1. As Alain Soral said, Jewry is the only community in France that has the power to put its opponents in jail.

  2. It’s the same people who own all these multinationals: blackrock, vanguard, and a handful of other investment companies.
    These technoligarchs all share the same ideology: globalism, and Zionism.

    • Vanguard is a gentile firm, and their founder Jack Boggle invented the index fund.

      BlackRock is a Jewish firm, but, they invest pension and trust money for New York Mellon and other big gentile banks.

      It’s not as simple as seen on TV.

    • Not so much ‘own’ , but ‘control’.
      Blackrock has control over trillions of other people’s money, same with jamie dimon at Chase.

  3. Kanye is a big fan of interracial porn (Black men with White women). Apparently he has free lifetime subscription to a porn website called ‘Blacked’, which is run by Jewish pornographer Greg Lansky.

    Will Greg Lansky cancel Kanye’s lifetime subscription and ban him from his website?

  4. It was inevitable; in fact, I’m surprised it took this long (the Adidas legal dept probably had to look into it and give the final OK) — Adidas is a German company, and anti-Semitism is a form of Volksverhetzung (inciting racial hatred), which is illegal in DE, and a crime they take seriously and often prosecute — of course a determination of what is and is not Volksverhetzung is entirely subjective; a sort of ‘we know it when we see it’ situation, which is an additional intimidating factor (no one really knows how far you can go).

    • “Volksverhetzung” im Eiltempo verschärftDer Bundestag hat das Delikt der “Volksverhetzung” in einem völlig intransparenten Verfahren „verschärft“. Die Leugnung und Verharmlosung von Kriegsverbrechen und Völkermorden ist jetzt als „Volkverhetzung“ strafbar. Der Bundestag hat in der Nacht zum Freitag ohne jede Ankündigung das Strafrecht verschärft. Dies betrifft zum Beispiel die Leugnung und Verharmlosung von russischen Kriegsverbrechen in der Ukraine.

      Last week the German parliament quietly widened the kinds of statements that can be considered Volksverhetzung by adding a paragraph to the current law — this now can include e.g. war crimes, as well as any genocide other than that (allegedly) committed against the Jews — war crimes allegedly committed by Russia in Ukraine are mentioned as one possibility.

  5. Adidas is probably hoping this will get Germany some mercy this Winter. They are wrong. Jews don’t give mercy.

    As far as Kanye is concerned, he made his point in spades. Adidas abandoning billions in profit, possibly killing their brand, shows who has the power. Other than the Hebrew Israelite rhetoric, Kanye did well.

  6. I was going to pick up a pair but not now.
    Comrade Adi Dassler has plenty of money anyway.
    The Yeezy shoe prices are laugh out loud with one pair at $3000.

  7. Five years from now the savage monkey animal will be broke. No one will remember him. The jews will absolutely make an example of him even if it takes years. His best bet is to team up with Nation of Islam. That will be his only remaining platform.

  8. In this black worshiping culture of massive black violent crime, the only one being condemned is an honest black.

  9. Ye puts American white leaders to shame. American white leaders with more power and more resources remain silent while Jews destroy their patrimony.

  10. You knew it was a matter of time before Adidas cucked but it also proves everything he said about jews controlling everything and using intimidating and bulling if you call them out.

  11. Too long to expound on now that much, but I see there’s lots of chatter about the historical irony of Adidas canceling Kanye West for his “anti-Semitism.”

    I’ve been to Herzogenaurach.

    If all you did was look on the map, you’d think it was nothing more than the dot on the map that it is. In reality, it has the world HQs of both Adidas and Puma. Two brothers started Adidas there, but fell out over the politics of the Nazi era. The anti-Nazi brother formed Puma in the same town. And for decades, the town was split down the middle because of all those hard feelings. It became known as “the town of the bent necks,” because people kept looking down at others’ shoes to see Adidas or Puma.

    Time has served to soften all those hard feelings, and today, the rivalry is a friendly one, or much more of one, in town.

    I’ll also add that I firmly believe that Puma being relatively favored insofar as sponsorship deals for black African countries and regional entities is rooted in, and is a legacy of, the founder’s anti-Nazi-ism.

    Parenthetically, in what I believe to be a low key act of corporate trolling, Nike has a company owned and operated factory outlet store in Herzogenaurach, about halfway between the Adidas campus and the Puma campus.

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