1. What a prick this Kyle guy is. He is correct on one thing though, people either love or hate NYC. What he doesn’t comprehend is that most people hate NYC.

    Trump did own Ted Cruz in the so-called “debate” when he responded to Ted that NY values were the people of NYC rallying after 9/11. What neither Trump nor the vast majority of the people in NYC realize is that the whole country i.e. Fed.gov, states and private sector rallied behind NYC and provided assistance, much of it spontaneous.

    People travelled hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to personally help with technical skills in medicine, cell phone networks, welding, vehicle and generator repair, food service etc. Without that outside assistance NYC would still have nothing but rubble at WTC. The people who helped with technical skills were overwhelmingly White of course. NYC had limited ability to help itself in spite of what people like Kyle and Trump believe.

    Next time there is a 9/11 event there will not be a spontaneous rallying around the flag. GWB II and his successors have seen to that by flooding the country with wogs, lying the country into wars and being poodles to their owners, The Usual Suspects. There isn’t an ounce of goodwill left now towards places like NYC which have repeatedly expressed their abiding contempt for flyover country, the very place where the people who make and repair things that make life possible live and work.

  2. Bronx cheer, boo, hiss, raspberries, for all Uniparty apparatchiks.
    Arrest the fans as enemies of the immaculate imperial state.
    Forward! Yes we can.

  3. The only good parts of NY is upstate NY because of its openness, mountains and rural living. Long Island has some very nice parts also. NYC and the surrounding boroughs are full of diversity id you know what I mean.

  4. @ NBF,

    If Pace Picante Sauce is still around they should bring back that WTF NYC ad!
    West of the Hudson or the Freedom Zone.
    Yankees? We don’t need any stinking Yankees.

  5. Here’s another area where our side needs to get a lot better – dealing with loud, repulsive obnoxious as* holes.

    Our side almost always backs down, doesn’t step up, cowers in fear or just gets totally shocked that some person is using the F word.

    I got got in an LGBT, pro abortion march in Chicago last month – must have been 1,000 plus of these really ugly, blue haired lesbos, fag hags etc.

    I was more than a bit beer buzzed and proceeded to heckle this ugly motley crew.

    “You’re ugly, no man wants to be with you so why do you need abortion”.

    One guy tried to get in my face. The Cops were every amused.

    Have some fun out there.

    Don’t be a cowardly, anal Conservative.

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