1. Neither President Biden nor his mental health are the issue, Mr. Dore.

    No, President Biden is merely the point man for interested factions who pay him much more than we do.

    But then, you know that, which begs the question : why are we talking about this?

  2. It’s not sad, it’s dangerous and an embarrassment. I’m sure his handlers are enjoying and taking advantage of his mental decline, including his wife.

    • Leftists can’t be embarrassed. Libs are out to destroy our society. Liberalism is the systematic destruction of everything good that Western society has put in place. Liberals use non-discrimination as a means to break down every institution and dissolve the identity of America. Homosexual child molestation now overlaps significantly with the so-called “tranny agenda. They defend and practice pedophelia and you better believe they’d promote and defend beastiality if they thought it would move their ideology forward.

      Liberals are about the business of tearing down the superior White culture of the West. They work relentlessly to bring down our society to the level of their designated victims. Under the guise of equality, Liberals take our ordered, structured, society, and drag down the good, to devalue our superior culture and bring all groups down to the same level. Equality at any cost, is the principle; non-discrimination is the means, and destruction of the West, is the end.

  3. Dementia Joe is still Mr. President because Cackling Kamala is Vice President. If Dementia Joe goes away Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President. She is his life insurance contract.

    In spite of that it would not be surprising if the Deep State gets rid of Dementia Joe anyway after the elections next month. As Trump would say: “They’re not sending their best!”

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