Appeals Court Blocks Joe Biden’s Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Program

I’ve dismissed this from the beginning as an election year gimmick which Biden floated at the last minute to get struck down in court.


“A federal appeals court temporarily blocked President Biden’s student debt relief program on Friday, barring federal debt cancellation as six Republican states’ bid to halt the program plays out in court.

Driving the news: The decision comes a day after a lower court tossed out the states’ lawsuit, which argues that the Biden administration overstepped its authority with its plan to cancel up to $20,000 per person for more than 40 million people. …”

Joe Biden’s eviction moratorium was struck down by the Supreme Court last summer.


  1. I mean… I’d kinda like that money. What are we now, principled conservatives? The looting phase started a long time ago. Why can’t Whitey have a taste?

    Blacks generally won’t benefit from this. Because they are given grants and scholarships, or never went to college to begin with.

    Rich swpl PMC’s won’t because of income.

    Working class types that didn’t go to college won’t but… the argument that they have to pay for this “bailout” is retarded. Nobody is paying for anything anymore its just running up the credit card at this point.

    Not everybody that went to college is a shitlib with pink hair and a degree in performative literature….

    Why shouldn’t we take what we can from ZOG?

  2. I paid for my three kids’ University education. I don’t want a refund because I don’t take hand outs. Pisses me off to see our government trying to force charity on people who don’t need it. One more aspect of Christian morality that the Left is destroying. They won’t be happy until everyone worships Satan they way Leftists do.

  3. I think a lot of people under 40 have been fleeced by the education racket. My big problem with the debt forgiveness is it does nothing to stop the continuing scam of very unnecessary mass college attendance. These high school councilors pretty much force the kids to sign up for the fleece out of loyalty to the continuation of the whole education racket that butters their bread and is a wasteful allocation of our economic resources. It’s as if every high school had a bunch of luxury car dealers sitting in an office where the kids all went in and were given a sales pitch resulting in them signing on to take on 6 figure loans for what is mostly not necessary.

    Other than some STEM curricula for about 20% of the right end of the bell curve, most kids need to become part of their local economy when they turn 18. Heck, the dummies should even start to work at 16! I notices a kid just graduating from my local Big 10 school with a “Pharmacy School or Bust!” sign on the back of their car. What? I’m puzzled as to what they were doing for the last 4 years getting fleeced at State University majoring in Pharmacy? Shouldn’t this already have given them all the skills they need to count out a bunch of diabetes pills for the local fatties? So now they need to waste more time and money on yet more schooling? What a racket!

    These people are as bad as your local car dealership that wants you to fork over $150 a year replacing brake fluid that should last half a decade. And the worse part of it is, unlike the various unnecessary expenses every scammy business these days seems to want your bank account number for, this racket does real damage to the minds and morale of our society. And THIS aspect of the scam the deep state will never surrender willingly, they want their socialist brainwashing camps to keep running. School and College is the regimes own version of hitler youth or the communist young pioneers. Biden just wants the taxpayers to subsidize it for another 4 years. I say fire the teachers and education bureaucrats the way Reagan fired the air traffic controllers and bring in the guard till we can restaff a new set of teachers at a fraction of it’s former size, without the ridiculous retirement benefits of collecting $80K at age 55 from then on out to sit on the beach in Florida or Sun City.

  4. If they can forgive student loans why not forgive credit card loans, car loan, mortgages, etc. What makes the communists in training so special?

  5. Who the hell went to court to block student debt relief?

    >… as six Republican states’ bid to halt the program plays out in court.

    Oh, I see — why would Republicans want to see young people burdened with student loan debt? — such high principles these Republicans have.

    People who are willing to vote for GOP candidates for ‘muh reasons’ have to eat a lot of shit that’s always being shoveled their way — ‘muh bootstraps’ — no wonder these dumb assholes are unpopular to the point of being unelectable in many parts of the country — they side with with the rent-seeking usury class over young people trying to start an independent life.

    >an election year gimmick

    I assure you young people saddled with debt don’t see it as a ‘gimmick’ — instead they rightly see the Republicans trying to block it as fucking cretins.

    Yet these same dumbfuck Republicans would never say one word about the phony and rapidly growing national debt.

    • If Joe Biden was serious about this stunt, he would have done it a year ago and fought it in court. This was never anything more than a sop to activists like the rent moratorium which he knew would also get struck down in court.

  6. Student loan debt relief is student loan debt relief, regardless of your take on the supposed political calculus behind it — most importantly, it’s the right thing to do — I don’t understand the remark about ‘fought it in court’ — does Biden have the authority to do what he did or not? — that seems to be the pending question — presumably now that his authority to unilaterally forgive student loan debt is being challenged, the Biden DOJ will ‘fight’ for debt relief in court — as far as I know, there was no reason to ‘fight it in court’ before now — ?

    If I were Biden and the Democrats, instead of billions more for Ukraine I’d push a bill thru Congress to codify the debt relief before the midterms, and make a big deal about it in the media, as well as highlight the fact Republicans tried to prevent it via judicial maneuvering — repeal of Roe v Wade and student loan debt relief both have the potential to win midterm votes for Democrats.

    I’ve heard and understood all, and I mean literally ALL, arguments against forgiving the student loan debt — I still favor it.

    • Obviously, I support student loan debt relief. I’ve said so many times in the past. This is a political stunt though. Even with control of Congress, Democrats don’t have the will to pass it or a dozen other things they LARP as supporting

      • For the record, I think Biden & the Democrats intended (and will) pass a measly 10K of student loan forgiveness. But even if they didn’t, they can always count on republicans to block anything that helps working people. The same republican party who did not blink while forgiving trillions in PPP loans & tax cuts for the rich (aka Trickle Down Economics) that got Truss exposed and humiliated. 90% of us are working people.

        Make no mistake that the Con Inc. is using our grievances to get them in power to do exactly what they are doing now, but worse. They do not even support repealing Roe, TBH. They are hypocrits on this issue or Herschel Walker would be on the curb right now.

        Use our votes to get them in power & all populist issues will be dropped, and that includes MTG, Boebert, Gaetz, and the other freaks they selected as a part of this strategy.

        Listen to Turtle. He’s as smart as a fox & we had better catch up.

        • They had two years to pass it through Congress. Didn’t even bother. Democrats don’t even support it. Biden’s executive order was for midterm messaging. He knows it will be shot down in court

  7. Be Fair. A lot was passed through Congress for working people but could not pass the 50 republicans, 49 democrats and 1 independent.

    It’s tough here during election season because the usual Con Inc. people show up.

    What happened to Christian Nationalism? Or any of the tens of outrage inducing stories from “CRT” to Trucker Convoys?

    This is embarrassing.

    What happens with any carrot they throw to us on the race track? Nothing. We are running & running after a party running away from us.

    The Democrats are openly racists. Maybe there is a corner for us. This republican minority rule is exhausting.

    • Democrats have controlled Congress for two years and haven’t even bothered to hold a vote on student loan debt forgiveness. They don’t have the votes for it in their own party. This is also why they stripped out like a thousand things from the Build Back Better bill. Biden’s executive order was just for midterm messaging which is why it was rolled out with less than two months before the midterms.

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