Axios: Steve Bannon Sentenced To Four Months In Prison

I’m not a fan of Steve Bannon.

Joe Biden’s police state is the single most important reason why I believe that Democrats deserve to lose control of Congress.


“Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser, on Friday was sentenced to four months in prison and ordered to pay a $6,500 fine for defying a subpoena from the Jan. 6 select committee.

Why it matters: The Justice Department had argued that the former Trump adviser should get six months in prison, the harshest sentence available under federal guidelines.”

The people who accuse us of “authoritarianism” have used Congress as a stage for witch hunts and show trials and have weaponized the DOJ and FBI to crush their political opposition.

Note: My top five issues are abuse of civil liberties, defunding the war in Ukraine, illegal immigration, inflation/gas prices and cultural degeneration.


  1. Let’s petition some, many GOP Governors to pardon Steve Bannon. He’s being put in prison for just speaking badly of the Jan 6th committee.

    And who exactly is the J judge that made this insane ruling to put a guy in prison for just making a comment?

    Where does this J live? Hang out?

    They need to be doxed.

      • Why? Because the J-Left did and DO it to us, all the time? And they always get a ‘pass’? Or because you are a Democrat? Or because you are, at heart, a coward? What is that old saying?

        “I didn’t stand up for the White Nationalists, because I wasn’t one,” etc.

      • I agree there are dangers in “doxing” but its proper precautions it can and does work for us. It’s worked for me.

        Please be super super strict about denouncing any kind of violence or illegal activity – harassment etc.

        But, it’s OK to let neighbors, local law enforcement, church officials, VWF clubs aware that there is a bad person who lives in their area who is persecuting regular Americans, putting them/us in jail for just speaking out against Communists, perverts, NKVD/BLM/Antifa/ZOG/LGBT/Satan stuff.

        Again, be super safe, careful – be wary of drunks, big talkers, but yeah, it’s OK to call out enemies, traitors, perverts, bullies etc.

        If our people had obeyed every law and sucked up to every power that be, we’d still be a British colony.

    • Governors cannot pardon federal prisoners. Bannon is just another R-jersey grifter. True he doesn’t deserve a jail sentence but he’s not on our side. Like most politicians, he’s on his side only.

  2. Muh democracy is racking up a lot of political prisoners.
    This will be used by external enemies when lectured to about civil rights or treatment of dissidents.
    I have seen the German Glance from people at gas stations and groceries where you look around and over your shoulder before speaking freely.

  3. Steve Bannon did not say one word in court in his own defense, not one word, but outside the courtroom he has plenty to say to reporters.

    • Some exiled Chinese Billionaire pays Bannon’s Bills. Miles Gao, he runs a big anti CCP media outlet and had his lackeys all call covid “The CCP Virus” the way Fox news mandated that silly “Homicide Bomber” term for terrorists after Bush Jr. fumbled it off his lips during a White House press briefing.

  4. “Good. All neocons should be in prison.”

    Bannon is a self described nationalist & populist who speaks out against the evils of globalism
    He also has some strange obsession with the ChiComs.

    These views are miles away from the elitism that one finds amongst the Jews in the pages of Commentary magazine.

    Also many Jewish Conservatives want to make accomidation with the ChiComs. It would be good for the free trade they believe in and about 15 years ago they even had a conference in Wye Massachusetts about leaving the Globalist American Empire and moving to the Middle Kingdom.

    Bannon is no neo-!

  5. >Note: My top five issues are … illegal immigration

    How about legal immigration? — you know, the whole ‘browning of America’ thing — does anything about that bother you?

    What do you consider ‘illegal immigration’?

    I’ve covered legal aspects of the asylum issue here before, and it would just piss me off to have to do it again in detail.

    Asylum practices concern me far more than ‘illegal immigration’, since the latter would be fairly easy to stop, even without a wall, assuming the political will to do so existed, whereas the former has the potential to flood every white country with huge numbers of non-white migrants masquerading as asylum-seekers as far into the future as you care to imagine.

    Let me put it to you this way: you could build a wall a MILE HIGH from ‘sea to shining sea’, and it would not make one damn bit of difference regarding asylum — millions of non-whites could still show up at legal ports of entry (e.g. on the southern border) and say the magic word ‘asylum’, and it would be illegal to exclude them, or not give their claims due consideration — and given the ever-expanding number of reasons to apply for asylum and be granted refugee status (it used to be limited to a ‘well-founded fear of persecution’, e.g. Jews in the Third Reich, whose fate was the proximate cause for the 1951 convention on refugees, and the resulting treaty), this poses a clear existential threat to white countries everywhere, one which is embedded in international law.

    No irregular migration issue is more imperative than forcing Mexico to sign a ‘safe third country’ agreement.

    • and given the ever-expanding number of reasons to apply for asylum and be granted refugee status

      Definitely. The ‘climate refugee’ hornswoggle alone is sufficient to doom every white country, if it’s allowed to take off (and all indications are that its promoters are hoping it will). Denying the legitimacy of such a category is, ultimately, itself a matter of political will.

  6. Fat Bannon is half Goldman Sachs half Hollywood. I watched him sabotage Trump’s 2020 campaign, and here he is again, attempting to sabotage the Reds in the midterms.

    Not that I care, but I was surprised to learn that a lot of qtard level people actually take Fat Bannon at face value.

    Fat Bannon is getting exactly what he wanted, what he planned for. Most qtards are not aware that all fatso had to do is show up and plead the fifth.

    But that’s not what fatso wanted. He wanted to be a fake victim, to corrupt the information space and weaken the Reds going up to the election. It is working.

    Bannon is very fat and sloppy, and a career criminal, a psychopath. And very smart as well. A lot of fools have fallen for his various frauds and rackets. Jail is right where he belongs.

    • I agree he should have just showed up and taken the 5th. But apparently he did lots and lots of testimony before Congressional committees about “Russia Gate” what the f*#&$ was that?

      What ever your personal views and Steve Bannon – yeah he worked for Goldman Sachs. I thought at least his views on the Southern border made sense. And it was the Js that pushed Steve Bannon out of the Trump Administration and substituted that loathsome J Trump Son in Law Jared Kushner. There hasn’t been so a terrible mating of our beautiful White Nordic/Shiksa woman with a loathsome ugly J since fat hairy Billy Joel mated, married Nordic super model Christie Brinkley – their daughter is an an ugly skank.

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