Secular Talk: Trump: “Jews Have To Get Their Act Together”

Dump is onto something here.

Jews are divided like everyone else.

American Jews hate Trump. Israeli Jews love Trump. “The Evangelicals” really love Trump. Why is that? Why does Trump have so much more support among Israeli Jews?

Are Jews a toxic cultural influence because they are Jews or because they are highly educated, cosmopolitan, socially liberal urbanites who tend to be atheists? Is it being Jewish or atheists who live in big cities that is causing this? Diaspora Jews are breeding out and care less about Israel than their shitlib politics. At least that is my impression from interacting with them over the years.

Note: Kanye went into detail about the Jewish media on a recent podcast.


  1. Shitlib thought police officer Kulinski is on to you Ye, he’s sure your turning into LeAdolvon Nigtler. Kyle needs to hump 10 trannies to cleanse his tortured soul for witnessing Ye’s wicked thought crime heresy. But seriously Kyle’s a faggot and needs get a real job like the folks he supposedly concerned for and as a hard labor worker myself, I could give 2 shits about what Kanye thinks or says, even when it’s true.

  2. So let’s use the division to our advantage.
    Where is Calypso Louie Farrakahn these days?
    He has some interesting takes on the tiny hats tapeworms.
    The foundation built in sand coalition of YT haters has nothing in common besides that hate and they will eat their own in time.
    Javanka is not amused by this latest social media burp from Kayfabe Trumpberg.

  3. Simply because Israeli jews allegedly like Trump, and American jews don’t, is just one minor disagreement jews might have. They do disagree on many issues, but when it comes to getting over the goyim, itz ALL THE JEWS and they’re of one mind.

  4. Kanye is more pure than Trump. Trump wants the J’s to get their act together to get him back in office.
    Kanye is a rare one who actually sees what is going on, and has the money to remain protected.
    Kanye is worth $ 2 billion. When you have that kind of money, it’s not about neighborhoods or race anymore.

    • Yeah, that’s what Trump’s frustrations are about. All he’s worried about is getting their support if he runs again. Fucking toad!

      • Just cannot wrap my head around people wanting him back in, they think he will fix things, when he didn’t do a thing for us the first time he was in!

  5. I think that they have such a sense of self identity, combined with secular atheism that leaves no identity outside of themselves that it tends to warp every thing they get involved with, including culture and politics, even when they aren’t necessarily trying to. Jewishness replaces everything else for them. It makes it so they can’t really relate to other identities that aren’t Jewish. It’s self identity as a black hole…..

    • To add to your comment, jews are a distinct group separate from all others. They are an extremely organized, monolithic, multigenerational, multinational tribal criminal syndicate, all of them, networking, conspiring, both openly, and secretly, in their many, many organizations and synogogues, to exploit, rule and ultimately ruin the world. Jews are racial supremacists actively seeking and working toward the absolute subjugation of all races, but most importantly, the total destruction and elimination of the White Race. The Jewish Conspiracy does not make war against the White race as a mass of independently operating individuals, but as a united race. In practical terms this means they always consider matters from a race-wide, i.e., racist perspective in which the first directive must be complied with: Is it good for jews?

      Jews are in control of the government, the media, the lawyers/judges and the money. Jews are a fifth column in America working toward the deliberate elimination of the White Race. For example, jews are the driving force behind unfettered immigration of non-White, third world peoples, into America. This is why nothing is ever done about it. They are the driving force behind BLM, antifa, and their antics, who also favor the elimination of the White Race. Again government inaction in the face of rioting, violence, and looting. Besides driving censorship of anything they don’t agree with on all mainstream platforms, they also are, and have been, the driving force behind gun control. They don’t want Whites to be able to protect themselves, even in the face of this open hatred of Whites.

      Their capability to circumvent national laws and cultures on a global scale is unprecedented. Jewish power is toxic to any society that allows it to exist. Their success is the result of a multifaceted takeover of all the various realms of White society, from media to finance, entertainment to medicine, social media to education, from the law to religion. This single entity runs the government and the banks which enables them to commit any crime they like because they appoint all the judges. Their inter-tribal collusion is more thoroughly and specifically exposed by the following list, jews working together, openly or secretly, all of them knowing and doing what’s good for jews no matter the destruction they cause to everyone else but especially to Whites, their declared arch-enemy.

      Jews have always changed their names to deceive us and they have denied their racial identity because it serves the clandestine agenda of their race as a whole. Their war is waged from the shadows, so openly admitting jewish identity would thwart their cause. For the same reason, they have always misreported their population figures. The ugly truth of exactly how many jews exist, and how many jews hold power, and how many jews have infiltrated everywhere would alarm people.

      Jews work closely together as a biased and extremely ethnocentric group. Jews have a very strong sense of shared identity and paranoia towards outsiders, the goyim. Working together as a united fifth column, jews are always active in information control, financial control, political control, entertainment control, vice promotion, the destruction of traditional morals and the like — porn industry, promoting homosexuals, same sex marriage, and transgenderism. By dominating banking, media, publishing, and tech, jews have more power than any human tribe in history, and they use it for supremacy over all others — jewish supremacy!

  6. Jews are blast from the past. Their genetic survival mechanisms defended them so long time that their mindset is still Roman Empire era.

    Trump knows this and operates them like animal specialists working with sharks or crocodiles or other prehistoric creatures.

    Jews remind this all the time. How many times we have heard that this or that takes us back to the dark middle age. For them, this was like yesterday.

    Modern Jewry is like every closed group in the history . Inbreeding, psychiatric problems and centuries old mindset. This causes a lot of problems and finally, sudden collapse.

    Trump exhausted the beast and now is going in. Like crocodile hunters work. They see when monster is tired enough to safely pack it and remove. 7 years of everyday mass hysteria made society insensitive so when now Jews screaming holocaust, nobody pays attention. Probably this was the plan from beginning.

    • Trump is a dumb orange boomer with some good instincts but no sense.

      Lets not start the 4D chess thing again. That has all been thoroughly litigated over years of watching him make unforced errors.

      It doesn’t take a mastermind to read a windsock. If a 90 IQ negro like Kanye can get it, so can Trump.

      Lol crocodiles wtf bro

    • “…Jews are blast from the past. Their genetic survival mechanisms defended them so long time that their mindset is still Roman Empire era.

      Trump knows this and operates them like animal specialists working with sharks or crocodiles or other prehistoric creatures…”

      I think you are 100% correct, and this is a very good reading of the Jews. They have a seriously twisted mental outlook that is problematic for world wide communication networks that they can not stop.

      I believe they intended on abandoning the US and moving to China. Like they’ve done many times in the past but the Chinese don’t have the mental make up that Europeans have and their mental magic sputtered there and caught no purchase. I suspect the Chinese whispered sweet nothings into their ears until they got what they wanted, our entire manufacturing economy, then as soon as the Jews pressed for iron clad assurances they could move to China they stopped answering the phone. HAHAHHAHAAA!!

      I believe no matter what happens, and likely most of it is not good, the Jews have had their run. Too many people know about them.

      I also suspect strongly the whole Ukrainian war is about clearing the ground there so they can move there as plan B since the Chinese stiffed them. Where they are is not safe. Hezbollah showed them that in the last war when Israel could not stop the rocket attacks no matter what they tried. They’re stuck. The US is slowly turning against them because they’ve so abused us, they can’t move to China and now it appears they will not be safe in Ukraine as the war is not going well.

  7. White non-evangelical Protestants make up 20% of the populist right. Isn’t that your category Mr Griffin?

  8. The “Other” category is more evenly spread out it seems with a slight tilt to the left in general but still mostly even. Ten percent Committed Conservatives too.

  9. When I watch these videos from Kulinski, I experience a phenomenon that needs a term coined for it. It’s not unique to him. I’ve experienced it when watching or listening to some dissident “right” content producers as well.

    It is the phenomenon of agreeing with someone in whole or in part, but still wanting to punch them in the face for being such a gay, whiny, full of shit midwit.

    His reasons for being pro-Palestinian and opposed to Israel are rooted in the same “wow just wow”, “diversity is our strength”, “white people are evil” “in this house we believe” shitlib tomfoolery that the pinkest haired lesbian has on her Subaru bumper stickers.

    Is it me, or do other people envision Kyle wearing a flat brim hat and other Basketball fashion accessories when he’s not doing his show?

    • Anybody that spends all their time cheering against their own team is like this even if at times they have good points.

      It doesn’t matter if you are right. If you can’t advocate your own interests, recognize the good in your own people’s history even if you don’t like where they are currently then you are a fag and everybody recognizes it as inherently unnatural.

      This is why the Altright was antiWhite. All it had was black pills, searching endlessly for anything to criticize in White history always looking for a Jew under a rock to deligitimize every aspect of our history and culture never pointing to virtue, never lifting people up only tearing Whitey down as much as possible with unrelenting deconstruction and navel gazing.

      Ultimately its born from the same deracination, secularization and inherently feminine worldview that Kyle has. Nobody wants to hear their ancestors spit on by some soy faced urban faggots.

      I don’t think you are wrong at all to reflexively dislike him.

      • I have Kyle pegged.

        I’m 110% sure that Kyle is the kind of dude who, if his wife or girlfriend read in Cosmopolitan that it would help “save their relationship” to bring another man into their bedroom, or to let her “go on dates” with other men, or whatever the latest bunk in those trash magazines is, he would help her write the profile for the swingers site and help her pick the “bull”. He’d happily hold the camera and film it.
        There’s nothing specific about him that screams this, as far as his personality goes…other than his very predictable opinions and rants that invariably take the opposite stance that a normal, self respecting man who doesn’t hate himself would take.

    • Kyle should get some face tattoos, gold bling in his grill, and a gold framed trans flag chain dangling from his neck.

  10. Jews a toxic cultural influence because they are Jews. What defines a Jew is a rejection of Christ who is the Logos incarnate. So, whether they are right wing zionists or “highly educated, cosmopolitan, socially liberal urbanites who tend to be atheists,” they are in rebellion against Logos. Their rebellion will take on different forms but either way it will be toxic (I.e, subversive of the Christian moral order).

  11. “Are Jews a toxic cultural influence because they are Jews…”

    That’s the answer. It’s genetic. Everywhere they go they hate the people they are among and try to destroy them. We have thousands of years of history as a guide to this.

  12. “Are Jews a toxic cultural influence because they are Jews or because they are highly educated, cosmopolitan, socially liberal urbanites who tend to be atheists? Is it being Jewish or atheists who live in big cities that is causing this?”

    The answer is both.

    However, Jews and Jewish identity are less important now than they’ve probably ever been as driving factors of the decline of the West. My evidence for this is that Israel is suffering the same decline culturally because of the same kind of people we are.

    Did they cause/contribute to it this time like they always have, and for all the same reasons? Yes of course.

    They won. Now they are reaping the consequences of their own success in poisoning the host.

    It doesn’t change our course of action. White Advocacy. Anglo, Christian and American. Preferably Southern.

    The world isn’t our responsibility, neither are the worlds Whites.

    If we share interests with them, we will help them best by helping ourselves first and looking to eachother for example, but still standing for ourselves and our own kin first.

    Italy is looking better. Sweden is looking better. Hungary, Austria, Russia (until they declared jihad on Ukraine) and Poland too. Flashes of hope in Greece and Germany, England and France. They are responsible for their own progress, and there has been progress for the most part.

    But, we have our own problems and it isn’t just teh Jooz.

  13. Due to my work and the city I live in, I know a fair amount of Jews. Most of them are shitlibs that need to get their act together. But the Orthodox ones are more right wing than their secular counterparts. They believe the secular Jews make them look bad to gentiles, and bring negative attention on Jews as a whole. On issues like gay marriage, transgenderism, BLM, race and immigration, they would actually agree more with us than with White and Jewish libtards. Our obvious difference with them would be the issue of Zionism.

    • And the jews laugh among themselves at the seemingly limitless gullibility of their White victims.

      Let’s just talk rank and file everyday jews for a moment. Within this circle of jews, it’s a private circle that White Gentiles may never enter. There is a real derision, a real despising, a real contemptuous, condescending attitude towards gentiles. Now, understand, if you do have the misfortune to be around jews, you may not notice. They laugh among themselves at the seemingly limitless gullibility and unawareness of their White victims. It is only for the jews to understand while winking and smirking amongst themselves, these secretive, extremely ethnocentric, clannish, parasites who understand completely, that they are nothing like us. Jewish identity is, disguise, secrecy, subversion – and the confusion their nature creates for us is a very important aspect of that identity. Race or not, race or religion, White or not, are examples of their dual nature.

      Most see them as people just like us. Most see them as just another ethnic group. We don’t dare discuss their jewishness. Why would we? They’re so touchy about their jewishness. We must afford them special considerations and total respect, because they’re “jew-ish”. Weren’t they “holocausted”? Oy vey! We must be careful. We must be sensitive. We wouldn’t want to offend them, now would we?

      You see — jews are not like White Europeans. They are not White Europeans. They are not “Whites”. They are jews, not Whites. Not like you. You can be assured that whatever is being “learned”, whatever is being watched, whatever you think you know about jews, is misdirection and disinformation. Hiding the truth is a jewish cultural trait. Jews seldom, if ever, tell us the truth about themselves, their history their culture or their families.

      Jews are a distinct tribe whose ancestors converted to a religion that taught them it was permissible to exploit, to rob, to deceive, to betray and ultimately, to even kill non-Jews, and they have deliberately caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of non-jews, mostly White Europeans, through the revolutions and wars they have deliberately instigated and incited.

      Most Gentiles receive their conception of what’s right and what’s wrong, from the Bible. Jews don’t know the Bible. Jews know the Talmud, a racist elitist book that portrays gentiles as subhuman. The Talmud is the jews’ most sacred book. Its authority takes precedence over the Old Testament in judaism. The talmud teaches jews it is all well and fine to lie to non-jews. It’s just fine and dandy to steal from non-jews. It tells them that gentiles and their children are animals — goyim. Jews call Gentile women, Shiksas. You may have heard the term spoken in normal discourse by jews, even with gentiles in their presence. It means “unclean animal”. But when speaking of jews, they hide behind this so called, “religion”. They tell us they are God’s chosen, and yet, 80% of jews are atheists. The jewish religion doesn’t demand adherence to belief in God even among their rabbis. A great percentage of jews who are members of synagogues, don’t believe in God and are not required to. Yet, they call themselves “God’s chosen people”.

      So, not ALL the jews? Rank and file jews act as a political bloc. In politics, when a candidate is running for office, the jews ask among themselves the most important thing: “is he/she good for the jews?” Hence, “Is it good for the jews”? Jews never consider whether that candidate is good for their host nation, nor do they care. All they care is: IS HE GOOD FOR JEWS? When you call them out for corruption in politics, for their Israel first conspiracy, for debasing American, European, or Christian culture and corrupting White European traditional values, their response is never to explain these subversive activities. Instead, it is you who are accused of hatred and anti-semitism.– or being delusional, paranoid, or stupid.

      Jews are actively anti-Christian but they view all Whites as Christian regardless of whether they consider themselves Christians or not. They hate Christ, and Christians, and most White Europeans hold Christian beliefs and values. Jews worship themselves, not God. It’s about their hyper-ethnocentrism, racial supremacism, elitism, and utter contempt for non-jews, especially Whites or Christians. It wouldn’t matter to me, their contempt for non-jews, except they have wrested control of our White governments for the purposes of destroying our society and culture. And they are doing it right before our eyes. They are responsible for third world, nonwhite invasions into our White homelands and the perverse decadence, feminism, and antiwhite racism we are experiencing today. So, for these reasons, they deserve none of our White compassion, only our hatred because of their actions against us. Any hatred we have for jews is more than justified. The honest question that most Whites need to understand is not why any White would hate jews, but to understand and admit to themselves that jews are working to destroy us.

  14. “Why does Trump have so much more support among Israeli Jews?”

    Because Israeli Jews are Nationalists, while American Jews are anti-Nationalist socialists.

    Israeli Jews have a flesh and blood people on a real piece of land to defend, while American Jews are still and diaspora and dreaming of a continual campaign to render the entire world perfectly comfortable for them to occupy and roam.

    Obviously these two are at cross-purposes

  15. “…Whites, their declared arch-enemy.

    Jews have always changed their names to deceive us and they have denied their racial identity because it serves the clandestine agenda of their race as a whole. Their war is waged from the shadows, so openly admitting jewish identity would thwart their cause. For the same reason, they have always misreported their population figures…”

    I have never believed their population figures. They’re just everywhere. There’s too many of them doing too many things to only be the small number they say.

    What I’m going to say might be whacked but it might not. I believe that Jews are the remnant of the Neanderthals. The two biggest reasons are,

    They look like Neanderthals. Wide mouths, slanted foreheads and large rear heads. Less straight faces like Cro-Mags. The very Jewy looking Jews have strong features like this, short legs and long trunks with large barrel chest.

    Two is they have spent a vast sum of money to collapse the idea that looks have anything to do with race and that there is any sort of specific races. They taught people in colleges for decades with fake made up books like “The Mismeasurement of Man” by the lying Jew Stephen Jay Gould, that said there was no difference between races skulls until they were finally caught out that it was one big lie and everything in his book was a lie.

    Dogs came from wolves but you won’t mistake a wolf from a regular dog nor will you mistake a tiny lapdog from a German Shepard. They are different breeds and so are the Jews, and all breeds of humans are not the same. This is common sense but they have made a huge effort to deny this. If you say different, you will be academically attacked.

    The Jew who said all but Africans has about 5% of Neanderthal DNA I think lied in a a typical Jewy way. If the Jews are 50% and no one else has hardly any at all and you group them together you get 5% but that’s really not an accurate picture of the situation.

    This would explain their hatred for anyone else. It appears the Neanderthals were pushed out of Europe. If their behavior today is any indication of their past behavior, no wonder. Their psychopathic murderous behavior finally pushed Cro-Mags to fall on their asses and kill them off.

    Good article.,_Willis/Barnes_2006-2010/Willis_A._Carto_2010_05-06_TBR;_Revenge_of_the_Neanderthal.html

    The great Michael Bradley, (half Jew himself), who wrote some books on Jews but when he wrote them he didn’t know it was about them. He was writing about super aggressive tribes in the past. After the Jews realized it exposed them, they ruined him.

    Warning, this guy I think is a Jew and mixes up information. Especially about 9-11 to mislead. As usual, Jews mix truth with fiction to make people believe that some thoughts are nonsense. Of course, this does give even more credence that the Jews are Neanderthals if they will waste time trying to make the idea look stupid. But he does have some good Neanderthal pictures.

    • Jews are like a virus. A bad one that have yet to go extinct and we have yet to find a cure for them. That’s why some people think that Neanderthals didn’t go extinct but still walk among us today in the form of the jew !!!

  16. Kyle Cucklinski is running out of options. He knows the Jews are what hold the puppet strings and he is the type of person to try to not take sides even though the battle lines are being drawn very clearly. SAD!

    They hate him by the way because he is a White “Man” who lets Krystal wear the pants in the relationship.

    Kanye 2024?

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