1. They don’t call it WOKE War III for nothing.
    That construct of the white male patriarchy known as Bidenflation will only be going up during the war that no one voted for.

    O/T-Back from the Sack-N-Save and garden salad up by .40cents, store brand dressing up by .50 cents, fat-free whipped cream up by .20cents, since Monday.
    Pooty Poot controls all pricing with the red reset button.

    • Yes, prices are up but wait until after the ridiculous election next month. There will be no need for the Government to hold back on the various bad things they want to do but are afraid of doing now because of their fear that incumbents, both R and D will get it in the neck on election day. If the useless Republicans win, just out of spite The Usual Suspects may just wreck everything by collapsing the financial system.

      No doubt they are already positioned to profit from such a collapse.

  2. These LGBTQ have stewed, it seems that today is all about them. I hope that one day all LGBTQ can go fck over.

  3. This article is pretty obviously true. There does seem to be a shift occurring in these demographics. Its probably overstated, but.


    Its interesting to see A Jewish owned web mag writing about the censorship and suppression of the blax, while pearl clutching in unison with the rest of their tribe’s media complex, advertising complex, banking…. about how Kanye has to be canceled.

    The lack of introspection you see there is the same lack of introspection in not realizing the cognitive dissonance of the Democrat party’s absolute failure in the governance of the cities, which they blame on Whitey of course.

    “Conservative” media is just the liberal media ten years ago. Same people own all of it.

  4. linkNow and then I wonder what happened to all the Islamic terrorists who wanted to destroy Western civilisation. It’s almost like, since there’s a new enemy to justify enormous overseas spending and increased repression at home, the Islamists have just been made to go away somehow.

    I still have Stockwell’s book:

    In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story

  5. They truly are of their father, the devil. A kingdom built on sodomy. Because they have to corrupt Russia in order to control it. No wonder the Popes kept these wretches in their own ghettos.

  6. The behavior of the United States’ Government, and all it’s agents, factors, and intermediaries, since 2014, is a Crime Against Humanity, on par with those committed by the Nazi and Stalinist governments.

    Millions and millions of people in The Ukraine, of every kind, have been wounded, killed, and or displaced.

    If you support this your humanity is on a par with a Lavrentii Beria or a Reinhard Heydrich.

    • Refresh my memory? What were those crimes against humanity that the National Socialists are guilty of again? :rolleyes: Maybe you’re talking about Stalin, along with the US gov, and the rest of the ALL-LIES.

      • @DICARLO…

        Being older, and speaking languages, I’ve talked with scores of people from Eastern Europe who survived the horrors of Nazi occupation – people who lost one of many family members, or who were completely uprooted and never returned home.

        Some were Jews, many were not Jews and plenty of those disliked Jews.

        They suffered anyway.

        If you want to talk yourself into believing that the Nazi cause was lily-white – you’re entitled.

        You won’t get Eastern Europe on board with that.

        They know better.

        But, again, Nazi atrocities of that era have competition from the Soviet Union, and, indeed, the mass bombing campaigns of the Western Allies, on German civilian centres, such as Hamburg or Dresden.

        Despite Western Man constantly lauding himself for ‘having progressed beyond organized savagery, I fail to see the evidence.

        The older I get the more Man’s inhumanity to Man strikes me.

        Thanks for your reply.

        • People suffer in wars. There’s no doubt about that. But who started the war? Hitler never wanted any war and worked tirelessly to avoid it. Did these people you spoke to have it worse than the German nationals who were slaughtered by the jews and their Polish stooges in the Danzig? Again, what “Nazi” atrocities? There is nothing but literally millions of lies the jews make up in their tens of thousands of books and their tens of thousands of motion pictures?

          Germany under Hitler was a nation that stood against the (((international money lenders))) and communist Russia under Stalin — a system that stood against humanity itself. Germans were well aware of what the jew communists were up to in Soviet Russia — mass killings, mass deportations, land grabs, property grabs, military officers killed off, students killed off, priests killed of by the thousands, church property seized and sold at Sothebys in London, corruption, nepotism, lies and aggressive militarism threatening all of Europe. So why did the US gov ally with Stalin in 1939 instead of helping the Germans defend themselves against the threat of communism on their borders? I think we all know (((who))) was truly benefiting. The BS we are constantly being fed by the jew controlled media and academia about the “Nazis” is just extended war propaganda to cover up who the real villains were and are.

          HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF: the jew world order used this same game plan with Putin and the Ukraine with Hitler and Poland to trap Germany into a war Hitler did not want and did all he could to avoid. From 1933-1940 Hitler tried repeatedly to make peace with the jews and “ALL-LIED” forces, just as Putin tried to talk to the US and other NATO members about their military buildup in the Ukraine. Both leaders’ pleas for peace were ignored. Just as the US led western powers wanted a war with Germany, the Western democracies are doing everything they can to provoke war with Putin’s Russia.

          Before the war, under Hitler, Germany was peaceful and had very little violence but the Soviet Union was murdering millions under Stalin. If anything, Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union was an act of liberation from mass murdering Jews
          So why did the All-lies target only Hitler and Germany? In fact, the jews of Britain and the US. admired the brutal Communist regime and hated Hitler. They conspired with Churchill and Roosevelt, using massive propaganda and lies to turn public opinion against Germany that goes on to this very day. The Jews praised the monstrous regime of Joseph Stalin, they invented the “Holocaust” and sought to usher in the newfound State of Israel. The wartime atrocities of US gov and British initiated bombing of civilian targets led to over 10 million German deaths.

          Unlike at Dachau and Auschwitz work camps, where the jewish prisoners were found alive and well, it was a different story when the Germans, in 1941, entered Stalin’s NKVD dungeons in the city of Lviv in west Ukraine — part of eastern Poland in those days. What did the Germans find in the communist Stalin’s dungeons? Well-fed prisoners enjoying life? No, they found only mountains of emaciated corpses, including women and children, each with a bullet through the back of the neck.

          Stalin was the model for the sick crimes and atrocities the jews falsely accused Hitler of doing. Funny how Comrade Stalin, the greatest mass murderer of all time, but admired by FDR, gets to be a ‘liberator’, no less, while Adolf Hitler is being berated to this day because of jew lies and their almost total control all information.

          Adolf Hitler was a romantic, a visionary and a genius, and there was nothing even remotely “evil” about him. He was the opposite of evil, therefore the opposite of Stalin. He was an idealist and a pure soul. He was literally a painter. His sense of goodness and fairplay and respect for all Europeans may have contributed to Germany’s defeat. Actually, there needed to be a lot more brutality on the part of the Germans in order to match the diabolical evil of the jews. The jews deserved to be shot where they were found instead of sent to resort camps. One only has to look around at the evil that represents todays antiwhite world to understand that truly, we lost the war, and now we’re losing our homelands.

          • You won’t get Eastern Europe on board with that.

            Besides the many Ukrainians who took up arms for Germany against Russia, on the German side, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania actually declared war on the ALL-LIES.

            Obviously, Germany was fighting for it’s very existence and that of the German people. It’s existence was challenged by international jewry, and Germany did all it could to maintain it’s existence. That seems to be as about the most honorable reason one could have would be to fight their nation’s existence. Yes, “lily white”! And the proof is in the pudding. After Germany lost the war, the ALL-LIES led by satanic fiends proceeded to end the lives of another 8 million Germans — AFTER PEACE WAS DECLARED. And yet how many members of the American general public are aware of these figures, and due to their jew induced state of unconciousness on them, who would care? This is the ALL-LIES deep, dark, secret and represents an attempted Genocide of the German people. A Genocide the jews keep secret from the public. The ALL-LIES were never the “good guys”.

          • @DICARLO…

            Thank you for your wonderful reply.

            Though I do not agree with you that there was nothing evil in Hitler (because there is evil in us all) in many respects you are preaching to the choir on so many of your comments here.

            I totally agree with you that post WWII history is ridiculously biased in favour of those who are in power.

            I do agree with you that the evil of The Jews is a unique kind which represents a special challenge. I agree with you that Hitler (Central Europe) was right to fight against the Jew England Yankee World Order.

            I agree with you that Hitler has been unfairly demonized because it suits The Eternal Jew.

            I agree with you that the NKVD was worse than the Allgemeine SS, or, rather, that they were like a long functioning more widely disseminated Einsatzgruppen.

            If you refer to my original remark you will see that aspect therein.

            That said, I do not agree with you that the suffering that Eastern Europeans underwent in that war was solely because there was a war.

            Eastern Europeans were often occupied by Germans and Austrians in the first world war, yet, they had no such complaints, as they did under the Nazis.

            Also, I am not in favour of shooting people, deporting people, seizing people’s property, or any other penalty for the crime of being born, all in the name of ‘justice’.

            Look, in the end this is a White Gentile country, and if White Gentiles will not step up to defend it, instead of offending all other countries around the world – then this country will fall into oblivion – if not to International Jewry then to someone else.

            Yes, Jewry is very very culpable in what has gone wrong with this land, but, so, too are Gentiles – because Gentiles have sat on their proverbial asses and watched it be taken away – because they have not, and STILL do not, want to put forth the effort to save it!

            Even now, at this late hour, White Gentiles of this country are still trying to figure out how to restore this country, on the cheap – like voting – but, alas, it will not be restored that way.

            Power-mad elites will not go away just because people vote one way or the other. It is just not human nature.

            In the end, this situation will change because people are starting to awaken and are fed up. The power elite is slowly losing it’s grip, but, it will not completely lose it without some sort of uncontrollable, undirectable catharsis.

            As to Jews : over the coming decades, many will immigrate to Israel. Those who do not will return to the position they once held in the Jim Crow South – pursuing their own interests, but, leaving the structure of society alone.

            Just as to how a body learns to fight a virus, this society, The West, will learn to fight Jewry – though, I believe, in a just, legal, and honourable way.

            It can be no other way because this situation can forever go on.

            Again, thank you for your interesting and thoughtful reply.

          • That said, I do not agree with you that the suffering that Eastern Europeans underwent in that war was solely because there was a war.

            Letters to home from German infantrymen on the Russian front:

            Lieutenant Otto Deissenroth
            Military Post Number 12 827D writes to local Group leader Kemmel in Altenau (Mainfranken):

            In the East, 30.7.1941

            Dear Comrade Karl!

            I write this letter from the desolation of a Ukrainian forest village, 40 kilometers from Kiev, which we hope to capture in a few days. The fruitful land of the Ukraine is all around us, but 20 years of Bolshevist mismanagement have brought it to ruin. The poverty, misery and filth we have seen and experienced in the past weeks is indescribable.

            You back home cannot imagine the terrible results of Bolshevism in this fruitful land.

            Everything that we formerly read in newspapers and books pales in the face of the terrible reality. Our eyes look in vain for some sign of construction, for a trace of progress, for a bit of culture. We yearn for the sight of a clean house, an orderly street, a few tended gardens, a few trees! Wherever we look there is filth, decay, desolation, misery, death and suffering! Everywhere we see the ghost of Bolshevism in the tortured look of farmers, the blank stares of captives, the hundreds of murdered people, the farm houses of impoverished buildings and ruined houses. I sometimes think it is all the work of the devil.

            The land was rich when it was inhabited by German, Ukrainian, Czech and Polish farmers. Then Bolshevism came, and with it enormous misery. Everything that was prosperous or cultured was killed or burned. I spoke with dozens of people whose family members, fathers, husbands, brothers and sons perished somewhere in Murmansk, Siberia or the icy north. Thousands died during the great famine, particularly in 1932-1933. Thousands more ended up in prisons and jails. The misery of those freed from Bolshevism is indescribable. Any free expression was prohibited, any movement banned. Everything in nature that was beautiful, good and free was destroyed. Everything created by God was exterminated! They took the blessing from the land and the soul from the people. They reduced them to the level of animals, impotent, miserable enslaved animals with no hope of life who did not know if they would be alive tomorrow, who lived from hand to mouth, and were happy only when someone killed them. Hell can be no worse that this “Soviet paradise.” There is no hope of salvation. What Bolshevism has done to humanity is a sin against God, a crime one cannot begin to understand. Every German who formerly thought Bolshevism was a worthy idea and who threatened we National Socialists with death and bloodshed only because we didn’t believe in this nonsense should be ashamed!

            We were right! We are all shaken and moved as we face this misery, this suffering, this hopeless Bolshevist life. They stole everything from these people except the very air they breathed. The land they inherited from their fathers became a collective, the property of the state, and they became slaves worse than those of the darkest Middle Ages in Germany. They had a tiny plot of land of their own, and even that was heavily taxed. They had to report to the collective’s commissars each morning, work the whole day, even Sunday, with no free time. They belonged to the state. They were supposedly paid, but rarely saw the money. They got 33 kopeks a day, about a third of a Mark. They owned no plow, no spade, no wagon, no yoke. Everything supposedly belonged to everyone, everything belonged to the state. The Jews and party bigwigs lived in prosperity, the farmers had only hunger, misery, work and death. No one felt himself responsible for the soil, no one felt the love we Germans have for our homeland, for the soil that is ours. The knowledge of blood and soil had died out. I spoke with 30-year-olds who did not understand the concept of property. They had been educated in Soviet schools. That explains why they had no sense of culture, no need for it. Their homes are empty, cold and desolate, much poorer than in Poland. No pictures, no flowers break the desolation.

            The art of cooking also disappeared, given the food shortages. The daily diet consists of milk and bread, along with a bit of honey and a few potatoes. When one see this dismal poverty, one is reminded that these Bolshevist animals wanted to bring culture to us industrious, clean and creative Germans. How God has blessed us! How justified is the Führer’s claim to European leadership! The poorest German village is a pearl in comparison to these ruined Russian villages. Sometimes as I face the thousands of murdered people that we found in the cities and villages, and in the numerous occasions where we found women and children wailing over the corpses of their family members, or when they asked us to free their men who had been hauled off just before we arrived, I see the Führer before me. He saved an enslaved and raped humanity, giving it once more divine freedom and the blessing of a worthy existence. The last and deepest reason for this war is to restore the natural and godly order. It is a battle against slavery, against Bolshevist insanity. I am proud, deeply proud, that I may fight against this Bolshevist monster, fighting once again the enemy I fought to destroy during the hard years of struggle in Germany. I am proud of the wounds I suffered during the election battles in Germany, and I am proud of my new wounds, and of the medal that I now wear. It is as if the people here are awakening from a deep sleep. They cannot yet believe in their new freedom; they do not know where to begin. They sit down and wait for orders. Now they have them: “Go back to work, harvest the fields, now you have your own home.” That is what all the posters say, and one sees the masses at work in the fields. Man and nature are free again, God has his place once more, his eternal order has been restored. We National Socialist soldiers of Adolf Hitler have restored the godly order, though some call us heathens. That is the way life is. And what did those who spoke about God do? Ask them!”

            NCO K. Suffner

            Military Post Number 08 070 to his work mates:

            There was a gray cloud over Lemberg as we arrived. The stench was scarcely tolerable.

            The Russians had been thrown out of the city after a hard battle. Two hours later I found the source of the stench. The Bolshevists and Jews bestially murdered 12,000 Germans and Ukrainians. I saw pregnant women hanging by their feet in the GPU’s prison. They had slit the noses, ears, eyes, fingers, hands and arms and legs of other women. Some even had their hearts cut out. 300 orphans between the ages of 2 and 17 had been nailed to the wall and butchered. After they were done with the torture, they threw the people, most of whom were still alive, into a 3 meter deep pile in the basement, doused them with gasoline, and lit them on fire. It was terrible! We could not believe that such human beasts existed. Our propagandists do not say enough about the real face of Bolshevism. The day we marched into Lemberg, the surviving Ukrainians gathered 2,000 Jews in jail and took terrible revenge. The Jews then had to carry out all the dead and load them on wagons.

            The police kept the people back. It was a heartrending sight to see the women lamenting their husbands and children, and the men clenching their fists with bitter, pale faces. One can’t describe the dreadful scenes here. It is what the German people would have suffered if Bolshevism had reached us. The complainers and know-it-alls that we still have in the Reich should see this. Then they would know what pure Bolshevism looks like. They would fall to their knees and thank the Führer for saving Germany from such things. I and many other German soldiers have seen this. We all thank the Führer that he let us see the Bolshevist “paradise.” We swear to extirpate this plague root and branch.

            Since I have some time today, I thought it my duty to write this so that my work mates at home can read it. We soldiers at the front have seen this with our own eyes. We will be able to tell a lot more later.

            We are fighting until final victory.

            Lieutenant Lorenz Wächter

            to a Political Leader in Neunkirchen:


            …I really can’t describe what we saw in Lemberg. It is much, much worse that the German newspapers were able to describe. One has to have seen it. Even the stench of corpses, noticeable a long way outside the prison walls, was enough to make one ill. And the scene itself. Hundreds of murdered men, women and children, hideously mutilated.

            Men had their eyes poked out, a pastor with his belly slit open and the body of a slaughtered baby stuffed in. I could tell you worse stories, but even these upset me, and I’m used to such things by now.

            Corporal Otto Kien

            Military Post Number 18, 756, to the Factory Leadership at the Conrad Scholtz Factory. Barmbeck:

            Russia, 8 August 1941

            Anyone who earlier had different opinions of the Soviet Union is quickly cured of them here. The poverty is terrible. Not even the farmers have anything to eat. They beg from us.

            There are lice and filth everywhere. One has to be careful one doesn’t get them from the inhabitants.

            These people don’t know anything else. They sit in their huts and remove lice from each other. They don’t mind if anyone watches. I’ve had my fill of this workers’ paradise. We’ll be glad to be out of here. In the past we saw pictures of malnourished children. They were not exaggerated. One can’t believe it if one hasn’t been here.

        • @DICARLO…

          Fantastic are the attached letters.

          Yes, absolutely, more than a few Eastern European sided with Germans, and or sympathized with them – particularly early on in the war, before they knew what German attitudes about them were.

          This Nazi attitude towardf Eastern Europeans is summarized by an argument Reichminister Alfred Rosenberg had with Polish Reich Governor Hans Frank over the Ukrainian areas..

          Rosenberg said Ukrainians ought be given a limited sovereignty. Frank said no. Their argument got to Hitler, who remarked, ‘No, let the Redskins be educated just enough to read our highway signs, so that they don’t get run over by our trucks.’

          That said, the views we share on the horror of Soviet Judeo-Bolshevism have nothing to do with my remark, so, lest you forget, I post that brief comment here…

          “The behavior of the United States’ Government, and all it’s agents, factors, and intermediaries, since 2014, is a Crime Against Humanity, on par with those committed by the Nazi and Stalinist governments.

          Millions and millions of people in The Ukraine, of every kind, have been wounded, killed, and or displaced.

          If you support this your humanity is on a par with a Lavrentii Beria or a Reinhard Heydrich.”

          Again, I am not telling you from letters and from research I have done, but, from conversations I have personally had with Eastern Europeans about their experiences in the 1940s.

          Have a great day!

          • @Ivan
            You didn’t answer my original question. You accused the “Nazis” of committing crimes against humanity. I asked you for a list of these alleged “crimes against humanity” you allege the Germans commited that were commensurate with those of the mass murderer, of his own people, Stalin. That’s the bottom line, here. Of course you did not. You cannot, because there is nothing commensurate to the viciousness and cruelty the Soviets waged against innocent civilians. Comparing the National Socialists with the Communists is just beyond the pale.

            The fact that millions of Ukranians were killed, wounded, or displaced has to do with the chaos of warfare, as I suggested. War is hell. Another reason for their horrendous suffering was the Communists themselves. Hitler was staunchly anti-Communist. Whatever Hitler may have said, or perhaps, didn’t say, about people he was at war with means nothing. WW2 was a war that Hitler did all he could to avoid, but due to the fact that it was forced on him, he did all he could to win it. Should any leader do less than that? He knew (((who))) he was fighting and he knew what the consequence of defeat would be for Germany, and the proof is in that pudding.

            So, you spoke to war survivors. I would suggest to you that anyone who is unfortunate enough to be forced to live under the occupation of a foreign government during a war is very much unlikely to have anything nice to say about their captors. That’s just a fact of life. Look at the horrendous lies the jews made up about their so called “holocaust”. Thousands upon thousands of lies which has had an effect on just about everybody in the Western world. Look at how so many believe the bald faced lies.

          • Dear DiCarlo…

            A brief, and off-the-cuff incomplete, list of Nazi Crimes against humanity are as follows…

            #1. The malicious starving of several million Russian prisoners of war.

            #2. The mass execution and displacement of Jews through Europe, as testified to by leaders of the Einsatzgruppen, concentration camp commanders and attendants of the Allgemeine SS.

            #3. The pillaging of the Ukrainian and Russian food supplies, so that millions of civilians in these cities starved to death, or died of illness.

            #4. The bombing of British population centers in 1940.

            #5. The seizing of all gold supplies of occupied countries to pay their Swiss lender to finance the wars of aggression.

            #6. The pillaging of national art treasures, most notably in France and Holland.

            #7.The refusal to allow the German populations in Silesia and East Prussia to withdraw in the fall of 1944, resulting in the deaths of many elderly and children in the relocations in January-March 1945.

            #8. The burning of 428 Byelorussian villages in 1944, and the accompanying slaughter of Byelorussian Gentiles. For a cinematic testimony of this please consult the Russian film, ‘Come and See.’

            #9. The raping of Russian women by many German soldiers, too numerous to mention, the testimony of many Russian woman well on record in Russian sources.

            #10. The mass shooting of wounded Russians on the battlefield, as well as those off.

            #11. The mass executions of Russian, Polish, Slovak Gentile civilians, and other occupied areas.

            #12. The mass executions of Allied prisoners in France in 1944.

            #13. The obliteration of the French town Ouradour as a reprisal by the SS-Das Reich division.

            #14. The conscription into forced labour of millions and millions of Europeans in the occupied countries.

            #15 The starvation of Holland during the years 1944-1945.

            #16. The atrocities against civilians in Serbo-Croatia.

            As to many of these crimes, I have been a party to eyewitness testimony, or that given by children who shared with me their parent’ experiences under Nazi occupation – including two girls I know from the Polish town of .

            Last, I have a question for you.

            If Nazi behavior was not criminal in occupied areas of Europe, why is Poland now asking Germany for billions of dollars in reparations for the years 1939-1945?

  7. There should be a special place in Hell for the people who unleash war upon the world or prevent peace from being attained.

    Looking at you here, Jamie Raskin, Nancy Pelosi, MIC, The Usual Suspects and their lapdogs, the Lügenpresse, etc. Dementia Joe is so far gone he probably is only dimly aware of the evil he has turned loose.

    On the other side of the ledger MTG, Tulsi, Glenn Greenwald, Tucker et al. are on the side of the angels on this one. They have a great deal of moral courage, especially MTG, to stand up and do the right thing in spite of the abuse and threats hurled their way by the Deep State and its toadies.

    There are literally tens of millions of lives hanging in the balance depending upon the outcome of the Ukraine War: nuclear weapons, or negotiation and a just peace. The Usual Suspects are on the side of war and death as usual.

    • There were tens of millions of us who said that if Creepy Joe was installed in the White House the shit was really going to hit the fan, and we were right.

      Call it history’s most unsatisfying “I told you so.”

      • If Hillary had been elected, Europe and N. America would have become a radioactive wasteland shortly after she was sworn in. She would have launched a nuclear attack against Russia had she been able to. She loves war and pushed for the Balkan campaign against Serbia as well as the attack upon Muammar Gaddafi leading to a flood of refugees into Europe.

        The potential election of Hillary as Mr. President in 2016 was a motivating factor for many people to vote for Trump. He came close to starting wars through his blundering and subservience to his masters but we got lucky,

  8. I do not know how Sarah Raskin Bloom can stand to live with this man. Sarah it is still not to late, run Sarah run, and whatever you do, do not look back.

  9. O/T-Word is that Adidas made Panzerfaust and other parts during WWII.
    This needs to spread far and wide.

    • Indeed, Dear John – there does seem to be a pattern there.

      Most Americans, however, being disinterested in history, do not know what they are in, because they do not know what other people, in other times, have been in.

      Oh, well – they are learning the hard way.

  10. Is that why the CatLady likes the corrupt Jew-run kleptocracy? Happily he’s is alone with his pro-Ukrainian nonsense on the populist right.

  11. You have to create a photoshop because there’s a lack of photographic evidence Ukraine(as opposed to, say, Portland, Oregon) is this gay country you say it is.

  12. I was told by Greg Johnson that the war was about total aryan victory for Ukrainian nationalism and global White supremacy. I wonder, between Greg Johnson and Jamie Raskin, which one is intelligent and clued into what is going on in the world and which one is a dumbass retarded sodomite with GRIDS-related brain damage who has no idea what is going on.

    • @Dart…

      ” I wonder, between Greg Johnson and Jamie Raskin, which one is intelligent and clued into what is going on in the world and which one is a dumbass retarded sodomite with GRIDS-related brain damage who has no idea what is going on.”

      On this particular issue neither is the intelligent one.

      They are badly misinformed, not just about the region over there, but, about what is really going on over here – the whos and the whys.

  13. This particularly odious Jew stuck up for Ray Epps…further evidence Epps was a fed plant and Jan. 6 was a gigantic entrapment gig orchestrated by the DHS, DOJ, and FBI.

    • …and you got Steve Bannon Mike Flynnm and the rest of the Irish planning round two with their Christian Nationalism schtick.

      • Remember, fascist Catholic three-star General Flynn was in charge of killing Afghans and Iraqis who resisted U.S. occupation not long ago. He would probably do it again.

        Recently he has been the “headliner of a multicity roadshow known as the ReAwaken America tour, an event that is a potent mix of politics, religion and commerce that has become a prime example of the Christian nationalist movement. Flynn helped found the tour in 2021 with Clay Clark, an entrepreneur from Oklahoma who had been running business conferences before the pandemic. In his interview with the AP and FRONTLINE in February, Flynn said he considered himself a “senior leader” of the team that’s running it. The thread of Christian nationalism runs through many of Flynn’s events. At one fundraiser, a preacher prayed over him saying that America would stay a Christian nation and that Flynn was “heavy armaments” in the Lord’s quiver. At the Christian Patriot’s Rally at a church in Northern California, Flynn was presented with an assault-style rifle on stage. In Virginia in July, he said pastors “need to be talking about the Constitution from the pulpit as much as the Bible.” In Texas last November, Flynn told a crowd “this is a moment in time where this is good versus evil.
        If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God, and one religion under God, right?”: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/michael-flynn-government-insider-holy-warrior/

        I think the “one religion” he means is Papism, with Talmudic characteristics.

        • The story goes, Flynn plead guilty because he was flat broke and could not afford to pay his lawyers. And now, a short time later, he his galavanting across the lands without a care in the world. Why isn’t flat broke Mike doing an honest days work like the rest of us? Because he is Irish, is that it?

          • So BrownClown is being honest now? Nah!

            Ok, Irish-basher, list all the perverts in your demographic and apologize for all their sins you have hidden from us while you gave the innocent Irish the 3rd degree who you have been trashing for the last year. What? You can’t remember any? Are you as senile as ol’ Joe and can’t remember any perverts in your group? No, you are not being honest, now are you?

        • Luckily, not many people under the age of 60 are interested in Flynn’s judeo-christian nationalism. It’s the last hurrah of right wing boomerism before they die off.

  14. >This particularly odious Jew

    Raskin is another Jew who, in the art (or propaganda) imitates life sense, looks like a Streicher caricature

    The fall of Saigon in 1975 cemented the view in the minds of many Americans that involvement in Vietnam was a tragic debacle — one might have expected this would lead to isolationist sentiment, or at least significant hesitancy about an interventionist foreign policy in the future — if so, it didn’t last long, because not even two decades later the US was waging the Gulf War (before that it was Grenada and Panama), and if anything since then has been an über-interventionist power, one attempting to ‘spread democracy’ (and NATO) etc, now even aberrant sexuality (here’s a foto of the US consulate in Krakow displaying the faggot flag), ad infinitum and ad nauseum.

    Assuming you want to reverse course, it’s worth contemplating and attempting to catalogue the reasons for this — one interesting question: is a multi-racial nation (an oxymoron really) more or less likely to be interventionist? — e.g. clearly many blame Jews (‘neocons’) for a lot of current American interventionism.

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