2024 Outcomes Could Hinge On 2022 Midterm Races

I was just thinking about Barton Gellman’s essay in The Atlantic about the election deniers who are running for governor in key swing states.

The Atlantic:

“The coming midterm elections, meanwhile, could tip the balance further. Among the 36 states that will choose new governors in 2022, three are presidential battlegrounds—Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan—where Democratic governors until now have thwarted attempts by Republican legislatures to cancel Biden’s victory and rewrite election rules. Republican challengers in those states have pledged allegiance to the Big Lie, and the contests look to be competitive. In at least seven states, Big Lie Republicans have been vying for Trump’s endorsement for secretary of state, the office that will oversee the 2024 election. Trump has already endorsed three of them, in the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan. …”

Kari Lake is running for governor in Arizona.

Doug Mastriano is running for governor in Pennsylvania.

Tim Michels is running for governor in Wisconsin.

Tudor Dixon is running for governor in Michigan.

Joe Lombardo is running for governor in Nevada.

Brian Kemp is running for governor in Georgia.

These are the swing states which will almost certainly decide who is elected president in 2024. Lake, Lombardo and Kemp are winning their races. Michels and Dixon are tied in their races. Mastriano is currently projected to lose on Real Clear Politics, but the polls have overestimated Shapiro. No one gave Jack Ciattarelli a chance in New Jersey and he nearly defeated Phil Murphy.

Suppose the 2024 election ends up like the 2020 election. Will all these people who are running for governor and state secretary of state certify a Joe Biden victory?

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