House Progressives WITHDRAW Letter That Urged Biden To Rethink Ukraine Strategy

Tulsi Gabbard was right.

The Democratic Party is completely controlled by an elitist cabal of warmongers who can’t even entertain the idea of engaging in diplomacy to end the war in Ukraine.

NBC Narratives:

“Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, on Tuesday announced the group had retracted a letter that asked President Joe Biden to directly engage with Russia in an effort to end the war in Ukraine.

The retraction of the letter, which was sent Monday, came after the progressives’ effort to press the president to take a more aggressive strategy on Ukraine was met with intense pushback from fellow Democrats and some Ukrainians.

In a statement announcing the retraction, Jayapal blamed the letter’s release on a staff error. …”

Do you remember when Kyle Kulinski criticized the “so-called” antiwar protesters who challenged AOC?


  1. They must repent and do penance for their outrageous sin against the imperialist war god – or their cushy political careers will soon be over.

    They could even end up in prison with a ten year sentence for sedition, like Eugene Debs, in the middle of his presidential election campaign!

  2. Pointy hat parasites and the Magic Soil exceptionalists of the Manifest Destiny Kwanstain are meant for each other.

  3. All the POC’s are getting their mind right. Big Jew says—–You need to get your mind right, Kanye and Pramila.

  4. The progs like to pose a brave rebels against the Establishment. But when push come to shove, they reveal themselves as the bought-off Establishment toadies that they really are.

    • No different than the R-jerseys. The Kosher-Nosetra owns them all. Break the omerta and their stellar lucrative political careers are over – just like that.

  5. Has this “Progressive Caucus” (so-called) engaged in insider trading like Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch “the turtle” McConnell and the vast majority of the scumbags in Congress? Did they get enough money from their dirty deals or do they “need” more? They say they are opposed to Big Bidness so cut them some slack on the insider trading thing, OK?

    Washington is an expensive place to live, ya know and they don’t make enough on their salaries. Insider trading is one of the perquisites of office and nobody gets hurt so what’s the big deal? No doubt even staunch Left Wing nutters like Bernie the Bolshevik do it too.

    No doubt Merrick Garfinkle’s Department of Social Justice let it be known to the (so-called) “Progressive Caucus” that insider trading is still against the law, even for the scumbags in Congress. If an investigation were opened into their financial dealings would indictments follow? How about Ilhan Omar, marrying her brother, falsifying immigration documents (a felony) and skimming the take from her reelection funds? Does Ilhan Omar want to be stripped of her U.S. citizenship and sent back to Somalia?

    The Deep State has the goods on all the members of Congress and many others, too. Their derelict family members like Hunter Biden are also a source of leverage. The Deep State can drop the hammer any time they want but it’s much better to hang the Sword of Damocles over their rotten heads than to cut the string. A gentle reminder of their innumerable misdeeds brings these loathsome creatures to heel quickly ensuring they do the right thing.

    Al Capone (supposedly) really explained how it works: You get more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone.

  6. Perhaps fewer Twitter links; some are redundant, and with so many the page loads slowly.

    linkEveryone should read this @RepRaskin statement because it’s basically a manifesto declaring Progressive Holy War against Russia by way of Ukraine. I honestly think they’d be OK getting incinerated in a nuclear holocaust if it meant staying true to this ideological “struggle”

    This is how America’s ‘elected representatives’ spend their time — the US is heading toward WWIII, with Jews and mystery meats beating the war drums — just like the Founding Fathers would have wanted.

    • Jamie Raskin considers it a win no matter the outcome. Pesky Orthodox Christians are dying every day on both sides, he hates them both. When finally the war ends Mr. Zelensky and his pals will get in their Gulfstreams, already loaded with thousands of pounds of gold, currency and other valuables and fly thousands of miles away, safe and sound. And rich, too.

  7. For me, this is easy to figure. All I need to do is look around here, to see how the Green Party switched on a dime after February 24 from being the most anti-war to being the most pro-war.

    What has been going on is that the ruling class has successfully been able to sell the a lot of people in the Western world that the geopolitics of the Russia-Ukraine War are perfectly congruent with current year internal Western political divisions. What I mean by that is that the ruling class has convinced the social issue left that being against Russia and Putin and being pro-Ukraine are the social liberal-y things to do, and especially the LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL-y thing to do. To wit: All the Ukraine flags flying next to rainbow flags in the gay parts of Western cities.

    Looking back, if the forces that wanted the Vietnam War would have tried to sell Vietnam in terms of helping black people and the civil rights movement, instead of relying on patriotism and anti-communism, then there would have never been an anti-war movement.

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