Joe Biden Criticizes Republicans For Threatening To Cut Off Aid To Ukraine

No sense of American foreign policy!

Washington Post:

“President Biden is criticizing Republicans who are threatening to cut off aid to Ukraine if they win control of the House in next month’s midterm elections, arguing that they are displaying a fundamental misunderstanding of U.S. foreign policy.

“They said that if they win they’re not likely to fund, to continue to fund Ukraine,” the president said at a political fundraiser in Philadelphia on Thursday night. “These guys don’t get it.”“It’s a lot bigger than Ukraine,” he added. “It’s Eastern Europe. It’s NATO. It’s really serious, serious consequential outcomes. … They have no sense of American foreign policy.”

Russia, we’re coming!

Western liberals are at war with Russia, not us.

Millions of Americans have never supported this stupid war and its devastating economic fallout. Trump was impeached by these bloodthirsty people for hesitating to arm Zelensky. In hindsight, I regret failing to fully grasp that significance of that episode.

Daily Beast:

“The GOP cavalry is coming! Hang on Vlad!” is the clear message being sent by Republican leaders like House Minority Leader (who might very soon be Speaker of the House) Kevin McCarthy. In an interview with Punchbowl News, McCarthy said …

After all, withholding aid to Ukraine was a signature decision of the leader of the Republican Party, former President Donald Trump (even if the way he did it was illegal and led to his first impeachment.) …

That said, given the GOP’s history of support for Putin, and the rumblings that Republican leaders may seek to dial back our aid for Ukraine at precisely the wrong moment—it’s entirely possible that Putin may get the last laugh, thanks in great part to having opened that second front in the West.”

My preferred foreign policy is not blundering into disastrous and expensive wars in remote parts of Eurasia over places that no one here cares enough about to ever visit.

Note: The interventions in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan were bad enough, but nowhere near as threatening as this war in Ukraine which was unleashed by crazed Russiagaters.


  1. If only they would get this riled up over the FUSA.
    Internationalist comrades only have loyalty to whatever shekel is in play and nothing else.
    World Banker Communists will give them the useful idiot treatment with no credit to Wall Street for funding the first Bolshevik revolution.

  2. “Putin must go”

    Who is this ((rothkopf)) bastard to call for the overthrow of a sovereign head of state ? Let him go fight, buy his own weapons and supplies.

    Who are these ((())) to have WHITES killing other WHITES ?

  3. The morons running Washington apparently won’t rest until they’ve started World War 3. And all over some piddly little country that doesn’t amount to a whole lot in the first place. World War 1 started like this Serbia and Montenegro, I think, then the bigger countries got involved and it was a hell of a mess. Iran is supposedly helping Russia with drones, this stupid thing could escalate, anybody that thinks it couldn’t is kidding themselves.

  4. One of the reasons I like Trump is he was very harsh on NATO and wanted them to finally pay some money or just desolve that alliance.

    I much prefer that to Sleepy Joe and his getting us into World War 3!

  5. I guess the Lincoln Project want to Reconstruct Russia.

    It wasn’t enough for these Yankees to overthrow the Constitution and invade and conquer “their own country,” in the 1860’s. They had to take Reconstruction on a World tour.

    Let Yankeedom fight Russia, all by themselves. Leave their colonial territories, that folks in real America call the Southern and Western “United States,” out of it.

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s)


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