastards into the country in the first place has proven fatal.

      Demography is destiny.

  1. Hunter,

    Can we/I publish my blog regarding why Lib Democrats all voted for the $40 billion in military funding for Ukraine.

  2. Christian nationalism is obviously not the problem. But it’s no solution either. We’re going to need draconian measures to restore this country to sanity. I can’t wait for those measures to be implemented.

    • Christian nationalists want to keep this shit out of the government. It is banned here in Alabama. California is a “sanctuary state” for “trans kids” who state courts will separate from their parents to get then sex change operations.

      What’s the difference between Alabama and California? Evangelical Protestants. Even the blacks here think this is insane

  3. No more women, jews or Negroes in American politics ever, ever again. Only White men of good character between the ages of 25 and 75 who own property or businesses.

  4. Putin’s right.
    Woke is closer to Satanism than it is to anything else.
    Closer to Satanism than it is to liberalism, progressivism or Socialism.
    Some liberals and even some progressives and socialists want nothing to do with it.

    Woke is easy enough to figure out, they take traditional values like love for country, God, family and flip them on their head.
    Dark becomes light and day night, suicide is life and self-mutilation is health.
    Women and all that is alien and anathema to a culture is superior.

    Only a culture in the final stages of decadence before the fall could embrace such retardation.
    The west probably already reached its zenith, there’s nowhere left to trek but down, waaay down.
    Here, you can be a pioneer, a trailblazer, throw a can of soup, or feces at a classic work of art and you too could be the next Michelangelo, or Rembrandt.

    They come under the guise of ‘the science’, but discard science whenever convenient, like on covid mandates and the biological differences between the two sexes.
    Nonetheless they’re a force to be reckoned with, our ruling class has largely, but thankfully not wholly embraced woke, and perhaps a quarter of the masses embraced it.
    If these people somehow succeed, western civilization will commit suicide, and then it’ll be up to Eurasia and Latin America to carry the torch.

  5. Our society is getting sicker and more degenerate by the day. These people would be arrested in a sane society and put in mental institutions.

  6. People equate woke with liberalism, progressivism or socialism, but I see woke as pretty distinct from all three.

    Liberalism is about liberty, fiscal and/or social.
    Libertarianism is liberalism taken to its logical extreme.

    Progressivism formed at the turn of the 20th century out of classical radicalism.
    Fiscally it was social democracy.
    Socially it was anti-racist and anti-sexist, not anti-white and misandrist.
    Environmentally pro-sustainability, not pro-degrowth.
    Politically pro-democracy and inalienable rights like free speech, not pro-technocracy.
    In terms of foreign policy it became pacifist, not militarist, and civic and economic nationalist, not globalist.

    Progressives tended to have some respect for the rural and working class and their traditional way of life.
    Their focus was primarily on class, not culture.
    They wanted to work with the people they wanted to represent, find common ground, not against them.

    Progressivism gets equated with woke but progressives have been around for over a century, the working class by and large use to support them.
    Woke is a new phenomenon, but not wholly, you could say it’s a cancerous outgrowth of the traditional left.

    To me, more than anything, woke is about nihilism.
    Next thing you know they’ll say if a child wants to commit suicide, you have to honor their wishes, parents shouldn’t question it, doctors shouldn’t question, they should affirm it and anything less than that is child abuse.
    Even libertarian socialist Noam Chomsky believed children had to be protected from themselves, these woke people don’t, because they’re nihilists.

    Woke is this idea that people, all people, but especially independent white men, are scum, that humanity is a cancer on the earth, and therefore, most of us need to die, and have our standard of living dramatically reduced.
    Woke is post-materialistic and post-hedonistic.
    It’s the hangover after the party.
    It’s a society so decadent that it has to come long for its own extermination, the reversal of all values.
    Underneath it all is nihilism, but it’s a deceptive nihilism, because it masquerades as both truth and love.
    That’s at least part of the reason why these people want war with Russia.
    They are just psychotic.

  7. In the end the woke will say you are selfish for wanting your child to live, for not immediately affirming their wish to be euthanized.
    Then Hollywood will sell suicide as cool, edgy and even heroic, for the planet, they already are.
    Euthanasia is the probably the next step after ‘trans’.
    They will make it easier and easier to be euthanized.
    Euthanasia clinics will spring up everywhere, one on each corner and in every school, euthanasia on demand, fast, convenient.

    They will deconstruct life as a value.
    They will say life being a value is just a byproduct of white supremacy, like everything, another western assumption to be dissected, and dismantled.

  8. I blame this runty commie spic sow (who can barely be understood in English) on that god damned scum George W. Bush: it was his massive new Homoland Insecurity fed boondoggle that attracted hordes of shitlib bureaucrat trash to N.Va, whose votes make the likes of her kind of filth possible in this formerly conservative & sane state.

    That it’s happening in the land of Washington, Jefferson, Madison & Lee makes it doubly enraging.

  9. Apparently Vanderbilt Medical School (Nashville, TN) is getting into the trans surgery business according to a clip I saw last week. The woman giving a speech there was gushing about how lucrative it would be.

  10. This guzman thing was born in South America. No one should be allowed to hold office, or work in a local, state, or federal bureaucracy until the family has been in America at least two generations. How can these recent imports know anything about America, and yet they get elected, or selected, to rule over real citizens.

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