Conservative “Latinx” Activist Brutally Assaulted While Canvassing For Marco Rubio In Florida

I see my old friend Chris Cedeno is in the news.

In the wake of Charlottesville, Chris decided at some point after the Unite the Right rally that his politics had gone mainstream. He became a mainstream Republican in South Florida.

Chris hasn’t changed. He has always been pro-White, pro-South, pro-Christian. He has always supported Florida sovereignty and a National Divorce. He has always opposed the Great Replacement. He has always been deeply and passionately anti-communist. He has always been a street activist. His grandfather was killed by communists in Cuba. Conservative “Latinx” voters have moved toward the GOP. The GOP has simultaneously become more nationalist and populist over the last three years.

Note: Chris went to jail for knocking out the Cuck Knight at our New Orleans rally.


  1. Wear sporty disco boots in Rubio land, he will be at the Bill Cuckley chamber of commerce golf course with the rest of the Grand Old Politburo.
    O/T-A migrant camp has sprung up on local church land with tents and fires, I don’t recall any vote on this enrichment as part of muh democracy.

  2. Why would he be supporting Rubio in the 1st place? Other than that, no one should be beaten for their political views.

  3. So Marco Foamio has made a show of hopping aboard the Magatard Train.

    From Wokepedia (consider source but probably true as Wokepedia editors like these positions)

    > Rubio supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq and military intervention in Libya. Rubio voiced support for a Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen against Houthi rebels. Regarding Iran, he supports tough sanctions, and scrapping the recent nuclear deal; on the Islamic State, he favors aiding local Sunni forces in Iraq and Syria. Rubio says that, because background checks cannot be done under present circumstances, the United States cannot accept more Syrian refugees.

    He supports working with allies to set up no-fly zones in Syria to protect civilians from Bashar al-Assad. He favors collection of bulk metadata for purposes of national security. He has said that gun control laws consistently fail to achieve their purpose. He is supportive of the Trans Pacific Partnership, saying that the U.S. risks being excluded from global trade unless it is more open to trade. He is wary of China regarding national security and human rights, and wants to boost the U.S. military presence in that region but hopes for greater economic growth as a result of trading with that country. He also believes the U.S. should support democracy, freedom, and true autonomy of the people of Hong Kong.

    So apart from pro-forma Repuke positions like opposing abortion and gun-control, he’s not much different from Liz Cheney. Supportive of the Neo-Klown agenda, including a vote to shovel more money into the Jewkraine self-licking ice-cream cone.

    • Rubio is also vehemently anti-Cuban, anti-Nicaraguan and anti-Venezuelan. He is definitely on the wrong side of history. The White nationalist activist who attacked him evidently did not understand that Rubio is not a threat but a very strong supporter of the White (Anglo-Zionist) American Dream.

  4. >Note: Chris went to jail for knocking out the Cuck Knight at our New Orleans rally.

    I guess that was before I started paying much attention to the Alt-Right (although by then I had long been a WN) — a random mainstream story about the happenings in NO:

    ‘Cuck Knight,’ Who Disrupted White Supremacist Rally in New Orleans, Vigorously Sought by Alt Right

    On Sunday, sympathizers of the Confederacy gathered in New Orleans to protest the removal of monuments to the heroes of the slaveholding South, including Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. The removal was ordered by the city’s Democratic mayor, Mitch Landrieu.

    So the Jew (link) who wrote this also wants you to think the Civil War was just about slavery (‘slaveholding South’) — he also uses this phrase plus ‘white supremacist’ to smear anyone who doesn’t want to see statues of historical figures removed.

    The way I see it, Whites who are not White Nationalists, or who renounce White Nationalism, give a form of aid and comfort to the implacable and vindictive racial enemies of Whites, among them Jews like the author of the above article — these people despise you and revel in the humiliation and subjugation of Whites — remember that.


    When did BLM become a thing? — at the above link you can watch a short video of the ‘cuck knight’ saying ‘black lives matter’ back in 2017, three years before George Floyd — ?

    • In my experience, the most implacable and vindictive racial enemies of Whites are the millions of White libtards who are anti-White. It is those people who show up at our events to dox our people and to engage in violence. I have seen it over and over and over again. Eventually, you stop caring that those people are White and see them as the enemy based their own words and actions

      • Yes. You are right. These are the same woke-tards who led the anti-apartheid movement against South Africa. They pushed for sanctions against Rhodesia and turned the Jewel of Africa into the hell hole that Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF morphed it into. Their hero, Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal which led to China controlling the former Canal Zone. They are for open borders and celebrate the demographic replacement and economic ruin of whites in what was formerly called the Free World. As Putin stated recently, they serve Satan.

        • >Yes. You are right.

          What is he right about? — is he right that it’s better for Whites to allow their lands to be demographically conquered than to advocate they retain majority control and have to deal with some fraction of ‘libtards’ or whatever else you want to call them? — that’s the issue/question here — think carefully before you answer.

          • I think he is saying that I am right about the millions of White leftists who are anti-White and who want to make things worse.

      • Honestly, you repeat the same nonsense over and over again.

        To even suggest, let alone believe (as you seem to), that having to deal with some fraction of white ‘libtards’ is a deal breaker for White Nationalism is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve ever heard, considering the alternative is surrendering both white people and the civilizations they created to the control of third world racial aliens who at best show no good will, and often evince open hostility, toward Whites — such a stance is cowardly and pathetic.

        Placentia-Yorba Linda School Board bans critical race theory

        Look at the fotos in the above article: literally all the people who are visibly happy CRT (i.e. whitey is bad, really bad) was banned are white, and literally all the people who are visibly unhappy about it are non-white; here Asian — like I’ve said before: when even successful members of the ‘model minority’ adopt a hate whitey mindset, you know there is a HUGE problem, and alarm bells ought to be ringing — there is simply no way to sugarcoat or overlook that.

        Soon Whites won’t have the numbers to keep their children from being psychologically abused and denigrated in the schools.

        • Pretty much.

          It is absurd to conflate race with nation when 40% of White people in this country are openly anti-White and support policies that would make things worse. You are focused entirely on the fact that these people are White. You are not interested in their beliefs and values. CRT is only taught in places where these people are dominant like in Portland due to their negative sense of White identity.

          White Nationalism is a non-starter because these people are VIOLENTLY OPPOSED TO IT. They show up at our events to engage in violence like in Charlottesville. This is lost on you. It is not lost on me. I don’t want to live in any ethnostate with those people who see themselves as our enemies. The fact that they are White isn’t nearly as important as how they feel about their race and how they act toward people who value their racial identity.

          • It is absurd to conflate race with nation when 40% of White people in this country are openly anti-White

            The vast majority of that 40% are only ‘intertially’ anti-white. It’s what they’ve been taught is right and all they’ve ever known. And it’s very easy to stay that way when the only alternative they’ve been presented with (for the most part) is goonish nutzi types.

            What does it matter anyway? Any realistic assessment would surely conclude that a putative white ethnostate would encompass something considerably less than the entirety of U.S. territory, so white libtards could simply depart for the non-ethnostate portion. Pretty simple. The main difficulty posed by libtards is their impeding the formation of an ethnostate, not administering it once it’s formed.

      • So what? — he’s a Jew — there are diaspora Jews literally all over the world — I provided a link to a Twitter post where he says he’s a Jew — read his Twitter timeline: he’s a total globohomo faggot, a real regime toady.

        • Oh okay, sorry, I didn’t see that twitter link. I only saw the link to the article and I looked at the byline. I stand corrected.

  5. Let’s start a givesendgo for Chris to help with his medical bills. I will make sure it goes viral on my Gab and Telegram.

  6. Ironic, how the left says that we the republicans are Dangerous! However it is always the left that is doing the crime and destruction.

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