Joe Biden Vows Codifying Roe Is His Top Priority

This is another reason why I am voting this year.


President Biden on Tuesday said that he would make an abortion rights bill the first piece of legislation he will send to Congress next year if Democrats elect more senators and his party keeps control of the House. …

If Democrats keep the House and win more seats in the Senate, the first bill he will send to the next Congress will be to codify Roe — to be signed into law around the 50th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling on Jan. 22, 2023. …”

Normally, I gripe about Republicans for winning elections and squandering power, but this year in Alabama they passed “anti-trans” legislation and ended “a woman’s right to choose.” They won a major culture war victory and followed up on it by actually wielding power.

Joe Biden has vowed to nuke the filibuster to codify Roe. This is his top priority in the next Congress. If John Fetterman and Tim Ryan win their Senate races and Democrats hold Congress, then Democrats will get rid of the filibuster to legalize abortion nationwide with no restrictions. Once the precedent has been set that the filibuster can get nuked to settle a contentious social issue like abortion, the same people will swiftly move to carve out more “exceptions” to the filibuster on immigration and gun control.

The filibuster is the reason why 95% of the awful crap that passed the House under Nancy Pelosi like DC statehood never went anywhere in the Senate. Manchin and Sinema refused to change the filibuster. Fetterman, Ryan, Warnock and their ilk are running on getting rid of the filibuster.

Note: Even the worst Republicans in the Senate like Mitt Romney or Lindsey Graham aren’t going to vote to nuke the filibuster. The worst Republican Senate candidates like Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker aren’t going to get rid of the filibuster. As long as the filibuster remains intact, the worst outcomes like a massive amnesty for illegal aliens and banning assault weapons will die in the Senate.


  1. No doubt they will deliver a totally radical bill extending even to “partial birth” abortions. What happened to the con man cautiousness of the left? They used to pretend to not want what they actually do want just to get their foot in the door and then extend it bit by bit until everyone has forgotten the correct prediction of the conservative opposition. Is it the heavy female presence in our society has taken things to religious zeal levels? Are there some impatient old boomers who want the revolution completed before they step into the grave? Amazing how they no longer hide who they are the way they did a generation back.

  2. Absolutely true, HW. I’ve said much the same here and on other sites. Saying there’s no difference between dems and reps may be emotionally satisfying but isn’t very practical.

    And if republicans don’t do well in this upcoming election it’s over. California here we come

  3. To me it’s a bad situation when your only choices are between Dr. Oz and Mr. Fetterman.

    Dr. Oz is a supporter of the industry that vivisects kids and has been photographed at the WAE-Bilderburg Group.

    Sadly, he is a much better choice than is Mr. Fetterman, who is on the wrong side of every issue.

    Fetterman would fit right in with the early Leninist/Stalinist/Yezhov/Beria kabal.

  4. President Biden would do a good thing if he codifies Roe into law, because it will induce Red States to make nullification acts – more steps towards a reconfederatization of this land.

    • The only people who support states’ rights on this issue are Rand Paul and a few libertarians.

      The Democrats want congress to allow abortion everywhere, and the Republicans want congress to ban abortion everywhere.(Starting with “late-term” abortion but does anyone think they’ll end there?) Actual supporters of federalism don’t have a dog in this fight.

      • @Andithan…

        I agree with your thoughtful comment.

        What I’ll add is what I always say on this subject : the abortion fight is a symbolic proxy fight between Red & Blue States, the endless sort of which a bad marriage spiraling out of control always has.

        It will continue like this – ,ore and more proxy fights until it becomes so ridiculous and unbearable someone will leave this union, others quickly following.

        That will leave Red States, Blue States apart with Purple States inactive, because they don’t know what to do.

    • “Joe Biden Vows Codifying Roe Is His Top Priority”

      Skyrocketing crime, collapsing border, uncontrolled debt, spending chaos and bribe boy Biden’s issue is abortion.

      Dementia at work !

  5. When I see that Miss Katie Hobbs, Arizona gubernatorial candidate, is in favour of abortion at the last minute, as is Pennsylvania senatorial candidate Fetterman, I realize that their positions are not just individual positions on this matter, but, whether intdended or not, part of an weltanschauung of those who are Modern Democrats.

    And that position is?

    If you become inconvenient to us, we’ll have you ‘whackt’.

    • Some people are in favor of “choice”.
      Neither of those candidates are good, because they both view fixing the border problem as just helping those poor refugees get into the US quicker.
      The other one, Lake, used to be a Democrat. If she’s like Trump, she will make sure every single one of them gets in.

  6. When you’re one in a body that only consists of 100, you know that the filibuster is often an important marker of marginal power for yourself individually, and you don’t want to give it up. Even if the day’s conventional two party binary politics would prescribe that you do, when the rubber hits the road, you won’t want to.

    It’s why the Electoral College is here to stay. Small state legislatures aren’t going to vote for a constitutional amendment that will only serve to disempower their states and states’ voters marginally, as a pure national popular vote would do compared to the EC. And you need 38 state legislatures approval for a conamend.

    It’s why the Supreme Court through 2021 constantly rebuked Brandon with 9-0 decisions when usually these things are 6-3 and 5-4. The libs on the court went against Brandon, because they were signaling to him to forget about court packing. It’s because, while SCOTUS libs are libs, they’re also SCOTUS. And it matters not your particular politics, when you’re one of a club of nine, you don’t want to be one of a club that’s more than nine. This kind of exclusivity matters to people who have attained it.

  7. Seem’s like they don’t really believe, in this democracy tripe, they are trying to peddle all the time, their action’s would suggest that, I think most of them are satanist, but they all are power hungry…….

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