Apolloism Splinters

Richard Spencer has wrecked Apolloism.


  1. You cannot fight globalization, anti-western/anti-white people, by endorsing leftism ot wokism. A person who is proudly pro western culture (western culture of the past not of today), pro white, pro family anti faggot and anti woke have to endorse conservatism,even if i agree that conservative are not always sincere but they’re better than global woke side.
    Apollonism, which seems to endorse all the woke agenda, is a fraud.

  2. lmao those are some really funny tweets. Spencer’s grooming operation lasted about as long as I expected. Plus he is apparently collaborating with the SPLC to try and jail the old guard. Awful guy.

    • Richie Spencer has been the biggest (among many) Aryan disappointment of my life. I did my best for years to communicate to him my ideas all in vain.
      It’s possible that Richie didn’t even read my books I sent to him e.g. Hojas Sussurantes, Day of the Rope, From Jesus to Hitler, Hate & Exterminationism, etc.

      The Aryans’ root problem is their rejection to cross the epistemological Rubicon i.e. the axiomatic Xtian introjection the Aryans received from their parents, so refusing the transvaluation of their values.
      Without rejecting Xtianity and thus crossing the Rubicon Aryans like
      Richie, Andy Anglin or even Brad are useless. Sorry.

      • Since Christianity is the source of all our woes, you would think these guys would be able to clear the extremely low bar of opposing transgenderism and drag queens with the moral clarity of, say, Jews like Libs of TikTok, but no, they are incapable of doing even that. Instead, they have devolved into another WN personality cult before disintegrating in spectacular fashion

        In 2022, “alt-right” for the RS crowd means being gayer, goofier and more liberal than the mainstream right

        • Brad

          It seems you didn’t read my books and ¿Me ayudarás? and From Jesus to Hitler

          Obsession with issues such as “transgenderism” or “drag queens” are typical of Xtians’ silly myopic mentality.
          Don’t Aryans have much more serious and dangerous problems to deal with?
          Drag Queens are just a symptom of the Aryan males’ fading virility. Transgenderism on the other hand was common in hyper-patriarchal racialist Aryan societies of the Classical Era e.g. Sparta, Republican Rome, etc.

          For the transvaluation of all Xtian values to Greco-Roman values to be complete, public opinion won’t give a damn if, instead of nymphs, the generals of the future Aryan ethnostate have access to androgynous ephebes as cute as Björn Andrésen or Max Born when they were teenagers.

          • Brad

            It’s unrelated but I’d like to express my gratitude for the banning of the Untermensch troll that was posting under my name some months ago, I really appreciate it.
            Any doubt you can check my IP since I don’t use proxies. As you know I live in Mexico City (surrounded by mudbloods) and it’s easy to verify my IP.
            Or contact me at karellen2001@gmail.com or abigailarroyo9090@gmail.com

            If you wish I can send some of my books – especially my Magnus Opus “Me ayudarás?” – where you’d learn in detail about my life and my Weltanschauung.


        • “In 2022, “alt-right” for the RS crowd means being gayer, goofier and more liberal than the mainstream right.”

          Yep, that about sums it up.

          • “There really isn’t a more important issue than reproduction.”

            BINGO!!! Right to the heart of it. 😀

      • I have looked at your works years ago.

        I am a high student of Classical History.

        You seem to have facination with FAGGITRY and SMEARING.

        I could destroy a lot of what you put out.

        FAGGITRY in Ancient Greece was ILLEGAL and you
        could be put to death for it.

        You are Anti Christian too.

        You remind me of that other ‘ historian ‘ FINK for some reason.

        Turd in the punch bowl.

    • I remember a long time ago on the Daily Stormer, I commented: “Who the hell is Richard Spencer?”

      I really never had a need to know.

    • Why do you people care so much about these guys? They aren’t “leaders”. They are thinkers. Opinions. Ideas.
      Just like all of the boomer guys you guys like. They aren’t leaders either.
      In fact, whites really have no leaders. Not one. Can’t think of one that would qualify as a “leader”.
      Think about it. There’s just people writing online.

  3. Who?
    Is it that guy who loves Depeche Mode or something.
    He speaks for himself and no one else.

    • Most of us already do. I thought that was a white thing, working for a living, and having a life outside of just being online.

  4. I find it ironic how these people constantly berate Christians for their supposed gullibility and for being subverted & controlled by Jews, meanwhile Apollonians have a near 50% subversive admixture.

    For all their faults, at the very least, you generally don’t see Christians being duped into supporting the party actively seeking to destroy them. If anything, Christians are radicalizing, are doing well towards consolidating against their enemies despite internal disagreements, are building a parallel economy/society for themselves, and are being as pragmatic as possible. Meanwhile, Apolloism, supposedly the better path forward for Europeans, is a dumpster fire. Keta more or less admitted as much by describing the movement as a “Spencer clubhouse”.

    Mark Brahmin, their leader, doesn’t even have the intellectual integrity to be honest about his obviously compromised buddy Spencer’s negative subversive influence. From what I’ve seen, Keta and McCaffrey are the only ones with their heads screwed on right. No doubt that this has been a demoralizing experience for them. But I and many others saw the disastrous direction it was heading in at least a year ago. Why couldn’t they?

    • Keta has been trying to save Apolloism from Spencer’s disastrous influence. Everything he has ever touched has ended the same way. It is never his fault though. It would have worked if everyone had “bent the knee” and recognized the brilliance of his hot takes.

  5. I’m late the news and I doubt anyone will read this, but I’m happy to report my small section in this part of the world never bought Spencer’s snake oil. Many times individuals tried to trick us by making anecdotal evidence of Spencer speaking at some event with permission by Ron Paul when he was running for president, but we had genuinely not heard of him back then. In fact, my personal first notification of him was when AmRen shared an article at some point in 2015 where the journalist was trying to figure out who he was and where he came from, and how he was basking in the attention he was receiving. The “Hail Trump” speech stunt he pulled was more than enough to make us realize he was a drama queen, and it’s a shame too many people succumbed to what meager charisma he has for so long.

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