1. What about the Judeo-Nazis in Jewkraine? Do they approve of comments from ‘Ye’ or whatever he’s calling himself these days? After all, they have at least as good a claim to the nazi trademark as various jews and FBI agents parading around in nazi uniforms here in Murika do. They even like to kill tens of thousands of other white people and probably kidnap Russian children to ship off to muh’Izrael to serve as sex toys for Schlomo.

    • The jews and their Shabbos goy will call you a Nazi but they never call you a liar.

      When I get called a Nazi, I thank the party for the compliment.

  2. Kanye is not the issue.

    No, considering how things are, sooner or later someone was going to pop the cork.

    I’m surprised it took this long.

    As to Mr. Kulinski ‘cucking’ : he’s a Marxist-Leninist, and one of their chief tenets is to never regard where a person’s ancestors were from or to be in the company of those who might mention that.

    Mr. Kulinski is a symbol for tens of milllions of Leftists who are only now beginning to realize what has awakened and what that will mean.

    In 2010 America began retracing it’s steps back, if, albeit only timidly, with The Tea Party.

    At this point that retracing has turned into a jog.

    • Kyle *IS NOT* a Marxist Leninist. He’s a socdem through and through. He’s multimillionaire that defends his investments in the stock market, and his membership at elite country clubs. He doesn’t just defend them on the grounds of “well this is the world I live….”

      But he argues for them in the abstract and what he’s want in his utopia. He wants a more regulated Wall Street. But he argues constantly in favor of capital investments and the right to profit off of capital investments.

  3. Divide and conquer works both ways and Alinsky works for us now.
    Let pointy hat parasites keep digging regarding Kanye.

  4. Real Nazis or real government/ADL agents? In a country with so little genuine white “racism,” the Establishment needs to create the illusion that it’s there. .

    • Who knows? If anyone is stupid enough to believe that a “Kanye is right about the Jews” message is improved by adding a nazi salute to it, it’s your typical WN movement street activist. These people are simply infatuated with everything nazi. Some things will never change.

  5. I don’t think everyone who disagrees with me is a “fed” or a “plant” BUT I’ve never supported white nationalism™?

    I’ve always thought the demographics of America were too diverse for white nationalism in America- however I do support ethno-nationalism is European countries as they were default ethno-nationalists countries and our ethnicities have no other homeland than those countries eg if Finland can’t stay ethnically Finish then where is the home of the Finish people?

    As an American and in the American context I’ve always just considered myself pro-white (I’m aware this is a pro southern blog, I’m not a southerner so that’s not me but I’ve always liked Hunters political analysis).

    I’m aware I might be called a WN by people who hate me- but never let people who hate you troll you into a position you don’t fully believe in. If you are an earnest white nationalists I disagree but understand the impulse. And perhaps I’m wrong but as hard as it might be to change the culture from being antiwhite (and that will be hard) I’ve always thought separation would be even more difficult and unlikely… mostly because our elites see themselves as running a global empire and not just a nation. If a global empire would make concessions of land territory on the home front they fear it would lead to a cascading effect across the globe and other nations that aren’t formerly ours but have to do anything DC & NYC tells them to would start disobeying Washington orders. Hunter seems to think they might want to divide up the country as it becomes increasingly hard to manage. I’m not convinced but I could be wrong.

    However when comes to these guys like GDL they strike me as instigators. Whether useful idiots or direct plants. They’re messaging has always been ALL over the place and mismatch all different types of criticism of Jews/Jewish power.

    Some people are just hotheads who’ll latch onto any narrative they can use to provoke.

    I forget the name of the founder of the GDL but he was a rapper from Oakland who also was doing small time acting roles and had a profile on talent websites for actors. Many theorized he was simply picked off the talent websites by a jewish nonprofit to be an instigator/bad actor.

    I’m not sure but I do know their criticisms of jews have changed radically over fairly short time spans and seem to weaponize different narratives simply to be divisive.

    Sometimes they were only opposed to zionism, other times they were against all jews on a racial level- sometimes it was religiously based, other times it was materially based eg jewish orgs and jewish billionaires. (what i am, if jewish power didn’t act the way it did I wouldn’t have any more or less problems with them than any other out group. And like I said earlier I don’t see white nationalism as viable and think we’ll have to negotiate with out groups to what our society will look like. My main beef with powerful jewish orgs is that they prevent a dialogue from happening. While no nonwhite group will ever be prowhite but if we were allowed to have honest conversations about race and culture I think we could come to a much more mutually beneficial situation for all Americans)

    Someone who’s more religiously oriented can make could faith material based criticisms but generally there’d be a through line to their message and with the GDL it was always all over the place.

    The most good faith analysis of them is that they’re former entertainers and as such are more so looking for reactions than any consistency- BUT when it comes to something as life ruining as criticisms of jewish power I go with “if you think they might be up to no good but you can’t say 100% they are or not- just stay away.”

    You gain nothing from helping them. At best their uninformed attention chasers, and at worst they’re feds/nonprofit instigators.

    I wouldn’t spend anytime harassing them but I wouldn’t boost anything they do.either.

    Most of them are not actual national socialists and generally put out a racist libertarian ideology- then why do natsoc salutes? I haven’t paid any attention to them for a couple of years and MAYBE they have changed. If they are actual natsocs and/or fascists that wouldn’t be me but there’s people who do hold those beliefs earnestly.

    However most earnest natsocs I’ve come across have the self awareness not to nazi jacket situations with Luke-warm normies. Like DS was famous for doing. Ben Garrison is a prime example of ?? Weevs ?? Nazi Jacketing someone who isn’t a natsoc.

    If you were a natsoc why would you want to make someone who isn’t a natsoc the face of your ideology? Most earnest natsocs would want someone who actually was a natsoc to be the public face so they could properly articulate it in interviews and public settings

    Trying to associate Kayne with nazism is shooting a gift horse in the mouth.

    Ye is saying true stuff mixed with goofy stuff BUT his personal experience is the most useful part of his narrative. It’s a fact that at the top of Hollywood is a bunch of Jews.

    You shouldn’t add anything else onto it. Simply stay on message that industry insiders like Ye know there’s Jewish domination of Hollywood and entertainment. Period.

    Don’t speak for Ye, don’t put words in Ye’s mouth. Simply agree and signal boost the true things he’s saying- you can add your own editorializing on your own time. “Ye says jews dominate entertainment because of their culture, I think the jewish nonprofits and capital play a bigger role maintaining than just culture alone..”

    But don’t speak for Ye. It makes you look stupid and like you’re bad-jacketing Ye’s message. which will be repelling to those who don’t already fully agree already. You’ll get amens from the choir but the pews will be empty.

    You’re also discouraging Ye from speaking on the issue further. If he sees his “supporters” putting words into his mouth it’ll make him think he has no ally’s. Only enemies and opportunists.

    Ye is actually making better arguments than I expected but his anecdotes are actually more powerful. When you have a first hand witness to kushner back stabbing trump that’s powerful. When you have first hand stories of powerful jewish networks screwing over their artists that’s powerful. When you have first hand testimony of how Jewish networks engage in character assassinations- that’s powerful

    Ye highlighting you can be antiwhite as much as you like but if you provide even mild criticism of jews you’re crazy/hater/canceled etc is powerful.

    Simply take the insider information and hard facts Ye is offering and don’t put anything else on it eg

    “Kayne is multicultural liberal capitalists businessman/entertainer and he experienced censorship from powerful jewish networks.”

    That’s far more powerful than saying “see what Kayne just said, this is why hitler was right.”

    Ye isn’t a natsoc and he’ll never defend national socialism and you’ll look like an insincere opportunist.

    ON KYLE and Breaking Points

    Kyle Kuliniski and Krystal Ball are engaged. Both have said publicly they do drugs recreationally and if you put two druggies together you better believe they’re getting high… that coupled with the fact that krystal is a bigger star than him, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Kyle is using drugs as means of having some control in their relationship. Functional addicts are rare and he could be using drugs as means of showing Krystal she doesn’t have many other options outside of him- any other druggie would be far less functional and other successful people wouldn’t be as much as a druggie as he or she is…

    Breaking Points viewership is CRASHING.

    When breaking points first went independent they almost immediately had 500k YouTube subscribers. I think they had 300k the first week.

    Their videos were constantly getting 100-300k+ views per video within 24 hours of being uploaded… NOW they have a million YouTube subscribers and the majority of their videos can’t even crack 50k views and if they get a 100k views it’s rare.

    Saagars friend Marshall who’s the co-host of their realignment podcast was in Al jeezeras documentary “The Lobby.” A must watch.

    In it, Marshall was secretly recorded bragging about being apart of an astroturfed protest against BDS and he being half black and half Jewish he was openly bragging about being a blackface on jewish power in order to hoodwink other blacks into thinking being pro-bds is bad for blacks. BDS upholds white supremacist racism [somehow].

    Breaking Points has ditched Matt Stoller- probably the most honest progressive left. He was the only person who was brought onto the Obama’s stimulus team that wasn’t picked by Citigroup, he was tossed in the mix so Obama could say he had progressives working on his stimulus bill. Matt was disgusted by what he saw within progressivism™?.

    I’m unaware if Matt Stoller is Jewish or not. I don’t trust anyone from his establishment background 100% (you should always cross verify information) but of the establishment types he was the best you’re gonna get.

    Sort of like Jeffery Sachs the
    Columbia University professor who was on the top covid “research” team for the government. Jeffery Sachs who is Jewish but has been doing a lot of truth telling as of recently on covid, nord stream being a USA attack and the Ukraine/russsia war in general. The grayzone has had Jeffery Sachs on but never on breaking points. Despite the fact he was the main whistle blower on covid coming from an American bio-lab in China .

    I wouldn’t trust Jeffery Sachs 100% but he’s providing a lot of insider information about covid no-one else would or could be doing in real time.

    Matt Stoller’s position/time slot was handed over Ken Klippenstein from the intercept- a chew, half Chinese half Jewish. Ok I don’t know what nationality his Asian side is but chew is a common slang in California for half jewish half Asians- regardless of their asian heritage…

    Ken Klippenstein has done some “ok” reporting here or there but is worse than most jews news… as he probably feels more pressure to prove himself to the tribe than a Jeffery Sachs.

    Breaking Points previously would do white sympathetic coverage and explicitly talk about problems facing White Americans.

    Now they just talk around it. When they did a recent story on teen suicide rate spikes they had a black female teenager as the thumbnail.

    Blacks routinely score as having higher self esteem than other races. This social data has been constant for 20+ years. Girls commit suicide rates at far lower rates than men. Why have that thumbnail? When previous coverage of youth suicide they would use a white male in their thumbnail

    Blacks will externalize their self destructive behavior eg criminality. When whites and Asians self destruct inward.

    Krystal Ball was always visibly uncomfortable even just stating facts that center white people as victims but has no problem platforming hyper zionists mamzers that use their blackness to benefit jews and redirect blame onto poor whites.

    Breaking Points has been totally converged and think they can do bland democrat populism. It’s just cnn with say swear words and a phony populist rhetoric… there’s been recent updates on Ghislane Maxwell. Have they covered it? Nope… despite their Epstein videos were their most viewed videos to date

  6. It’s great fun watching commie punks like Kulinski kvetching over West’s big, unapologetic jewtruth festival.

  7. I used to not mind Kyle, and Crystal, but then they turned into woke neocons.
    I’m not anti-left, there’s still some decent people on the left, like Jimmy Dore and the folks at Gray Zone, like Tulsi Gabbard.
    Let’s call them progressive populists or, traditional progressives.
    Fiscal progressives who’re either socially conservative, or at least willing to compromise with social conservatives to get things done.
    Progressives who’re at least civic nationalists and noninterventionists on foreign policy.
    Unfortunately woke progressives now dominate the left and have marginalized progressives like Gabbard.

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