Tucker Carlson: Elon Musk Is Close To Acquiring Twitter

Twitter has been rigged for five years.

Tucker reported on his show last night that Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter which has been in limbo for months is likely to close within the next two weeks.

The polls have consistently showed that the Republican base is far more radical in 2022 than in 2016. We haven’t seen what that looks like online because of the massive censorship. The censorship has created an illusion of normalcy on sites like Twitter by hiding these developments.

Note: In case you were wondering, Alt-MSNBC is pro-censorship, pro-drag queen and pro-NATO and has become worse than the mainstream populist Right on virtually all issues.


  1. I just want to get back on Twitter long enough to inform Richard Spencer that he’s an effete, narcissistic fag.

    • The man has Stockholm syndrome after j orgs and the establishment destroying his finances, career, marriage and ability to participate in society, eg. banking, social media, even email. He can use grandfathered anglo institutions, like checks and mail.
      He is narcissistic and gobbled the alt right label to his own aggrandizement. However, the media would have latched in to someone else if he wasn’t available. People need to forgive at some point.

  2. Techno-Triumphalist Elon will save us as we all connect to the hivemind neurolink?
    Only if Klaus orders it as Musk is WEF for life.

    • As we see, censorship doesn’t work, it radicalizes people.

      I won’t return because social media is highly addictive, and is a waste of time. The only way I would use social media again, is if I was paid to shill something on there. I wish Musk well and hope he can make Twitter profitable.

  3. Honest to god, the best thing Elon could do is just pull the plug on the servers and sell them for scrap metal. Take the relatively small (for him) financial loss and be proud that he did something good for humanity.

    Don’t get me wrong, as long as it exists, Twitter should be a free speech haven. I encourage dissidents to get back on it and raise hell. However, it is a cesspool of leftist degeneracy, leftist activism, and an abused tool for activist journalists. Making it a “free speech zone” will not alter that fact, because Elon will be reluctant to reel their bullshit in or inflict any punishment on them for their excesses.

    Completely nuking it is the only way.

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