Trump Puts American Jews On Notice

Very disrespectful!

Apparently, Our King has been having second thoughts on Jexodus now that Sheldon Adelson is dead. Four years of MIGA kept Bibi Netanyahu, Jared Kushner and Sheldon Adelson happy while eroding support in his base. Trump now feels the need to say negative things about American Jews.

Note: The Evangelicals are wonderful.


    • Lump is just saying what he thinks the right wants to hear, again…If he gets in, his cabinet will be full of them, billions will keep going over to their homeland and Ukraine, more money for the DACA, and Lump will turn a deaf ear (again) to whites.

      How can anyone believe this guy now?

  1. Looks like we are winning big when Donald feels safe enough to name Jew.

    Ot was clear for a while that someone testing the water with Kanye.

  2. Emmanuel Trumpstein is the best ayfabe kabuki ever and kosher Javanka laugh at how easily Kwannies are duped.
    Societies that are too stupid to exist get pwned by the pointy hat tapeworm.
    Mr. Mean Tweet isn’t getting played like a dreidel, he’s in on it.

  3. He even found a way to be more pro-Israel than Bush 43.

    I thought that would have been humanly and physically impossible, like faster than light travel.

    • The Grand-Duc a l’orange went above and beyond the call of duty for a Shabbas-Goy. He not only faithfully fellated the great Schlomo-Schlong on Shabbat, but also every other day of the week – 24 x 7 x 365. No wonder the Evangelicucks loved him so much. They worship Schlomo almost as much as he did. The God-Emperor of Grift flips like a whirligig toy with each passing unicorn fart.

  4. Trumpowitz and YE for 2023 unpersoned wrongthink thought criminals.
    They will be airbrushed out of all photos, all material possessions will be redistributed, banks accounts confiscated and they will wear deplorable hats during a vigorous struggle session.

  5. Dump did more for the jews that stabbed him in the back than he did for the Whites that put him in power. I see he still hasn’t learned his lesson.

    • I wonder how many times Jeffrey Epstein has voted. He no doubt has several registrations Crook County, Illnoize. There are vast necropoles of spectral-electors in that God-forsaken state.

  6. The best way for American jews to appreciate Israel would be every last one of them emigrating there.

  7. LOL! The jews are out in force, namecalling, but never answering any of the charges laid against them. Typical. Does anyone think it’s a tad extreme that when people make easily proven accusations against jews and their activities, they meet with such outrage? It’s quite amusing and quite telling.

    I can understand that jews might feel threatened by blunt statements of blame pointed their way. I can understand why people, even non-jews, might show up to try and argue against those statements, but that’s never what they do. Instead, they deny, deflect, insult and namecall, and every other dishonest tactic their jewsmedia platforms allow. They are never censored. Mention any of these words: Zionist, Israel, jew, mention jewish names or their many organizations, and simply explain exactly what they are doing, and you will be accused of being a hater, a nazi, a racist, when in actuality, it is their ruthless, bloodthirsty, contemptuousness and utter disdain of others that exposes who are truly the haters.

    Any resistance by the goyim is considered a sure sign of jew hatred and is met with apocalyptic shrieks. It’s intolerable. Witness the poor goy who honestly and innocently questions motives or actions of jews, for he will be set upon with a whirlwind of hate like you cannot believe, as you can see. He will feel the vicious wrath of every jew everywhere!

  8. Trump and a lot of other people as well seem to think the defining interest in American Jewish People is the State of Israel. For a few of them, the more religious ones, this may be true. But most Jews are upper middle class suburbanites with their technocrat agenda for America at the top of the list of concerns. And they will never vote, or materially support any candidate that represents flyover state conservatives regardless of how much they kiss the wailing wall. Their imminent enemy is christian whites, the middle east is not really much on their mind unless some unusual circumstance heats up, and Israel hasn’t been in serious danger since the early 70s. Trump seems to confuse Jared and some Orthodox Brooklyn Donors with the American Jewry in general. Good luck, they are like the blacks, permanent democrats who will never vote for the GOP no matter how bad the Democrats run the ship into the iceberg.

    • Criticize Israel instead of criticizing American jews and see if Israel doesn’t suddenly become the “defining interest” of American jews. The bottom line is the goyim cannot criticize anything jewish. ITZ ALL THE JEWS, against us. Your other points are all valid of course.

      • But the point is gushing over Israel is not going to change the typical jew on the streets opinion of the GOP. They hate the typical white conservatives who make up its rank and file, they’d rather live next to rabid Israel hating squad members like Rashid Talib and Ilhian Omar than the white Christian Ned Flanders family. Too many rubes out there don’t understand this about the ethnic group that comprises the defining element of our elites. The Homeland Security directors aren’t “asleep at the wheel”? That’s how conservatives are defining the open borders, nope, they are doing this on purpose because they absolutely hate the Anglo American peoples who gave their grandparents sanctuary and unprecedented freedom and prosperity they never experienced before in their diaspora and this is how so many of these ingrates paid back their descendants? The average jew on the streets’ life has to get really bad before they will vote for the GOP, the black thugs have to be so visible and present in a Death Wish world that it would trump their Woody Allen style neurotic nightmares of Andy Griffith and Barney Fife suddenly knocking on their Central Park apartment door dressed up in gestapo uniforms ready to cart them away.

  9. You guys are far too cynical.

    Go back in time 10 years and imagine a celebrity saying this; let alone a former U.S. President. You all would have lost your minds.

    • But his meaning was merely scolding jews so they would get in line behind him. Not really more than that. The left has merely misconstrued what he said in order to make him appear to be against the jews. As ususal, the left lied.

      • It’s like some kind of theater, where both sides are playing a role, to facilitate what TPTB really want. They don’t even care about votes, which don’t matter, it’s more about keeping the masses quiet and going to work to generate tax money.

  10. I note that none of the jews kvetching about Trump’s remark asked WHY he did so much for Israel when he was supposed to do things for the US.

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