Poll Watch: 59% of Americans See The Mainstream Media As “Major Threat To Democracy”

“Journalists” are the greatest threat to American Democracy.

The Hill:

“More than half of all registered voters see the mainstream media as a threat to American democracy, according to a new poll.

New York Times-Siena College poll published Tuesday found 59 percent of voters view the media as a “major threat to democracy,” while 25 percent said the press is a “minor threat” and only 15 percent said it poses no threat. …”


  1. There is hardly anything more subversive to a multi-ethnic powder keg like America than race-baiting journalists trying to light it.

  2. I view Bolshevik enemedia maggots as clowny entertainment and feel zero sympathy for drooling duped dullards who let someone else think for them.
    Family schooled me as a youngster by having mocking sarcastic running commentary along with the face queefs emitted by Tom Blowchow, Walter Commiekite, Dan Blather, Ted Krappel and others.

  3. In the age of the Internet, The New York Times is just a blog for jews. “Journalists” are bloggers who are paid to do propaganda for blog owners. There is nothing special about these people any longer.

  4. I bet it’s lower than that. I bet only 30% of Americans see the media as a problem. The media is pop culture, sports, pop music, celebrities, and mindless talk.

  5. You can’t have an effective democracy when the media is nothing more than a Ministry of Propaganda. Not only that, but this country is not supposed to be a democracy anyway. How many Americans are aware of that?

  6. 59% of Americans See The Mainstream Media As “Major Threat To Democracy”

    If it had been this way when I was a child we would not be in this fix.

    As it is, I have to spend a lot of time in my community explaining to folks my age, still watching Mainstream Media, what sort of balderdash they are being fed.

  7. It is commie propaganda and media to begin with, not american. You haven’t seen american propaganda since the late 1800s. If commie propaganda fell, commies chinese would try and make cheap copies like they always do

    American media and commie propaganda are literally the same thing. You could argue the American sentiment and delusion in their own people being more important than they are is a invention much like the “American dream” is a hollywood commie invention.

    They killed the White American dream after 1913 when they took over federal reserve.

    The “American dream” of today was quite literally created by commies in hollywood, it originates from California. It’s not even Anglo in origin, but a creation of an ideal America to achieve for nonwhites invaders, no for white people today in America.

    • Re: “commies…commies…commies”:

      I wish there really were some. You’re talking about capitalists. Wake up.

      • You are so clueless

        Communism elevated greedy parasites elite above native Russians in Russia and they’re doing it again with corporate and state capitalism in America. It’s two sides of the same coin.

        The problem was never capitalism as they full leftists retards worldwide like cattle wish to believe in, is the greedy parasites elite parasite on capitalist societies ruining everything by siphon everything for itself using all kinds of financial crimes. Like a parasite sucking the fluids and body parts from the host.

        Stakeholder capitalism is a form of Marxism in a sense, but not one for the people. It’s almost a Marxist revolt against free natural capitalism by the elite, wealthy class.

        BlackRock is a product of greed and corruption not capitalism. Natural capitalism works just great when you don’t have greedy parasites involved. When you build a healthy society around it.

        Natural capitalism within a racial or national framework is the natural state of whites tribes.

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