Poll Watch: White Rural Voters Are Super Energized

Glenn Youngkin won in Virginia and Jack Ciattarelli nearly won in New Jersey because of rural turnout and rural margins in late 2021.

NBC Narratives:

But first: Our latest national NBC News poll finds that the midterm electorate looks a lot like what we saw play out in Virginia’s gubernatorial election a year ago. 

Interest in the midterms is at an all-time high, but Republicans and Rural America are more enthusiastic than Democrats and Urban America are. …

Then there’s the geographic divide in congressional preference. 

Urban voters prefer a Democratically-controlled Congress by 34 points (64%-30%), suburban voters prefer a GOP-controlled Congress by 4 points (48%-44%) and rural voters prefer a Republican-controlled Congress by a whopping 53 points (75%-22%). …

“This is what Virginia looked like,” said NBC News co-pollster Bill McInturff, a Republican, referring to Glenn Youngkin’s  overwhelming margins with rural Republicans that propelled his Virginia gubernatorial victory a year ago. …”

That’s right.

White rural America is poised to destroy American Democracy.


  1. “White Rural Voters Are Super Energized”

    One of the biggest coups in the history of the planet is the Supreme court ruling that took away regional based Senates for the States legislatures. The same structure as regional based Senates in the Federal government. For some reason, not given, it was legal in the Federal government but not in the States. Why people are not screaming bloody murder at this illegal coup of epic proportions, I have no idea. This piled all the power in the States into the city centers in every single State. This can be overturned with a majority vote in the House and Senate. They decide what the courts can rule on. Furthermore they also decide the voting qualifications for the members of each house.

    I cover in absurd detail how we could take over the whole country with just a majority vote in the House and Senate here and further in the thread with link to even more details.


    Whenever the left gets in power, they wrench every lever they can get to stay in power and to oppress us. We should do the same and tell them what to do. Maybe instead of tranny time in the schools, we could force them to have prayer time, They don’t like it they can vax off.

    • Thanks for the reminder/commenting about this again; valid points tend to get lost or forgotten over time — I saw your previous comments, and looked into/considered your argument, including the relevant SCOTUS ruling(s); as I recall, I was not entirely convinced — but I will spend some time to both review and think about it all again, because the urban/suburban vs rural schism is an important aspect of politics today.

  2. I think that rural people have more genuine lifestyle than people who live in the cities. When you live near nature (i mean in a village near nature) you can touch the truth and the essential values of the live. Instead, in the cities, you can touch the garbage of the leftists materialistic people.

  3. Yeah, OK, maybe. Just be super on guard for the Powers that be in Rural America seriously fU*#@$&@ us over – doing things like letting Tyson Foods and Cargill flood rural American, small town America with lowest wage Black Somalian Bantu Muslim workers… “Just doing the jobs that White Americans don’t want” – like working 10 hours a day at minimum wage in dangerous unhealthy, unsanitary conditions, and brining in Ebola and Covid infected Somalians, Central Americans who don’t use toiled paper or soap, yep that brings in Unstanity conditions for everyone.

    Then there’s the GA Onion King, the Cliven Bundy and Bundy family cowboys in rural America that want to be able to do whatever they want with “Ma Land” – stuff like slaughtered beautiful wolves and Coyotees and these proud “Ma Land” Amurikuns just love, LOVE low wage Mestizo Mexican and Mayan Indian migrant labor – because these Orcs supposed have better work ethnics than us White Americans.

    And don’t get these flag waving rural Americans started on another patriottard, Je* Neo Conservative war for “Democracy and Freedom” in Iraq, Syria or now Crimea, Russia.

    So many of these dumb ass rural Americans just LOVE Rambo III and Red Dawn movies where patriots from small town America fight off a Russian paratroop Invasion!

    Try to keep these locals in Rural Small Down America focused on Critical Race theory, anti White Affirmative Action, the Great Replacement, BLM riots and looting, LGBT sexual grooming of their 5 year olds. Don’t let em Wave the Flag and “Bomb the Russians” or Bomb Iraqistan.

    Lots of our rural, small town people are rather stupid and easily misled by the J mainstream media. Of course the tax exempt Christian Zionist churches love all things Israel all things Je*ish including Marvel Comics movies.

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