1. Yea, but it’s taking a lot more effort to make it stick. And it won’t get better for them. Every time Nosferatu shows his face, it gets easier. They simply won’t back off. At this rate, it will be openly discussed in the public square soon. All because they can’t just shut up, and ignore it. I’ve noticed more open commentary even in the comments of sites like Instapundit, critical of Jewish behavior. Didn’t used to see that

  2. How dare the Adidas corporation fail to jump up immediately and condemn Kanye! There should be no delay whatsoever. There should be no forethought. There should be no discussion. Adidas needs to realize that when Jews say “Jump!” their only response should be “How high?”

    After all, we’re dealing with the planet’s eternal victims, the special ones who are always being pogromed by wicked anti-Semites!

  3. Why can’t people say what they want? Sticks and stones may break my bones and all that jazz…. Because Jews are paranoid schizophrenics and believe Kanye’s mild anti-jew comments will lead to mass killings of Jews. That is retarded, but it also what Jews believe.

    • Yeah, I guess the Jews believe that they have been so bad, that people want to kill them, and that people have real reasons to do so. Really weird and creepy. The ADL is only re-enforcing Jew paranoia and mental health problems.

      • ” jews feelings come before your right of expression and opinions”

        In judaism, any derogatory comments about jwz is considered a worse crime than murder. So the rabbis teach.

  4. Not only are they canceling a proud Black Man but us tax payers still have to pay foreign aid to the Zionist Entity!

    It would be nice if these overly sensitive bagel munch’ers would just move to Israel and leave the rest of humanity alone!

    P.S. I am going to listen to Kamyes music on a streaming service as a show of support! It is the least one can do.

  5. Never get to hear the other side, it’s always the Jewmedia doing the talking.Billion muslims in the Middle East and they can’t be all wrong.

    • “it’s always the Jewmedia doing the talking”

      Control the narrative, always control the narrative.

      They erase much of history. All of Apion of Egypt works have been destroyed. He wrote on the crimes of jwz, including the human sacrifice of kidnapped Greeks.

      Jews will go to libraries and remove the books of authors they don’t like.

  6. The chutzpah of the Jews is remarkable. Has anyone heard of the Anti-White Defamation League? They’re a new Pro-White organization fighting for our people. They do need some funding. I’ve contributed $14 myself. Check it out: https://awdl.us/

  7. One of those A Current Affair type shows prefaced it by saying…it’s about time.
    Whatever he is calling himself still has F You money and I said to family what about the first amendment?
    Consequences is what they had to say.
    An astute commenter the other day said that the JQ will be discussed in public before 2025 and may it come to pass.

  8. To know who rules over you, see who you are not allowed to criticise.

    Attributed to Voltaire.

    They just can’t help themselves.

  9. Apparently we are not allowed to hear any spokesmen for the Palestinians or Iranians. But that’s OK, because the US State Department and FOX News will speak for them.

  10. linkif you replace the word whiteness with Jewishness pretty much every major news publication sounds like Kanye

    To illustrate the point, he posts an image montage of media headlines where he replaced the word ‘Whiteness’ with ‘Jewishness’, and ‘White’ with ‘Jewish’ — e.g. ‘How Jewishness poses the greatest threat to US democracy’.

    But don’t worry: I’m sure everything will be OK when Whites are a minority — nothing to be concerned about.

  11. I don’t think the Jews believe that his comments will lead to violence against them.The Holocaust and the pogroms have been shown to be false.To criticize the Jews in any way under Jewish Soviet laws got one a death sentence.These demons on Earth hate the children of God and want us humiliated,mocked and then murdered.They get to the Father through us.It is that simple.Don’t believe what they say,it is misdirection.As Jesus the Master told us,”They will hate you because they hate me”.It’s that simple.The Jews deny God in public to create atheists,but they know and fear God in private.As the Bible also says'”even the demons tremble”.

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