The Bulwark: The End of the Good Republicans

Ben Sasse was one of the “good ones.”

Future historians will look back at the years between 2010 and 2030 and pinpoint generational turnover as the primary driving cause of what happened to the GOP in these years.

The Bulwark:

“Ben Sasse is retiring from the Senate at the youthful age of 50. We know why. Politicians who thought they could wait out Trump now see the writing on the wall.

The party’s over.

For years we watched the GOP defenestrations: Will Hurd, Jeff Flake, George W. Bush, the memory of John McCain, Paul Ryan, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and any other Republican who stood up to Donald Trump—or even just opposed Trump’s attempted coup. Some fell on their swords. Some were tossed aside involuntarily. The result was the same.

Simultaneously, we watched the progress on the other side of the spectrum as normie Republican moderates such as Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, Elise Stefanik, Ronna Romney McDaniel, and J.D. Vance became unquestioning Trump maximalists. …”

Reaganism, Christian Zionism and Jewish power are all fading due to the sheer passage of time. Younger voters are becoming middle aged and that is changing our politics.

Note: This survey caught my eye a few years ago. Look at the difference between older and younger conservatives on “racial equality.” Older conservatives are far more shy and sensitive and cucked on race while younger conservatives under 45 have been radicalized against antiracism.


  1. Let’s get rid of Mittens Romney – but that will be very difficult. Wealthy Cuckservative LDS Latter Day Saints are extremely difficult to get rid of. They look so clean and wholesome, plus they are filthy rich, went to Harvard and Yale – they’re not Racist anymore. They’re trying to sign up the entire populations of El Salvador and Nigeria.

    Lots and lots of regular White Americans want to be like Mittens Romney and that egg mcMuffin.

    The worst Js know this and are always looking to get some wholesome, Donny and Marie Osmond, Mitt Romney to front for them inters of some slime pervert like Harvey Weinstein, Ron Jeremy or just slime New Yawker Chuck Schumer.

  2. The Grand Old Politburo, worthless as a Zil or Trabant up on cinder blocks.
    In Soviet bloc Trabant pulled by mule and isn’t that a fitting metaphor for the chamber of commerce golf course cheap labor prostitutes posing as an opposition party.

  3. 40% of older cons compared to only 3.8% of young cons think that racial equality is an important political issue. That may be the biggest pure generation gap I’ve ever seen. Remember, both older cons and young cons are cons, and both groups are almost all white.

    • Yes, the boomers are so worried about “racism”. The younger people are more about economics and quality of living.

  4. Reaganism, Evangelical Christian Zionism and jewish power cannot disappear fast enough. It is truly wonderful to see young White people embracing their racial identity and rejecting mindless globohomo consumerism.

  5. The aticles author, Sarah Logwell is the first female national board chair for the Log Cabin Republicans. She is a lesbian.

  6. Reagan wasn’t that bad. He put Pat Buchanan in as communications director and pulled the Marines out of Beirut.

    • Reagan was the father on neo-liberalism. Which is fascism, authoritarian rule by big business. These Reaganites are the ones who are suppressing our rights and you think they are not bad, right Jeff?

  7. If the new and improved “conservatives” show any promise and start naming and doing something about the enemies of our “democracy” and the Whites that built this nation, I will start voting again, not until then.

  8. GOP just die…just die and Gd damn go away aready

    What should have been smashed after The Pennsylvania invasion can not die soon enough!

  9. What ‘good’ Republicans? When the George Wallace Democrats came into the Republican Party in the seventies and eighties, they found mostly upper class and upper middle class twits, that couldn’t think about anything but foreign policy and capital gains tax cuts. It’s taken this long for the populists and pro nationalist types to get any sort of control.

    And they still face the pro Israel dildos and the living down at the VFW club jerks who think they have to stand at attention when one of the Washington swamp rats starts another war for the working class to go off and get killed in.

    • @copperhead:

      I respectfully disagree.

      I believe the Democrats and the GOP Establishment made a serious Category 4 Error by not painting the January 6th Defendants, many of them Veterans of Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iraq, etc., as victims of Orange Man Bad lies and hyperbole and then having Joe Biden make a big show of pardoning them especially after Trump so ignominously left them twisting in the wind.

      Then there is the crap they are pulling on the military right now by pushing its Rainbow Flag LGBTXYZ and CRT agenda. The military especially those components filled with White fighting men who have always been its backbone is thoroughly demoralized.

      They are not meeting their recruitment quotas and I don’t care how badly they sink the economy, no man with any sense of self-worth or two working brain cells for that matter is going to sign up to impose the Woke Agenda on the Russians.

      I believe that even the most Normie of the Patriots have swallowed the black pill and realize that WhIte “Supremacists” were right all along. They recognize that their government is now occupied and run by hostile elites who despise them and everything for which America really stands, that this is NOT their country anymore, their eyes are opened, and they will not be conned by any “blather” about defending “Our Democracy” to fight for the occupation ever again.

      I don’t think TPTB, even as filled with arrogance and hubis as they are, are stupid enough to call a draft. I can’t see Washington burning over it, but we aren’t going to see a repeat of the Boomer era where Boomer college kids raised hell as anti-war activists in universities while the Boomer working class reported for duty once their number came up.

      Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

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