Trevor Noah Opens Up About His Decision To Leave The Daily Show

No one was watching.

Some of the most annoying people in American politics and culture are suddenly disappearing. Next year, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Ben Sasse, the 1/6 Committee, Rachel Maddow, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, Jim Acosta and Trevor Noah will all be gone and we could be back on Twitter.


  1. Like just about everything else these days that Jimmy Fallon interview was unwatchable. Niggerboy Noah isn’t funny at all. Now we have get rid of Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Joy Reid, Joe Scarborough and his androgynous wife Mika Brezinski. I don’t want to watch any more enemy propaganda, especially the commercials, which are full of simian-Americans dressed like people.

  2. The Left and the corporate oligarchy, that is a main constituent of the government, simply decided to co-opt every single venue and institution in this country to get their way.

    It has not worked, and in the wake of this lays, and will be laying, large burning hulks of what was functioning before they undertook this campaign.

    They waged a war and a by-product of this is death and destruction – not only to those intended, but to those intending.

  3. “His Decision To Leave The Daily Show”

    Hahahaha !
    Translation: he was kicked to the curb.

    (Despite their tremedous jwzish privilege, endless PR pumping, competition strangling, they’re still failures.)

  4. Ohh…that show that Jon Stewartstein used to host and the drooling dumbed down dupe dullards said that was the news source.
    Yea those shows don’t work when someone other than Bush or Trumpstein is in the Potemkin president puppet show seat and has anyone seen that vast left wing anti-war movement anywhere?

  5. Jake Tapper’s new prime time show tanked even though he had Biden on. Maybe the sheep are waking up and not buying what the jew media is selling anymore.

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