Elon Musk: Who Decides What Is The Current Thing?

Libtards on Twitter.

Sheriff Musk will be in control of Twitter this week.


  1. Who decides what the current thing is? A bunch of obese blue haired gender fluid cultural marxists of course.

  2. Who decides what is what and who is who ?

    Genetic white liberals of course. Until we do not address genetic madness inside the white race, they will take over and turn into absurd every last thing we have.

    Greta Thunberg clearly explained that Christian Nationalism means that you must be poor like Jesus Christ for having nuclear war with Russia because Russia is another nation.

    All words mean what dominant communist force on you. Words meaning is decided by violent communists.

    Science…what Antifa wants right now
    Democracy…what Antifa wants right now

    And so on.

    • The people who control the institutions decide who is allowed to be heard. The people who control the universities determine who gets to work in the institutions, so the universities are the gatekeepers of the power structure. If the top of your country is filled with white retards and anti-white jews, its because you let your education system get taken over by hostiles, and they turned your children against you.

      20 years ago, if someone argued a man and a woman were the same, 99% of people would think they were insane. Now we see conservatives and liberals actually having serious arguments with each other about this. LOL

      Should mass media be considered part of the “education system”, because the people who control it brag they use it for that purpose, and it molds weak minded people like they are clay.

      • This video shows how bad things have gotten. This woman is suing, but it’s quite obvious how many institutions are now so corrupt. There is a high level of corruption, not just politically, but in many institutions.

        I hope this smart woman wins big time. It would be a landmark victory. She’s a mental health care nurse and counselor. They’ve put “whiteism”, “white privilege”, “Christians”, and the bible as racist, and insist that anyone in their institution acknowledge and conform to these standards.

        “Whiteness: A Problem of Our Time”: Nurse Sues NHS For Racist Class Saying Bible & Whites Are Racist

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