Poll Watch: Only 29% of GOP Voters Believe U.S. Has Obligation To Aid Ukraine

We can win the power struggle inside the GOP over this issue. Normies care far more about gas prices and inflation than Ukraine.

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  1. This just in from the Grand Old Politburo:

    We don’t give a lily F’ what the lumpen taxable unit serfs think about anything.
    Javier keeps the chamber of commerce golf course glowing while working for pennies on the dollar and that is all that matters.

  2. All of these arguments were made in the run up to Pearl Harbor. They were right then, and are right now. Didn’t matter once the Japs bombed our navy. Expect a false flag.

    Ukraine does need to be armed, and I think they and their neighbors need to work that out, as Russia is their problem not ours.

    Its been 75 years since WWII ended, yet Europe still can’t defend itself. At some point they get what they deserve. They’ve known since 1917 that Russia was no longer part of Europe. They had the whole cold war to make the point loud and clear.

    Countries in Eastern Europe do not look at Russia and see a savior, and aren’t anxious to see White girls in wheat fields coming to save them from Western faggotry. They see Russia through the lense of their near history, as a viscious conqueror they only recently escaped the grasp of. You won’t find any anxious to be annexed into the new Empire thats being reconstructed there.

    I’m all for them keeping their independence so they can decide for themselves what they want to do without interference from Zog or Russia. The best way for us to do that and be involved in helping them stay that way is through trade and investment. Not weapons and mutual defense pacts, which given our circumstances are one sided at best.

    Isolationism is gay and anachronistic. There is a huge difference between that, and being an Imperial power meddling everywhere and policing the worlds affairs with our massive military.

    We can be engaged, should be engaged, but it should be through trade and diplomacy.

    If you give a man a fish because he is hungry, you’ve fed him for one meal and he will just come back and ask for another fish. If you teach him to fish for himself he will no longer need anything from you and you may or may not get a fish back if you ever need it. If instead you buy a boat and fish together you feed both of you and make sure you have a relationship of mutual benefit with established rapport. If it goes tits up, at least you still have a boat and can fish for yourself.

  3. LOL. In Parma, Ohio they have more problems with Black crime than anything else. Btw, let’s not forget that John Demjanjuk was a Ukranian from the Parma area, and it was Tim Ryan who stabbed his boss Jim Traficant in the back to get his job.

    @Brad I have not met Vance, and I try to discourage people from calling me asking for money. If Vance were to have a telephone conference call before the election, I might participate. But, my questions about Vance revolve around his recent conversion to Roman Catholicism—which you can’t ask in a public forum. Also, I take it his wife is one of those “legal” immigrats that the GOP is so enamored of…

  4. The 101st Airborne is over there in NATOSTAN and ready to fight…just like they were in Little Rock.
    Was that on the ballot anywhere?

    • I wonder what morale among those ZOG troops is like? It can’t be very good. Hopefully there will be mass desertions and mutinies if Shitpants Joe tries to throw them in harm’s way. How will Congress evade its Constitutional duty to declare war against Russia?

    • Russia and Eastern Europe and free world in general will help independent South also.

      This is probably one cause of current mess. To avoid spreading democracy into heart of Empire.

    • Ironically, the Russians sent a warship into New York harbor as a sign of solidarity with the Union during Mr. Lincoln’s War.

  5. If it’s 29% and I think it’s higher will shoot back up after the selections are over. You have to give the illusion you are against sending billions of taxpayer money while your own people are struggling to make ends meet

  6. “I’m proud to support our Ukrainian community at home and abroad. JD Vance can’t say the same.”

    Maybe Vance cares more about supporting the American community than the Ukrainian community?

  7. British people sleep homeless on the streets whilst the flotsam and jetsam of the 3rd world wash up on our shores and are then put into 4 star hotel accommodation. The Serco corporation making billions from the UK taxpayers by facilitating this.

    We’re sending weapons and military ‘instructors’ to plucky little Ukraine, and the British people will freeze and starve because of this, and, pretty soon, we’ll be having the luxury of burying all those young people who will return in body bags.

    God rot the war mongers who dont pay the price for their schemes and designs that wilfully destroy the lives of others.

    Death to ZOG

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