Steve Bannon: Defund the FBI

Once again, I am no fan of Steve Bannon, but there is no bigger issue than the weaponization of law enforcement by the Democrats against anyone who they want to go after and imprison for being a “far right extremist.” This goes far beyond people like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.

George Conway explains how this works below. The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago and the documents case is just “the shortest route” between Trump and “an orange jumpsuit.” The case is a means to an end. The law is a tool now that Democrats are using to criminalize their political opposition.

The mindset in Joe Biden’s DOJ and FBI now is that these people are “domestic extremists” and we need to cook up some excuse to get them. They will throw anything against the wall to find something that sticks. Bannon is correct that defunding the FBI has to be a top priority in the next Congress.

If MAGA Republicans become the dominant faction in the House, defunding Ukraine and abolishing the FBI have to be at the top of the agenda.

Note: In the Dark Brandon speech, Joe Biden threatened everyone who he considers a “MAGA Republican” who are “semi-fascists” and enemies of Our Democracy.


  1. I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb here when I say the FBI will not be defunded — so this is just another example of conservatard grandstanding: throwing rhetorical red meat to their low information, undemanding supporters who never hold people like Bannon accountable vis-a-vis achieving concrete results.

    Obviously the FBI must be reformed, downsized, and above all depoliticized — but the latter is largely a matter of individual moral character, and nowadays that seems to be a problem:

    linkPeople like this need a Current Thing at all times because they get uncomfortable and nervous when they’re not sure how to signal their reliability and subservience to the regime.

  2. A better approach is to localize law enforcement in Whiter places. Tennessee should boot the FBI, DOJ, all Fed Critical Race theory sh*t and make a very strong effort to localize news media – most political TV news needs to be run by locals, not Js from NYC, Washington, Harvard and Yale or Weinstein perverts and hate White people Hollywood folks in southern California.

  3. I strongly recommend any Southern Nationalists, immigration patriots, identitarians keep a very low profile these next 18 days. Expect lots of dirty tricks by the regime, the deep state, the military industrial complex and the co-alition of LGBT, BLM, ZOG to incite conflict with “RACISTS” and that ‘s pretty much anybody that voted for Trump or went to a BYU women’s volleyball game.

    Don’t take the bait.

    Keep a low profile, clean up your home, clean up your hard drive. Don’t hang with drinkers and talkers who talk revolutionary gun fantasies.

    Reverse the urge to get on TV any TV and speak THE TRUTH.


    Keep a low profile “No comment”, “I have nothing to say” to law enforcement or media.

    Never do a taped edited interview – you can’t win.

    Eat a decent diet, get decent exercise, dress and act in a normal way.

    Also understand that the legions of SEC NFL fans are more than willing to throw you under the bus.

    Learn to video tape conflict and yes EDIT same as the MSM, BLM, ZOG does.

  4. Nothing will happen through the regular Constitutional channels.

    When we win it will be through a Discontinuity.

  5. Why does Steve Bannon say, ” take down the CCP” in his statement to the press? Is it because Bannon is on the payroll of billionaire Chinese fugative Guo Wengui? And Steve wants to regime change China to get his patron off the hook? Is that it?

  6. If they defund the FBI, they should examine its files, to see if it was used to suppress political dissent, and all of the parties involved should be exposed. If this is found to be true, it would be a breach of the public trust, the First Amendment, and would be a prosecutable offense.

  7. Bannon is getting exactly what he wanted and planned to get. He wanted you to keep writing about him, so he set all this up by an act of extreme contumacy.

    Having succeeded in setting himself up as a fake victim, when in fact he is a career criminal, he has succeeded in poisoning the information space at this time with his vile presence. Ssme as 2020.

    The problem with the Right is a lack of discernment. Astonishingly, most on the right don’t even understand that Bannon is an enemy, and that he actively and successfully sabotoged Trump’s re-election effort.

    Again, all Bannon had to do was honor the summons and appear, and take the fifth if he so chose. But that is not what he wanted. What he wanted is exactly what is happening right now.

    One curiosity is the timing of the take down of the Daily Stormer, at the exact time Bannon got himself back in the news. Wanglin is the only Rightist I know of that has written truthfully about Bannon, that he is a careet criminal and a subverter.

    Finally, no one is going to defund the FBI. They have files on literally everyone. Margie Two Names is going to wind up in prison, if she manages to stay alive. I know that is unfair, bur that is how it works.

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