Bernie Sanders: Democrats Shouldn’t Court Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Voters

Bernie has faded.

In 2020, Woke Bernie tried to appeal to shitlib wine track Hillary Clinton voters only to be crushed by Joe Biden. He lost a lot of the appeal he had in Middle America in the 2016 election. Then he caved to Joe Biden and the Russiagaters and has supported every single Ukraine bill in Congress.

The Guardian:

“Democrats should give up trying to appeal to racist, sexist or homophobic voters on the far right even as their party tries to preserve thin majorities in both congressional chambers, the progressive US senator Bernie Sanders said on Sunday.

Sanders’ remarks came during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press after host Chuck Todd asked a question about attempting to woo over supporters of Donald Trump, which include white nationalists who helped stage the deadly January 6 Capitol attack on the day that Congress certified the former Republican president’s defeat to Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Todd said Sanders “made a big deal about wanting to court Trump voters” in both the 2016 election that Trump won as well as the 2020 race that he lost and wondered if the Vermont senator still felt they were worth that.

“There are some extreme rightwing voters who are racists, who are sexists, who are homophobes – xenophobes,” Sanders said. “No, I don’t think you’re ever going to get them.”

Sanders nonetheless said Democrats should sympathize with “millions of … working-class people” who can’t afford healthcare, college tuition for their children or their prescription drugs. And he said one way to appeal to undecided voters is to have the political resolve to punish corporate greed from insurance firms, drug companies and Wall Street traders.

“Some of those people – I’m not saying all – will say, ‘You know what, I’m going to stand with the Democratic party because on these economic issues, they’re far preferable to right-wing Republicans,” Sanders told Todd. …”

Nothing less than freedom and democracy are on the ballot.

Vanity Fair:

“The latest bad omen? A New York Times/Siena poll out Monday that has suggested Republicans are entering the final weeks of the race with an edge over Democrats, as economic fears surge to the top of voters’ minds. Most concerning for Democrats in the poll is the huge swing over the past month among women who identify as independents. The same poll in September found them favoring Democrats by 14 points; in Monday’s poll, though, they preferred Republicans by 18 points, even though the GOP remains out of step with most Americans on abortion rights.

The numbers are concerning for the Democrats, who are trying to hang onto the narrowest of majorities on Capitol Hill in a climate with some of the highest possible stakes. If they lose the House, the Senate, or both, they’re not only looking at two years of legislative obstruction. They’re facing the unprecedented danger of an election denier majority. “Nothing less than freedom and democracy are on the ballot,” as Hakeem Jeffries, chair of the House Democratic caucus, wrote Monday. Concerns about the future of democracy, about Americans’ longstanding rights — these should be election-defining issues this cycle. But Republicans have capitalized on more bad news about inflation, among other things, to stay on the offensive, wielding a bleak national mood to their electoral ends. “Everybody’s hurting right now,” as one GOP voter put it to the Times. …”

Should Democrats run on their economic policies?

They can run on historic gas prices and inflation on the economy. They can run on starting a war with Russia on foreign policy. They can also run on “trans” and “racial justice” on culture.

Note: Things have gotten so bad under Joe Biden that Dump is defeating him in 2024 in the latest New York Times poll.


  1. The historic repurposed mittens czar!
    Did he finally get bored rolling around in the red hammer and sickle sports car and which lakefront mansion to go to and feel the pain of the workers.

  2. That is the deplorables dialogue from pantsuit almost verbatim.
    It is so cute to watch comrade lefty prattle on about muh oppression over norms that they crushed decades ago.
    What a delusional bubble the workers utopia true believers live in.

  3. If Dronald Blimpf manages to win again there could be a not so civil war. So that’s one good reason to vote for him. I can’t think of any others though.

  4. If Ricky Vaughn was still around he could make some wicked memes about Bernie wanting to restart the draft to send Millennials over to fight in Ukraine.

  5. I use to like Bernie.
    He was an old-school progressive, none of that woke shit.
    Now he’s completely sold out to woke on the left hand and, surprisingly, neocons on the right.
    What a realignment, we had, it’s difficult for me to process.
    Team woke has partnered up with team neocon on the left, while national populists are purging neocons and neolibs from the right.

  6. The Jews will never allow a Jew to be President, or Vice President. The first time he does anything widely unpopular, Jewish neighbourhoods will go up in flames.

    The Jews can’t have this much exposure. Or allow it. Sanders is a political curiosity. Not a serious contender for President, or any other office that would expose the Jews to close scrutiny by the the Goyim. Or to pogroms.

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