Mike Pence Lashes Out At “Unprincipled Populists” Who Are “Putin Apologists”

There is no room in the Republican Party for anyone under the age of 45! There is only room for people who are still living in the Cold War who will be dead anyway in four years!

Note: If memory serves, even the Koch Network and the Heritage Foundation oppose more aid to Ukraine.


  1. “””…..even the Koch Network and the Heritage Foundation…. “”””

    As much I know, even the most normal gays sooner or later coming out from the closet as completely degenerated pederasts.

    Trump is Genius. He is smoking out every last of them. This is what Draining the Swamp really mean.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Koch Network opposes these sanctions, they are bad for business both domestically and internationally. This is one issue where nationalist and corporate interests align. The only people who support these sanctions are Libtards and the few remaining Neo-Cons, who do so for ideological reasons.

    • Republicans are limp idiots meant to give the impression of opposition. meanwhile demonrats have went full on commie. Commie was a bad think 15 years ago. Now it’s almost celebrated in America.

      Republicans were never a conservative party. This has been true since their very formation, when they pushed for invading the South during the Civil War. And it was certainly true during the recent NeoCon takeover of the party which was heavily influenced by Trotskyite commies.

      The Republican Party was formed by ex-Whigs Party members after that party failed miserably and the people abandoned them. Whigs and the Republicans that followed after were conservative in only one area: Economics. Both the Whigs and Republicans believed they could hold the country together through economic interests and economic interests alone, everything else be damned. Basically, an Economic Nationalism.

      This why you can always ask the following of most Republicans: “What have you actually conserved?”

      And the answer will always be: the interests of the financial elites.

      This is also why attacks by Cultural Marxists on our society has been so effective in recent decades. Republicans were/are only interested in mainly conserving the interests the financial elites. They were never interested in conserving things like demographics, culture, religion, etc.

      Democrats: Actively anti-White
      Republicans Passively anti-White.
      Laws: Anything remotely good for whites will be struck down by a commie judge.
      Democrats politicians are the most repulsive anti-White, Republican Trotskyite RINO’s second

      Because the american regime ideology of today is strict racially and identical its based on an a semite tribal caste system not longer an english common law

      There’s only commie democrates & NeoCon Trotskyite commies. republicans. The true legitmate right wing has been banned for nearly a century and exists in exile & persecution.

      The commies has been on the culture war offensive for the last twenty years and now it’s our turn.

      I belief that the current Republican Party must be totally and completely dismantled, eradicated and become a white people party to fight commies.

  3. Mikey thinks he will be the 2024 Grand Old Politburo guy but Ronny Yarmulke is the great red hope now.
    Only in the land of the fee and the home of the knave would people fall for any of this kabuki theater of the absurd.
    America First is just too much for internationalist sell outs and they do want some Armageddon with visions of being whisked up into the sky to the great Osteenland amusement park.

  4. The constituency for nuclear Armageddon is actually quite small; The Usual Suspects, their lap dogs and the Deep State. Unfortunately, this tiny group wields enormous power by controlling the money and therefore, the government at all levels and until recently, the public megaphone.

    It’s beginning to look like they are going to get swept out of power this election cycle and with the coming economic collapse, permanently gone, done in by their own policies, ironically. The question is: can they be made to give up political power without incinerating the whole place on the way out the door? Perhaps they have a Samson Option for the U.S., too?

    ” . . . Rosenbaum writes in his 2012 book How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III that, in his opinion, in the “aftermath of a second Holocaust”, Israel could “bring down the pillars of the world (attack Moscow and European capitals for instance)” as well as the “holy places of Islam.” He writes that “abandonment of proportionality is the essence” of the Samson Option.[dubious – discuss][34]

    In 2003, a military historian, Martin van Creveld, thought that the Al-Aqsa Intifada then in progress threatened Israel’s existence.[35] Van Creveld was quoted in David Hirst’s The Gun and the Olive Branch (2003) as saying:

    We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. . . “


    • Martin van Creveld also wrote in German conservative magazine Junge Freiheit a few years ago that “Germany has nailed itself to the cross and will keep on hanging as long as human memory persists”. This is the attitude of the so called based ones. The vision of Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan and all the rest is very obviously now “Germany must perish!”

      I am not afraid of Russian nukes. Zio-American ones on the other hand…

      • “There is no room for Putin’s apologists in the American conservative movement. There is only room for champions of freedom”.

        F U, Marek. I’d trust Czar Vlad any day, far more than SENILE JEW-OWNED JOE.

    • “Perhaps they have a Samson Option for the U.S., too?”

      Yes, in their twisted theology, they believe that global conflagration will lead to a new world of jwzish rule, with themselves immune to all suffering.

      Weird and twisted, i know, but that is their reasoning, ie sophistry.

  5. Czar Putin messed up launching this war (he obviously thought the Ukie government would collapse like the Afghani government did to the Taliban).

    However the fact remains Mother Russia is now a bulwark of (Orthodox) Christian Nationalism and is worthy of support.

    Pence will go down as a mere foot note in History as a stooge for war mongering Neo-cons while I predict there will be hymns of praise sung to Czar Vladimir in the not to distant future!

    • “Czar Putin messed up launching this war (he obviously thought the Ukie government would collapse like the Afghani government did to the Taliban).”

      Okay, let’s check the score …

      RUSSIA – under coach Vladimir Putin

      Bulgarian Government down
      Italian government down.
      2 British Governments down
      Swedish government down

      Germany out of ammunition and out of money – set to close hospitals to save on energy
      Britain out of money.
      NATO at odds with itself

      Finland and Sweden no longer attempting to join NATO or make the Eastern Baltic Sea a Russian free zone.

      Saudi Arabia unaligned with the US and joining BRICS
      Turkey realigning from NATO to Russia

      India and China supporting Russian Economy.
      Russian Ruble the hottest world currency for the last couple of months.

      The American Dollar falling from it’s positon as the world reserve currency

      Recent Ukrainian Offensive in Kherson failing – after a casualty losses of tens of thousands – many times more than Russian.

      4 Donetskian Regions out of Ukraine and in Russia

      Uniting almost the entire Eurasian Bloc against The West.

      THE WEST… under coach Victoria Nuland

      Controlling the Media wars and spinning the populace
      Charging European countries 4 times the amount Russia would for LNG.
      Selling lots of ammunition.
      Distracting everyone

      THE WEST………… 10

      Stay tuned – as the list of fallen governments continues to grow.

      1-256 betting odds that Russia won’t be one of them.

    • Putin hides in a bunker while thousands of russian die and flee the country.

      Putin IS Globohomo, instead of mixing whites with brown people, he wants whites to mix with Chechens and Asians, that’s why it’s called Eurasianism

      Go to Russia and publicly speak out against jews. See what happens.
      Why can’t you question the Holohoax in Russia without going to prison ?
      Vladimir Putin made it illegal to “deny holocaust” in 2014
      largest holocaust museum on Earth constructed in Moscow a few years ago.

      Imagine supporting a bolshevik communist just to “own the heckin libs”.
      I dont support globohomo. I hope zelensky dies of aids or go to jail for war crimen and washington gets the same, along with every single communist bolshevik scum that exists on the planet, starting with putin.

    • Thetime for that passed along time ago. Listen to fash the nation. Jazzhands says the West is completely unable to deal with Putin right now, because he was one of the big players in NATO and the good old boys club, and now with his speech to the Duma he has called out the Jew for the bastard that he is.

      The US-WEF/NATO cannot risk World War III with a major contender. The Jewish west only uses war for “lesser“ nations….

  6. Race Bannon is cuck scum of the earth. He mouth-farts about Russian “communists” and how the jewS has always seen itz role as the “arsenal o’ democracy”. That would’ve been news to the Founders.

    All these clapped-out old connedservatard vermin, whores of the kikes, the MIC & globalist billionaires, need to be dragged to glue factory.

    • Martin Luther expressed the appropriate attitude toward Jews, in line with the seven Woes Christ proclaimed against them. Anti-Judaism is the Christian attitude, there can be no other. Mike Pence is among the deceived.

  7. Was a little low on diesel yesterday morning in Cali on i40, thought I might get 40 gallons. Yikes, $7.89 a gallon, no thanks.

    Got into Arizona, $5.81, on i40. Really low, so I got 50 gallons. New Mexico, $5.31, SAME DEAL.

    Finally got to Texas, even there, $5.04 a gallon. What can I do? Fill up, 214 gallons. Over a thousand dollars to fill up.

    The uniparty wanted this war. The uniparty is actually still completely united on this war. We are paying the price.

    Don’t vote. It only encourages them.

    • Looks like the diesel shortage is going to get worse:

      ” . . . Wholesale diesel prices in the spot market of New York harbor, a key pricing point, have surged this week to more than $200 per barrel. . . .”

      (1 petroleum barrel = 42 U.S. gallons, 35 Imperial gallons)

      ” . . . According to the EIA, the US now has just 25 days of diesel supply, the lowest since 2008 . . .”


      Of course, the bottleneck is refining and storage of refined petroleum products including diesel, not oil production. Releases from the SPR cannot help since crude oil cannot be turned into diesel quickly enough because of a lack of oil refining capacity. The lack of refining capacity has been a problem for years and not caused by the current class of geniuses in the White House but like everything else they have touched, they have made it worse.

      • “Releases from the SPR ”

        Biden has drawn that down to dangerous levels.

        As I’ve posted b4, we should be running on ammonia, but WHITE genius has either been killed or shunted to the sidelines.

      • @12AX7…

        I don’t think that these things are happening by accident.

        The WEF/Bilderburg Group has made it abundantly clear that they have a direction for the planet, and that, for it to take effect, first things have to be knockt down.

        This whole ‘energy crisis’, and to make it look either like Vlad’s fault or just an unpleasant necessary side-effeckt of a war against evil, is one of the main features of ‘The Great Reset’.

        President Biden is merely standing at the booth to which he was assigned and cashing in the winning tickets…

    • Which is why economics, not religion, will be the end game.
      The people on here who think religion is the big decider, probably don’t work, have trust funds or other forms of income, and haven’t felt any crunches from any of this. Life just goes on for them.

    • That’s outrageous man. I feel for you. Voting in the corrupt US has always been voting for the lesser of two evils. For quite some time, both sides have adopted evil, now to the extreme. Democracy” is just jewspeak for “a country run by jews.

  8. I’m so absolutely exhausted with this “country’s” obsession with being the world’s moral compass enforcer.

    I understand that we do live on a relatively small globe in a vast universe, and that we all have to find a way to coexist on this planet. I even support a global council like the UN that arbitrates disputes. **MINUS the antiwhite, anticivilizational policies**

    What I can no longer support is being a global police force. Not when we have homeless heroin and fentanyl addicts lining our city streets.

    • The US gov has no “moral compass”. The US gov doesn’t co-exist. The US gov isn’t a global “police force”. They’re the global bullies who murder people they don’t like — by the millions. The UN and the US are antiwhite because the jews control both entities.

      The antiwhite US political class running the US doesn’t care one wit about the average American. They have impoverished the American middle class by shipping good paying manufacturing jobs to China, squandering trillions of dollars and causing thousands of American deaths on endless wars without being held responsible by the American middle and working class.

  9. Dear Mr Vice President,
    Just because my values are not identical to yours, even though many overlap, does not make me, and mine, ‘unprincipled.

    Moreover, I don’t feel I need to apologize to Vladimir, because he has a habit of being circumspect about taking actions until he knows he is right.

    This war he tried to avoid for many years, but it was rammed down his throat by the people you seen to exempt from moral scrutiny.

    I don’t exempt them, Sir, and I think that they, The Rammers, are the ones who need to apologize to all the dead Ukrainians and Russians, not to mention to all the Europeans who are going to freeze to death and the Africans who are going to starve to death, because politicians, like you will, not call out and oppose the World Economic Forum that seems to own most of the governments in The West.

    In any case, I wish you and your family well.

    • Pence still believes that fundy claptrap that Russia is the anti-Christ and that Israel is the apple of God’s eye. As with the other GOP leaders, the free exchange of information has exposed him as just another middling mediocrity and deeply contemptible.

    • Here in Alabama, we have already banned what Putin is complaining about. This varies at the state level. You should check your state Republican Party and find out what they have been doing. I believe Texas and Arkansas already have similar bans.

  10. Mike is not a champion of freedom Mike is the all time champion of Irishmen whoring themselves out to the Jews. And that Big Irish whore Mike Pence want to lead American to cinders. Don’t let the Irish have their way. Send this filth back home where they belong, on the next slow boat to Ireland.



    Mike Pence….well, he supports Global Homo Pederast…

    • Far too many Christians only claim they’re Christians, and they truly believe that they are, but instead of worshipping their God, Jesus Christ, who, according to their own Bible, railed against the jews his whole life, they instead worship those very same jews.

      • You’ve nailed the greatest problem facing Western Christianity perfectly: Too many “Christians” no longer follow Christ in any way. The majority of self-described ‘conservative’ Christians in Murika are like Pence: They really worship a Satanic skinsuit – the Judeo-Christ – rather than Christ himself, who railed against the Pharisees (whose lies form the base on which modern Judaism is entirely derived) during his entire time on earth.

        Those who aren’t directly worshipping Jews like Pence and co. have abandoned Christ for the Golden Dindu-calf and similar idols of the Church of Woke, whose pope is Nosferatu of the ADL (a Jew – e.g. spawn of Satan). This applies to both Protestant and Catholics alike. There is and always will be a remnant who refuses to bow to Satan or his spawn. I’m with them. There are some of us who hang out here.

    • Pence is probably a secret boy-toucher. And his jew masters will reveal that information if he ever stops doing their bidding.

  12. At this point the Israel First/America Last wing of the GOP as represented by Prick Face Pence must be pretty small and irrelevant. At least it should be.

  13. Those girl-repellant wignat imbeciles post a few pictures of Putin surrounded by yids with long beards and small hats as “proof” that he works for them. It’s all so gay and retarded….

  14. The USA Vice President position has been cursed my entire life. When has there been a good one, successful one?

    The USA Vice President job is probably best fit fo the British work avoiding royals. What does the USA VP do? He breaks a tie in the Senate and then we send him to funerals of second tier foreign leaders.

    And this job really grates on White men, causes them to plot – look at LBJ, George HW Bush, Dan Quayle and now Joe Biden. Joe Biden is senile and he got given this because he served his time as VP.

    I forgot who said this but it’s true:

    “The Vice President position ain’t worth a warm bucket of piss”.


  15. Pence, you Judas.
    It is literally all his fault, he was the president of the Senate and he accepted the fraudulent votes. He even got a campaign coin when it was done.
    He’s so scared they will come for him too, he’s worst coward President Trump could’ve pick, the biggest mistake

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