Why progressive, “Liberal Democrats”, AOC are for $40 billion war, nuclear war in Ukraine

Max Boot – Neo Con Man “War” means “Peace”, “Hate” means “Love”

Former Hawaii US Congresswoman, Iraq war veteran Tulsi Gabbard says she’s left the Democrat party. She just can’t take the lying Democrat elite that forces BOTH $ trillion Neo Conservative/Zionist wars AND Critical Race theory, cult marxism, open borders mass immigration, sexual degeneracy, anti family polices against regular (White) Americans.

Good for Tulsi Gabbard.

We certainly live in strange times, maybe “Latter Day”, “End Times” as the idiots (Js) in the Biden Administration, the Deep State, Military Industrial Complex and just the coalition of Js, Blacks, homos, Muslims are pushing for a nuclear war against Russia, maybe one against China.
Why do supposedly “Liberal”, “Progressives” who were once against wasteful $ military spending, against WAR, WAR, WAR, against the US military, colonialism – why are they all voting FOR $40 billion weapons for Ukraine?

The answer is:

They hate us

Anything we’re for, they are against, anything Trump, Putin or Hitler might have been for, might be for they are against it. Hitler, Putting and Trump were against mass unemployment and against degenerate sexual grooming of poor White Europeans, poor European Americans so these Js, POC, Muslims AOC have to be for these things.

It’s very George Orwell “1984” where everything is politicized in to teams of a WOKE “oppressed” good side, and the bad side – straight, White Europeans like Trump, Putin, Hitler and us.

“War” means “Peace”
“Hate’ means “Slavery”
“Slavery” means “Freedom”

Occasionally one will come in to contact with an honest Liberal like Tulsi Gabbard, Bill Maher, even honest White gays like Pym Fortuyn or some fair, honest Muslims like those protesting homo pervert propaganda in Dearborn MI public schools; but these honest Js, Liberals/Muslims are increasingly rare.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

So the coalition of the fringes, the “hate White people”, Susan Sontag “the White race is the cancer of history”, Hollywood Leftist loons like Michael Moore – they’re on the same side as ISIS, the Taliban, the worst military industrial complex Neo Conservative J war mongers.

Why do they do it?

1) They hate us – want us replaced – genocide in a nuclear war.
2) They profit from all this SH#& – it’s good for their careers, their bank accounts, their social standing in the good places (Ivy League, Hollywood, Martha’s Vineyard, the MSM) all the places that count.

It’ s not about “reason” or some coherent political, religious, economic positive world view. These crazy AOC, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff (Jacob Schiff) “let’s start nuclear war with Russia” Lib Democrats do what they do because:

They hate us – hate Russians, hate Trump, hate MAGA Trump supporters and their counter part in Putin’s Christian Russia restored and – they profit from all this.

We must find ways to punish AOC, Charles Schumer, Max Boot, Adam Schiff, Mittens Romney, Christian Zionists, open borders agricultural cheap labor whores, the Cheneys, the Bushes who do what they do, because again:

1) They hate us or are indifferent to our people’s survival
2) They personally profit from this war mongering, great replacement, BLM anarchy.

That said. Please go forth and act accordingly. It’s not a misunderstanding and sweet reason will be of no use.

Have a nice day.


  1. Hunter Wallace said under another header that the populist right, formerly a tiny minority (being able to write “formerly” there feels pretty good) known as the “dissident” right, has always been antiwar. That is exactly right. Charles Lindbergh is but one of many examples. Elite globalists, on the other hand, have always been meddling interventionists to the detriment of everyone but themselves and the politicians who whore themselves out to them.

    The globalist elite play all sides. Like Sauron did with NĂşmenor, they change their appearance to fit the bill. The neocons were but one of many globalist incarnations. Globalists captivated the right by holding themselves out as “neo-conservatives.” They then successfully beat the war drums to a pulp during the Bush era and successfully demonized anyone who dissented. The rich grew richer. Once they wore out their welcome on the right with lies, failures, and other embarrassments, they put on a woke cloak and began ingratiating themselves with, and are now entrenched in, the progressive left. The rich again grow richer. Globalists are chameleons. That has been the case going back to at least the Napoleonic Wars, when the Rothschilds played all sides and enriched themselves in the process.

    Now, however, the globalist elite and company are less successful at canceling their opposition. Too many are no longer listening. Too many dissenters no longer accept the libelous labels the elitist left tries to assign them. Too many are now unapologetic. Good on Tulsi for seeing the globalists’ minions for what they are and (far more importantly) saying so.

  2. Joseph Sobran was right.
    Sephardic AOC could only be pulled off in Clown World.
    They want back into Russia now that the FUSA is hollowed out and the welfare colony that the pointy hats predicted.
    What’s the world IQ now 75-80?
    Probably less in the FUSA.

  3. White men are the ultimate rebels of the world, that’s why even white elites agreed to join in anti-white hatred

    Some peoples may have a few higher average IQ points … but no race of people embodies the devastating combination of brains and independent thinking that marks the European-heritage male … forever a potential rebel to all tyranny

    They’ve been trying to kill our best and bravest, really for centuries

    The ‘celibate priest or monk’ scam led by covertly gay men, convinced many of the most intelligent to not have families and children

    Wars kill off many of the bravest and finest … the US War Between the States, WW1 and WW2, did precisely that on a massive scale

    Now there’s all the cultural and legal system anti-family machinery, plus engineered race-mixing, plus the wars that keep rolling

    The target is us

  4. This cartoonist is very good at mocking the loathsome fugliness of kikes & race traitors like that morbidly obese blob o’ shit Moore.

  5. Tulsi gabbard and many others give the left way too much credit when they allow it to claim the “anti war” mantle. A movement that enthusiastically supports some wars while condemning others is not really anti war, is it?

    It wouldn’t be nearly as bad, I guess, if they weren’t so smug and holier than thou about it.

  6. There is no falsehood in Jaye Ryan’s piece. This much has been more than obvious to many of us for a long time. The hard to answer question is why has there been no serious resistance from whites? Why do so many (30-40 percent) of whites parrot this insane ideology? The professional hispanics, negroes, pajeets, asians are all lined up like vultures hungry to pick the bones. The worst enemies of all are fellow whites, for jews like Max Boot would have no power save for whites allowing them to rule. They are also likely the weakest link in the enemy’s chain of power. Break them and the chain collapses. That’s why items such as the Minneapolis public schools canning all white faculty is a good thing. The more incompetent and corrupt the enemy command is the more vulnerable they are.

  7. Max Boot’s cruel, ugly jew face looks like an “anti semitic” caricature. He’s no different from his predecessors who ordered the execution of the Romanovs or the raping of German females by Red Army soldiers.

  8. You never see the filthy neo-klown jews eating a bullet for their endless wars. They sit on their fat bank accounts in Jew-York and other such colonies while hordes of retarded white males sign up to go get their legs blown off to build a shiny new Jewkraine for the likes of Max Boot. Voat moar harder, zeks!

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