Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Violently Assaulted Inside San Francisco Home

What do you think?

Is this a rightwing fanatic, OR, a common street criminal? The Narrative hinges on the motive.

If it is the former, we will know immediately because it will be trumpeted by the media as proof of rightwing violent extremism from now until the midterms. I tend to doubt it though.

Note: The crime and homelessness is so bad in Los Angeles that Cenk Uygur voted for Rick Caruso in the Los Angeles mayor race.


  1. Putin referring to Nancy Pelosi as Granny Pelosi was too funny.

    Paul Pelosi has been involved shady real estate deals for decades involving the government. I’m sure Paul Pelosi has lots of enemies, not counting the ones Granny Pelosi has made for him. But, this was probably one of the San Francisco homeless street criminals looking to get in out of the cold for the winter.

  2. “LA is a mess. ”

    Use to be a nice city, good jobs , cheap easy living, like a perpetual vacation in many ways.

    • It’s now a combination of Mexico El Norte, bum central and a place where the filthy rich celebrity types still flaunt their luxury. Without the formerly huge White, middle class population there is little insulation between the diversity the “liberals” love so much and themselves. Even Bel Air is not safe from violence now.

  3. Right wing fanatics are all over CCP/CPUSA California. (sarc)
    The old fossils of the clowny Gerontocracy don’t care if it all goes up in a 7500 degree mushroom cloud.
    At least the bird brain hive twit tweets won’t be mean.
    Miss Maverick Rack 1956 and JFK shag pal San Fran Nan can rub some ice cream on it.

  4. Remember ((Leona helmsly)), NY mega money real estate, stabbed her husband and they blamed it on a burglar ? Charges never filed.
    Patterns sometimes repeat.

  5. It’s best to keep a very low profile until after election day. Don’t talk to any media, be ready for dirty tricks, false flags to try to make this election all about stopping a Right Wing Racist Fascist Takeover and yeah, Conservative Inc, tax exempt Christian Zionists will pretty much all go along with this narrative. Look at that idiot VP Mike Pence who swallowed the lies about anti Semities destroying Jewish graves in New York State and MO.

      • Thinking the same thing, how did the guy manage to get in the most security area? Paul loverboy.

      • Reminds me of that scene in Midnight Cowboy where Joe Buck violently assaults that elderly gay man in his hotel room.

      • Looks like Nancy is just a beard for Paul, who was at home hookin’ up in the big bathhouse by the bay, San Franshitsco. Paulie just got busted for DUI which is why he had to have a ‘house call’ instead of going out to a more discreet place. Barnhardt probably has nailed it. Now if Paul had just gotten on Grindr to hook-up with Grindr-Greg, there wouldn’t have been any of this mess. They could have fantasized about blonde boys in Azov-Nazi uniforms and Satan-tats – maybe Greg could have brought in a couple of catamites for the party.

  6. “I’ve seen rumors that the attacker was a gay prostitute”

    Wouldn’t it funny it the attack was over services and money owed?

  7. The solution is to defund the police in California. As the experts have told us, police cause crime. If they had replaced the police with social workers, this never would have happened.

  8. Holy shit this guy sounds like a fucking fruit bat. A run of the mill dailystormer enjoyer.

    I for one would like to thank these people for explaining exactly what the hell a “Castro Nudist” is because I sure as hell didn’t want to Google that one, but was gonna have to once I worked up the nerve.

    HW: I’m gonna bet this doesn’t stick in the news cycle.

  9. According to Ramzpaul:

    What we know about David DePape, man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer

    >Berkeley student
    >Was the best man in a nudist wedding
    >Made hemp jewelry
    >Member of the Green Party

  10. This is the talking point going forward basically.

    I don’t watch Jesse Waters usually cause his eyes are too sparkly and it weirds me out, but this is a pretty good summary of stuff and some things.

    Seriously why do his eyes sparkle like that? I would think if it was set lighting he’d be blind by now or suffer crippling headaches at least.

    Fox News does weird shit like this. Like the women on their talk shows have the shiniest shins I’ve ever seen. Like somebody is out there between segments buffing them for max reflectivity. Its distracting.

    • What about the bare arms? Is a sleeveless top mandatory? I think sleeveless on man or woman is ugly. As soon as the arm moves, there’s the armpit.

  11. Are the Pelosi’s getting a taste of the “Diversity” that’s been imposed on us for decades?

  12. Time to update. David is a male homo prostitute. Pelosi told the police Davis is “a friend”. They were both in their undrrwear when police got there. David told police he was there because Pelosi hired him there for fag sodomy.

  13. I know nothing of the man who perpetrated the attack but this is the closest to any kind of justice we’ll see with the Pelosis. This assault is a small price to pay for all their insider trading and corrupt Bidenesque international profiteering. So boo fuckin hoo….

    • But they’re not huge brown milkers like AOC’s. And that’s the gonna be the big thing from here on out.

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