1. He will soon sell his copyrights like Taylor Swifty?
    Maybe Emmanuel Trumpstein will join him in the controlled opposition eminence front.
    The average drooling Kwannie will lap it all up like muh democracy and magic soil fairytales.

  2. Always step back when your enemy is making a mistake.
    Proving Kanye’s point is just how the tapeworm rolls.

    • That’s Pope Nosferatu, goy. Don’t forget it. Supreme leader of the Church of Woke, the most widespread religion of the important white people.

  3. Spreading “antisemitic” theories conspiracy means he and anyone else that exposes them is spreading the truth and exposing them.

  4. Jews aren’t Semites. It’s time to rip the mask from the Deicide’s face and let the world know how evil they are. Luther was right. But then, so was Jesus, St. John Chrysostom, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Adolf Hitler, etc…..

  5. “Kanye is spreading the poisonous anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that Jewish cabals are silencing their critics.”

    Yes, so let’s silence him…

  6. While the taboo around the Jewish Question may or may not be eroding, White racial advocates still have a lot of work to do when it comes to the existence of race and genetic group interests. These are still the greatest taboos of our time upon which the entire edifice of the System rests.

    • It’s like the old lawyer joke about God threatening to sue Satan, whose punchline is Satan asking God just where he thinks he will find a lawyer. Who’s West going to hire? Benjamin Crump? Pope Nosferatu has literal skyscrapers filled with shysters in NYC. How many can Kanye buy? Jews would never sue the ADL and the step-n-fetchit goy shysters would be in fear of their stellar legal careers.

  7. The idea of canceling someone is Jewish to its core. Throughout history it’s what councils of rabbis and pharisees did to any Jew who didn’t toe the line. The torture and crucifixion of Jesus was the ultimate cancelation…for daring to call out their double standards and crooked ways. Kanye knows the score: “Who you think created cancel culture?”

    • If only most Christians understood that the torture and crucifixion of Christ was demanded by the jews for daring to call out the jews’ double standards and crooked ways. Instead, millions of them worship the jews as “God’s chosen people”.

      • This ‘worshipful’ (or excessively respectful) attitude is a very recent phenomenon. Throughout the vast majority of Christian history, Christians unapologetically despised Jews, even if they occasionally found them useful. And at the risk of ‘defending Jews’ yet again, I feel I should point out that the natsoc attitude that everything that Jews do and are is ‘wrong’ is not really helpful either.

        • It’s hard not to think of jews in terms of viruses or some distinct form of parasites in nature, mainly because of their unique local, global, perpetual networking behavior, present at all levels, high and low, kehillas wherever they are; networks within networks within networks.

          Zionist, Khazar Jews are all over the mass media, both in front of the camera and behind as management, editors, producers, writers. It doesn’t matter one whit if these charlatans are liberal, conservative or even if they don’t practice judaism. The most important thing to them is protecting jewry in general, stealing the goyim’s wealth, and the criminal State of Israel! You will also see that many, if not most of the talking heads brought on as “experts” on various topics on jewsmedia panels, are most often jews themselves.

          Perhaps you haven’t noticed the jews, but you see the tribe and their extreme and destructive influence in America every day, now, moreso than ever. Twenty four hours a day. You read their names appended to legislation; in the bylines of “news releases” and opinion pieces; in the credits of every television production and Hollywood motion picture. You watch them on TV every night. You see, jews discussing jews, and asking other jews their opinion on still more jews and the activities and doings of, yes, jews. On CNN or FOXjews, or MSNBC, panels of jews being questioned by yet another jew.

          You are confronted with their alien features at every turn. After all, plastic surgery can only do so much. You hear their overblown, nonsensical, brassy, in-your-face, upside down opinions on everything from what you should watch, to what you should wear, to what you should feel, and what you should buy. You are surrounded with them. You are swamped by them. All those know-it-alls: the tribe members, anchors, big mouths, blow-hards, clowns, pundits, experts, strategists, think tank twits, smear merchants – all telling audiences what to think, how to think, and what to believe.

          Food, pharmaceuticals, movies, music, TV, literature, art, fashion, right on down the line, across the board, from top to bottom, every sector is monopolized by jew run Big Government, Big Business and Big Media. You know the pattern of their names; the ‘bergs, the ‘steins, the ‘witz’s, the cohen’s. the ‘man’s. Every time you turn on the news — there they are. Everytime there is a Hollywood promotion — there they are. Every time there is a financial scandal; some sordid perversion; some abominable legislative horror — Yes! There they are!

          You hear the patterns of their speech — an endless irritating combination of overblown and unwanted opinion and kvetch. You see the faces of Soros, Blitzer, Feinstein, Schumer, Kissinger and creatures, literal reptiles like Larry Silverstein of World Trade Center infamy.

          How can one not know the jew? After all this time … how can you not know them? Better yet — how can anyone not understand what they are doing? How can one not know that jews are responsible for the ruination of the world?

          • @DiCarlo. Not a single thing to take issue with in your post above. It’s all provably true many times over. You’re hardly the first (or the last) to notice this. Folks have been noticing it for almost 2000 years running – maybe longer. Here’s a classic story called ‘The Grandmother’s Rant’ which has a question buried within:

            > I once asked [Grandma], when she came on a visit, what her problem with Jews was. Her answer struck me as Old Lady ranting then, but I have realized since that it is so true as to almost be a mystical Truth.??

            She said:??“The Jew will look at a pile of shit and say ‘That’s gold!’ Then, he’ll look at a pile of gold and say ‘That’s shit!’ And then he’ll find ten other Jews to rewrite every book and newspaper within reach until YOU and your kids look at the shit and agree that ‘Yes, shit is gold and gold is shit!’ Then, while you are putting shit in your pockets, he’ll take all the gold and share it with his ten other Jews. It’s their NATURE.”

            ??Her statement is true on so many levels that it blows my mind. Criminals are victims, victims are criminals, truth is a lie, immoral is moral, shit is gold.??

            Oy vey.

            So why do white folks keep on picking up shit and putting in their pockets? Jews are more averse to truth than a vampire is to garlic and sunlight. Whether it’s feminism, wokeism, materialism or whatever schlomo and his fellow spawn of Satan are pushing today, it is guaranteed to be a LIE. Yet most whites seem to be literally bewitched seemingly unable to believe what’s right there before their own lying eyes. The thing Jews do over and over, amplified and repeated over and over, is called inversion.

          • How can one not know the jew? After all this time … how can you not know them?

            I don’t really disagree with anything you’ve pointed out in this post. Yes, they are very prominent, and yes it can be nauseating to be lectured to by scumbags you know don’t have your best interests in mind (quite the opposite!). But my point is that not all of that is actually bad.

            To you, it seems, something is bad just because a Jew is saying it. To me, it actually matters what is being said. So if I think what it is being said is good, I don’t really mind that it’s a Jew saying it, because despite what you seem to believe, Jews are not just “Jews” – that and nothing else – they are also human beings, and have to live in the human world, and they’re going to come up with better and worse ways of doing that, just like everybody else does.

            As for everything that they do being centered on “protecting jewry in general, stealing the goyim’s wealth, and the criminal State of Israel!”, that’s just plainly incorrect. Perhaps that is what the higher-ups in Jewish organizations, as well as the typical orthodox scum, are doing – there is quite a strong case to be made for that – but the Jewish identity of the average liberal street Jew is actually pretty weak. A 2013 Pew survey shows some two thirds of Jews breeding out with goys (a fact that has plenty of elite Jews in a panic). Out-breeding is the best evidence of the weakness of any ethnic group’s identity, so it’s really hard for me to believe that the various, often contradictory, positions that Jews take on various issues are solely related to advancing Jewish interests.

            Lastly, even if it’s “true” that everything that Jews do is wrong, my point was that it’s not actually helpful to the cause of ‘anti-semitism’ to insist on it. It’s quite enough that people can see any distinction between Jewish interests and their own interests. Not only is there no need for them to see Jews as the very personification of evil the way you do, the mere attempt to get them so worked up about Jews is counter-productive. If you come across like a monomaniacal nutter, then even if they were leaning towards ‘anti-semitism’, they’re now probably more likely to reconsider their views and back away from it than they are to more fully embrace it.

            Anyway, congratulations. I was going to respond with a two-line post, but you got a few hefty paragraphs out of me, lol.

        • “the natsoc attitude that everything that Jews do and are is ‘wrong’ ”

          That’s a false narrative, skewed by western media.

          • That’s a false narrative, skewed by western media.

            It’s a conclusion I’ve drawn from many years spent reading their views (in their own words). Essentially, they expend a great deal of energy complaining bitterly about Jewish behavior, but when you ask them what Jews at any point in history could have done differently to avoid incurring their wrath, they have no answer. So ultimately, it’s Jewish genetics, not Jewish behavior, that affronts them.

            Well, okay, but seen in that light, Jewish behavior all of a sudden doesn’t seem so unreasonable, does it. After all, any group that is persecuted merely for existing is going to defend itself, duh.

  8. Notice they never call them liars. You don’t have to silence someone who’s blathering blatant lies. “Anti-Semitic” is just a different term for “Pro-Truth”.

  9. Under White Supremacy the Blacks were segregated and had their own businesses.

    Now under Jewish Supremacy an uppity Black can have everything taken away!

    As far as I can tell these dang Jews are worse then most Klansmen! And the Blacks know it! And if they do not Kanye or Farrakhan will get the message to their dusky selves in short order!

    • This is another reason jews promote niggers in show business and sports. Blacks gain fame and millions in both these professions, but they are surrounded by jew agents and lawyers, who proceed, due to nigger stupidity, to rob them blind stealing from them millions of dollars. There’s a legion of football niggers who have been fleeced by their jewish handlers as well as blacks in showbiz.

    • > As far as I can tell these dang Jews are worse then most Klansmen! And the Blacks know it! And if they do not Kanye or Farrakhan will get the message to their dusky selves in short order!

      While your point is true, blacks do not know it. Kanye West and Farrakhan are on the fringe of what passes for black political thought. It was the black base of the D-jerseys who put Shitpants Joey on the teleprompter platform – along with massive vote fraud. This has not changed in any fundamental way.

  10. I refuse to become a Kanye West fan until he stays away from our women.

    Also, who does Adidas think they are? They were literally founded by a Nazi.

  11. The apoplectic kikes should keep calling for his (((cancellation))) by all means. Never in modern history have they & their total control been so exposed – all because of the loose, rubbery lips of their (former) nigger pet who thinks he’s god…lol

    It is a true delight. I haven’t had this much fun since Dump’s ’16 campaign.

    You know ol’ Mel must be champing at the bit. Maybe he’ll let loose with another blurt of jewtruth after 5 or 6 fortifying cold ones. All credit to West that he doesn’t require such fortification to point to the jew schtinkink up the living room – and doesn’t GROVEL afterward.

    Maybe “Ye” can do a podcast with David Duke. Or better yet Linder…;o)

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